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Found 15 results

  1. It would be nice if the color squares in the palette tab would be bigger so that it will be easier to select them with the cursor. I work on a smaller 13" screen, so it can be a bit difficult to select colors since the icons are so small.
  2. I have recently discovered that one can auto-resize a frame text (box) to "fit" the text within. This seems to be dependent on the starting width of the frame, the starting height of the frame, etc. For example, I can double-click the center anchor ("button") on the right of the Frame. This often resizes the frame and text to "fit" BUT it usually will leave a "margin" on left and right (spacing between the text and the frame edges). As I am trying to move the text box just a certain distance away from another object, I also want the text itself to be in the same position (say, 1/8 inch from the object). When double-clicking the (left or right) center button, my frame text enlarges or shrinks and acquires an "inset" where the text has some space on left and right (not on top or bottom). The Studio Text Frame shows insets set to zero. My text is set to center both vertically and horizontally. The style of the text is controlled by a Text Style entry. The Paragraph section has the Decorations set to "none" - unchecked. It is as though some internal process is attempting to "balance" the text rows to be somewhat even/equal and adding that space around. In some cases where paragraphs are longer (more rows of text), the bottom-most row will often be shorter than the ones above. This makes the paragraph "stand out" and look a bit neater, but is a mystery how I can control that process. It it notable that a brand new document with a new Frame Text - does not exhibit this "problem". I have searched extensively but have not found the cause of this behaviour. I cannot find any tutorial material in the help sections of Affinity and I am hoping there is one out there to be seen. Example text included as screen shots. Text is centered horizontally and vertically. First one is how I want the box sized. The second one is after I double-click the right, center button - the text gets some unwanted space on left and right. This double-clicking also has other qualities, such as moving the right or left edge clicked to center and space the text. So click the right edge center button and only the right edge moves; click the left and only the left edge moves; you can also click top center or bottom center edge buttons and the Frame Text will shrink to allow the text to just fit Thanks for any insight you might have.
  3. Hello, 1mm is being added when I export to png. Is this is a bug or is there something I am doing wrong? Dimensions are meant to be 260mm x 300mm but are actually 260mm x 301mm. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Is there a way to create a brush with a texture so that when you resize the brush the texture doesn't resize? For instance a stippled dots or course airbrush sort of brush where the dots don't bunch up or separate out when the brush size is reduced or enlarged. Is this possible?
  5. So I found an interesting bug the hard way – after printing some vinyl at the wrong size (56” instead of 18”). I had a logo in a file sized to the correct size (18” long). There was a bunch of other stuff in the file I didn’t need, so I copied it. I hit “New from Clipboard” thinking it would have the same scale. Instead it created a file 56” wide, which I didn’t notice until the vinyl arrived back 4½ feet long. I assume that’s not expected behaviour.
  6. Hi, Affinity community, Can you accurately size construction guides in the new beta? I'm running version and as you can see in the attached image, drawing construction circles by hand is not accurate. I tried multiple times to align a construction circle with a circle and failed every single time. I feel like I should be able to adjust construction circle size through the Transform panel for pixel-perfect accuracy. Also, I cannot seem to find a way to resize or delete construction circles. Guides Manager doesn't even identify them, and the Backspace button doesn't do anything while the guide is selected. Shouldn't I be able to delete guides the same way I can delete any other objects? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Rob
  7. I’m not having much success reducing large pano files to small web-size mailable files .... the resamplilng methods given seem to toss out allot of information,, blurring and digitizing details. Is there a way to retain the large file detail, as per PS using bilineal sharpen, etc. Neighboring helps a little, but I’m still blowing out details ... sizing goes from 15,000px wide to 2,000. The original panos look good.
  8. I was disappointed when the master pages couldn't have frames which needed to be filled, though I understand the reasoning. I'm wondering if there is a way to create a library of frames so I can pop a text frame in place and not have to find an earlier use to make sure the alignment and size are correct. This would at least give me a starting point anchored in the right spot.
  9. Greetings! I am teaching myself how to use Affinity Photo iPad. I am trying to resize my graphic but I can not see on the canvas the true size of my artboard even if I use a border. I am trying to design a poster size document 18"x24" (46x61 cm). I also tried to change the color of the canvas but could not figure out how to do that as well. Any help or videos to assist would be helpful. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I "found" Affinity this weekend....Great tool !! Illustrator no longer needed Right now making some new user interface designs for a new application I only miss 1 function , and probably I overlooked it I want to export my designs, in such a way that the values of all spaces, sizes etc are given along with the design so that the developers can implement the design pixelperfect in illustrator you have such an option but i havent found it yet in affinity if needed i can mail an example how it looks like in illustrator i hope it is there and i just overlooked it thanks for all the good work reinoud
  11. Hi. I've attached a screenshot which shows the problem I'm having with Affinity Designer 1.5.4 (purchased from Apple App Store). I'm trying to print onto Avery Labels #5408, which are 4"x6" sheets, to my Canon Pixma Pro 100. I have sized the document correctly, and it appears correct on-screen, but when I go to print it out, the print dialog shows it as 4"x11" with the on-screen content centered vertically on that page. If I click print, only the top of my on-screen content comes through, at the bottom of the 4"x6" page. Is there some setting I'm missing? Please advise, otherwise very happy with the product, but unless resolved, this is a pretty much a showstopper. fwiw, Omnigraffle Pro printed the sizing correctly, but their cropping tools are terrible, hence trying Affinity Designer. Thanks in advance for any assistance, -neil
  12. In separated mode in Designer and Photo, is there a way to change the default window size to fill my monitor every time I open or create a new document? Currently it's opening or creating everything at 68.8% every time as a floating window in the upper left corner area... the floating part I expected but I'd ideally like it to fill my monitor every time. It's not a big deal but just one of those things that get's annoying on the 23rd time.
  13. I am a complete novice and use Affinity Designer and Photo for odd bits of work here and there. I am currently putting together a programme for a music festival. I started by creating a new Designer document with artboard set to A5 (plus a bit extra for bleed), i've then created new artboards (same size) for each page. I now want to put the adjoining pages together to show them to my Festival colleagues before we get them printed, so I thought the quickest way to do this would be to export each artboard as a PDF and then create a new file as A4 landscape and place two of the adjoining exported pages in to show a double page layout. However one of my exported artboard files is bigger - as in when I place it into the new double page document it is larger than the page, unlike the other ones which were the exact size and slotted in nicely. I thought perhaps the programme was having a glitch so I closed affinity reopened, discarded the export that was wrong and re-exported it again, but it did the same thing. Any ideas? Obviously i am happy to just resize the export once I place it in the double page file but I was curious as to why this would have happened. Any help greatly received! I've been learning a lot from this forum over the past few days, it's fantastically helpful to a less than knowledgable user like me! Thanks, Amy
  14. I'm using the affinity photo trial and am having a problem with image sizes, when I import an jpeg image from aperture and do adjustments the send it back to aperture the full frame canon images are the same size as before but my crop frame nikon images are smaller with a large black border and i can't find a way to change it. help please.
  15. I am a complete newbie to Affinity and this is my first attempt at a project. I am attempting to copy a pattern used by an artist on the Web who is involved heavily with Sacred Geometry. If you are interested you can Google Charles Gilchrist or Sacred Geometry. The pattern was used as the base for one of his Mandala paintings. The pattern called Natures First Pattern is basically circles arranged to form a repeating pattern. This is the result of my first attempts with Affinity and vectors in general. Of course, I had to pick an easy one ! I am convinced that Affinity Designer is made with secret magic potions and mysterious spells. All of this pattern is split into individual pieces and the file is still very small and extremely responsive on the screen. If I were to export this file to PSD it would generate a 13 Meg file ! The document size is 24 x 24 inches at 300 DPI for printing. I will post an update when it is colored. Should take me about 23 years !
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