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Found 120 results

  1. This may be the dumbest question you answer all day/year/century, but I'm new to Affinity -- and, really, the whole photoshop/design world. Without further ado, here it is: Is a hot dog a sandwich? In Affinity Designer, how do I place a picture into a (badass) shape I've created? Any help is much appreciated!
  2. Hi all, I got a strange behaviour while working on multiple compounds shape. If I click on one of the stacked compounds on layer panel it starts to reveal its own shape. If you clone it they suddenly disappear. Anyone experienced something like that? It's really annoying because while you're working on multiples boolean operation you can't understand if done or not. The first image shows what happen after clicking on a stacked shape. The second image shows how it should appear (or duplicating the wrong one) Thank you so much
  3. The M shortcut behaves strangely. If I select Rectangle, Ellipse, or Rounded Rectangle, the tool tip indicates M is the shortcut key in each case. AH- the lightbulb just came on! It cycles thru the three shape options. Very nice feature! Ok, gurus, back to helping someone that really needs it. ;--)
  4. Say an image you open in AP has a random line, maybe the border of a sign with perspective. How do you determine the angle of that line? (Or could be a line on an object in AD also, BTW). I thought about drawing a Pen Tool line on top of the inherited line but that doesn't help because AP puts a bounding box (horizontally) around your new line and declares the new line to be horizontal. I also thought about using the rulers to do Trig calcs but there must be an easy AP method, right? In PS you use the Measurer Tool. Or what if I wanted to draw a line at 20 degrees? How would I do that? One potential solution is use Shift to draw the line horizontal, then select the line and rotate it until it reads 20 deg in the Tip or in the Transform pallet. What do you think? AP for Win 10
  5. I will use this thread for all of my future bug-reports, unless my bugs fit in under an already posted thread, in which case I will post/reply to that thread. Bugs 2016-11-24 (Affinity If you make three rectangles and convert all three into curves, then proceed to select one vertex on each shape, move them around simultaneously, after that go to "Action>Smooth Curve" option in the context sensitive toolbar at the top. After that start pressing "Ctrl+Z". The shapes should get a weird "glitched-out" appearance and eventually return to a "normal" state. If you make a custom path with the "Pen Tool" and then proceed to make it into a "Style", the icon representing the "Style" will look glitched and crocked. If it is supposed to show a "preview" of the style in some other way than the default cog, then maybe a thumbnail of the object when turned into a "Style" would be better. Just a suggestion, not trying to be smart.
  6. Hi Tech Team I've updated to 1.5.4 Designer and went to make some shapes this morning (like you do on a wednesday) and found that I can't select the heart shape. It mustn't love me anymore :( I would cry but it won't let me select the tear shape either. On a mac running Sierra 10.12.1 Hope I've posted in the right place. Thanks for investigating guys Sara
  7. Now, I seem to remember someone posting about this, so maybe its already here. But I was just using the shape tool, and I noticed that there isn't a custom shape option? I think this needs to be here! Thanks for your time!
  8. Every time I try to do this with the effects the shadow goes both outside and inside the rectangle. I have a photo inside of the rectangle and I want for there to be a shadow coming from the rectangle onto the photo. I would think that I would go to "inner shadow" under effects to do this but it isn't working for some reason.
  9. Hi all, I'm new to AD: I was looking though one of the tuition videos and I see that the red handles appear about a third of the way up the point of the star. However, when I tried to do the same thing, I only get the handles at the base of the point -please see the attached screenshots: Is there a way of adjusting settings? Thanks in advance, Kevin
  10. Hi there! I'm a beginner in illustration and graphic designing. I'm currently confused when I try to add a shape with a shape, they form a silhouette of the shapes. But when i try to add a shape with a pencil or pen stroke, they are not forming a silhouette of the shape and the stroke. Hope you guys can help me. Thanks in advance
  11. Is there a way to save shapes that I frequently use to the shape selector? (sort of like saving brushes) For example I use the circle with a cross, like you'd see on a "no smoking" sign. Currently I copy and paste that shape from a file of shapes that I frequently use. I'm just wondering if there is a quicker way to go about that.
  12. It is possible to create shapes with no length or (/and) width. If you want to change this numerically, you get unexpected wrong results.
  13. Hi, I have discovered a strange bug. I am using Illustrator as a bridge to Photoshop – drawing an icons in Designer, copy them to Illustrator, and then paste as shapes to Photoshop. BUT, I cant paste shapes from AD to Illustrator if these shapes are red. Also, it seems to be green also. Thats a funny bug, but it is not really comfortable in a workflow. Thanks
  14. I thought I'd give everyone a few samples of what can be achieved with some of our shapes. We've made the shapes available in Designer highly versatile. All of the shapes (apart from the basic Rectangle and Ellipse) can be customised, giving you a high degree of control. Certain shapes have carefully chosen snapping values for each of their control points which quickly allow you to find right angles, inline edges, mirrors, and other useful positions. You'll see what I mean when you try them out! The main reason for using our shape objects is that they remain fully editable in your document. They scale and resize with other objects, but they can maintain proportions, angles and sizes. You have the option to convert any shape to a regular curves object, but in doing so you will lose the unique dynamic properties of that shape. To kick off, the one shape I'm particularly proud of is the Cog. It may sound like quite a restrictive shape, but please look at the samples below to get an idea of the range of shapes that can be made with just the Cog. Here's the actual Designer document, so that you can see for yourself how these shapes were made with the Cog. CogSamples.afdesign
  15. Guide to creating an infographic with Affinity Designer, Freepik style, but with our favorite software and you can download the original file. Here the file is available for download http://estudiobelog.com/guia-para-crear-una-infografia-con-affinity-designer/ Here is the guide https://youtu.be/-eqyGC4-VMY Guía para crear una infografía con Affinity Designer, al estilo de freepik, pero con nuestro software favorito y podrás descargar el archivo original. Aquí se encuentra el archivo para descargar http://estudiobelog.com/guia-para-crear-una-infografia-con-affinity-designer/ Aqui se encuentra la guía : https://youtu.be/-eqyGC4-VMY
  16. Hello, This are my first steps with Affinity Designer, and here my first question: - I found how can select a bitmap object, but can the selection convert to a shape? For clearify, see screenshot: Regards, Christophe
  17. Another tutorial. Enjoy.. :) Changing eye color using shape tool as a mask.. https://youtu.be/g2DvaGwBdEY
  18. Hi Folks, So heres one for you. Can you bend a shape, in my case a triangle? I have a series of triangle that need to have a slight bend in to give them that more fluid look. possible or not? and if so... how??? Cheers folks Mark
  19. Hi Folks, Happy new year and all that blah.... Quick questions, How would be the best way to go about adding a separate colour within a shape? I have created a a shape with a black fill and now within that shape I need to further add grey stripes/blocks. I need them to fill it accurately. If it was a square shape then no problems but this is far from square and has curves all over the shop. Any ideas? no doubt you will have, hence why a reply on this forum like nothing else :huh: Cheers again and thanks in advance Mark
  20. Hola amigos, les presento mi primer arte en Afinity Designer, hoy es el primir dìa que lo uso espero que me vaya bien. que tengan buena noche.
  21. Dear all, I am trying to create a simple vector shape logo, however when I use the divide boolean tool to erase certain parts of shapes I get a very thin white space between the divided shapes. I am probably doing this wrong, however would like to know if there is a way of dividing or erasing certain parts of shapes places on each other without this space as it is not as crisp as i would like. I have attached a photo to show what I mean. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :-)
  22. It would be super awesome if more was made of distorting shapes. At the moment if you hoover the mouse over the protruding centre line at the top of any shape and wait, you get a little icon which is two arrows pointing in either direction, you can click and drag this to skew the shape a little bit. But they you need to keep rotating the item then turning it a bit if you want to adjust it and it can be a bit of a pain. It would be great if there was a distortion menu which allowed you to just selected pre-made angles for which your shape could distort too, so for example isometric left, isometric right, 45 degrees etc.. and if then you can add advance alteration like changing the percentage of the skew and the manually pick the direction that would be perfect! Really awesome work on the software so far I use it everyday now!
  23. Hello! So, I've been working on designing the interface of an app I'm looking forward to create and I've ran into some problems. The first one is every time I go to move a layer to a higher position, it gets turned into a folder with the layer above it. Is there a way to move layers up and down, without grouping layers? I'd like to reorder them in the way they show up on the page... ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Thanks! Also, I was wondering if there's a way to add a stroke/ fill to an image that I placed. I'm not sure what they call the image, but it has no background.. It's like just the symbol I want, but without the white background. Is there a way to add stroke? Thanks!! Riley
  24. Hi Everyone - I'm trying to draw a mosaic of different colored squares. I made bunch of squares, duped them, aligned them and changed their colors. I had trouble with some if the alignments but I can work that out. I've noticed that some of my squares have a thin red outline round them, even though their is no stroke. It's like the app is trying to tell me something but I don't understand :) I'm a bit new to working in vector - I know bits and pieces of various vector programs and am self taught. I looked around for answers but haven't found anything yet. I would love to stick this one out! Any answers? Thanks in advance.
  25. Add the ability to create guides from random shapes similar to illustrator (command-5).
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