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Found 36 results

  1. I have made a drawing similar to the one in the Affinity Designer - Shading Using Raster Brushes tutorial, but I'm wondering to get the colors like that. I have the "Ink" layer as in the video, but don't know how to add this "colour" layer and how to add the color in it...
  2. Hey there! My name is Benjamin, and I just started to use the marvelous piece of software by Serif today (even though AD is a world for itself). Never did serious stuff in Photoshop, so it's kind of a double debut. I started arts 2 years ago and I still suck, so I'd love some critique. I will also use this thread to keep on publishing my work. Cheers!
  3. Hi, I've recently copied and pasted various elements from sketch files into designer without any issues, However recently I've been trying to do it again and when I paste them in, they turn out blurry. I tested this using a file that has worked in the past for me, making be believe the issue is with designer and not sketch. It is possible a setting that's been altered? Thanks. Before After
  4. What's the best way to save a sketch file, important to Affinity and export for Photoshop editing? I currently imported a PDF from sketch into Affinity, tried to export to PSD, but the file size is still zero bites. Any help or references would be greatly appreciated :)!
  5. Here comes the Villa Hornburg, just a Building. Maybe it's a haunted house, I don't know. http://b-bertuleit.de/villa/
  6. I use Corel Painter, but often for sketching first before I consider doing any painting. I do this because I want to have a digital copy of my sketches and I don't want to have to scan everything in all the time from a paper+pencil pad. When I do use the sketch pad, I will often scan that sketch and drop it into Painter to play with. Clean it up, rework it, etc. Sometimes I take that sketch further and play with painting it using Painters transparent page feature to sketch and paint over another image as well. Can your software incorporate more of the Corel Painter like qualities. Tools that can incorporate pressure of digital pens/paint brushes, etc. Perhaps giving people an opportunity to use their Stylis pad more with your software. Yes, I do understand that your software is for Vector art, but incorporating something like this feature with Vector art opens up a lot of options. Drawings that start as a sketch then evolves into clean vector art like comic books, architectural renderings, and other various Graphic Art styles. Having pencils, pens, and paint brushes that accomodate pressure, style, and skill beyond just click click click offer a great deal more.
  7. Designer's block at the moment. Scribbled this guy in sheer desperation.
  8. I work with a couple of Sketch files from before I discovered Affinity Designer, and that I need to maintain. I use Designer to design/manage icons that I use in these Sketch mockups, and until recently I've had zero trouble copying & pasting shapes from Designer to Sketch. Unfortunately, after the Designer 1.2 update, I seem to no longer be able to copy and paste from Designer to Sketch... when I go to paste a shape into Sketch, nothing is pasted. I acknowledge this might be a Sketch issue... but I suspect that maybe something changed in Designer in 1.2 that is giving Sketch trouble when pasting shapes in. My question is: has anyone else had trouble with this? Is this a bug? FWIW, I am still able to copy & paste shapes from Illustrator into Sketch without a problem.
  9. Yet another attempt at a sketch from my notebook, this one from a doodle I made for a print class. (I never did turn him into an etching which was my original plan.) At least I'm using him for something! This time I'm experimenting with "clipping" my vector sections to make cleaner lines along the edges. It works much better than my previous tries, although my layer panel is a *mess.* Critiques welcome.
  10. This is so addictive. A program where you can actually learn as you work. Intuitive. Just playing around with pencil and brushes, discovering things as I go. This face is all vector work. And no problems with the Finder, either; the update and restart have made a noticeable difference, so perhaps my Yosemite glitches are now fixed :) face 1.afdesign
  11. Just started using Affinity Designer. I have been wondering why when I copy an vector shape from Affinity and paste it in Sketch it gives me a bitmap file in Sketch. Doing the same thing from Illustrator to Sketch you get a vector shape. Anyone has any ideas? Thanks!
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