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Found 7 results

  1. I have been trying to figure out the slice tool in the export persona in Designer. I had originally created a set of assets in a grid and wanted them all to be exported via slices. After doing this and closing Designer I had realized that the slices didn't match the grid, only the actual layers (silly me). So I opened up the file to redo the slices but I have not found any way to alter the slices, ie. delete or resize. It seems like there is very little that can be done in the export persona but create slices and export, but no way to go back or make changes. Am I missing something in this persona or is what I am trying to do completely unheard of (unlikely). I have seen videos of the Mac version at least altering the slice bounds but I can't even do that. And for more context as to why I wanted to change the slice is that I went from a single layer to a group with a new layer that is transparent, that way I can enforce the bounds. But now the slice is in the group and I want to remove it and create a new one with the group.
  2. I would like to see an option to set a fixed aspect ratio when using the slice tool. Right now I can set a width and height and then link them, however, when I draw a new slice if it's not the same dimensions I have to unlink the H&W and manually type the correct dimensions and move the slice into position. Ideally I would set a fixed aspect ratio, draw my first slice, maybe move it into place, then line up my next slice with the first and draw it to match the width or height of the and already have the other dimension set correctly based on the AR.
  3. Reproducible Designer bug: Brushes and Erase no not function (on pixel content) after a slice has been created even is that slice has been erased. I can confirm that reloading the same file (without saving changes) and the brush/erase tools work again, create a slice and they don't. Tested on Windows, Designer 1.8.3
  4. Hi, I will like to see a slice tool feature that will allow me to slice my my designs and create html table. This will allow me to create html contents from my images/designs and also create hyperlinks. Where every slice will be a row or column in a table(tr/td). and each section of the slice can hold a hyperlink and more. It will now introduce export for web, which will create a html file with an inline css export to use for development. This will stop me from switching apps and will take AD/AP/Publisher to the next level to support web and see a good feature to support ux/ui design in prototyping And maybe later add a responsive feature to the slices made. Thanks Affinity team Please look at this. @MEB @Mark Ingram @stokerg @Sean P @TonyB
  5. I’m making a webtoon on an iPad and put texts on Affinity Photo. However, the length of my Webtoon is very long and I want to be able to cut the photo in to 3 so that it can fit the size requirements for Webtoon. I was doing this in Photoshop using the slice tool, but it would be REALLY cool if Affinity photo can do this as well! I know that it might be a very minor tool for most other users, but it would make Affinity Photo feel even more professional too! Thank for reading
  6. I'm a recent user of Affinity Photo and I'd like to submit and place in my vote for an automatic knife or slicing tool. Basically, I'd like an ability for an inverse panoramic stitching. For example, in Photoshop, I can use the Knife Tool for the following working example: 2160 x 1350 Pixels Using PS's Knife tool, I can right-click and slice up the image into (2) pieces of equal 1080 x 1350 images. Finally, using PS's "Save for Web," I can automatically export this onto my Desktop and upload to my Instagram to create the seamless panoramic diptych. In Affinity Photo, I have to manually slice and position. Please see the screenshot. With some simple math for perfect alignment and drag/drop. It's doable, but takes some effort and manual work. In an imaginative working scenario, I'd like AP an option to automatically create slices. In the screenshot, example, remember that my image is already sized 2160 x 1350 pixels for seamless panorama on Instagram's album post. I would simply enter 1 row and 2 columns for the automatic slicing to take effect. These slices are perfect and equi-sized 1080 x 1350. When uploading on Instagram's album post—as an example—I'm able to create a perfect, seamless diptych panorama. I do believe that this request for automation is practical tool and usage scenario. This automation is essentially and inverse of the AP's panoramic function. Starting with a image sized at X by Y dimensions and breaking or slicing into equi-sized P rows and Q columns. Another Usage Example: Instagram Giant Squares or Instagram Grid Art Let's suppose that I want to create an Instagram grid art comprising of 12 tiles at 3 squares horizontal and 4 squares vertical, e.g. [4 3] matrix. Each Instagram square will be 1080 x 1080 pixels. Therefore, the starting image has to be 3240 x 4320. You can imagine that the current slicing tool in AP will require work (and time). Manually creating 1080 x 1080 slices and using drag/drop for alignment or using the transform with some simple math for perfect alignment of the slices. Thank you for considering my feature request. Cheers, Ronald N. Tan | Photographer https://ronaldnztan.com
  7. When will the export persona be available for the ipad version of affinity photo?
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