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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, How to cut quickly lines like in my green area (9 clicks) and not all lines around the shape with a quick select ? I use the shape tool.
  2. There is an aliasing issue that occurs with shapes created with the Star, Double Star, Square Star, Cog, or Cloud tool in Designer 1.10.5 for macOS. There are various ways to reproduce this bug, but here is a reliable method that makes it quite easy to see. Create a small document (~100x100px, 144dpi). Enable retina pixel view mode, and zoom to fit. Select the Star Tool. Create a 50x50px star. Give it a 10pt black stroke, aligned to the outside of the shape. Decrease “Inner radius” and “Outer circle” to 0%. From 50->1%, the outer edge changes slightly, but the moment you reach 0%, suddenly the border is much harsher and more jagged. This same bug occurs with the other radial shape tools: Star — inner radius and outer circle to 0% Double Star — inner radius to 0% Square Star — cutout to 100% Cog — tooth size to 0% and notch size to 100%, or vice versa Cloud — inner radius to 0% This is a literal edge case, but there are circumstances in which any of these settings would be useful. For example, I encountered this bug when attempting to make a five-pointed asterisk character, which has spokes with no width besides the stroke. Affinity Designer 1.10.5 macOS 12.4 2019 MacBook Pro occurs with or without hardware acceleration no external hardware Star with 0% internal radius (left) vs. 1% internal radius (right): (for better comparison, please download the images and toggle between them) bug.afdesign
  3. Hi all! I've moved to Affinity Designer recently and still have problems with some tools. In this video I use Figma to show the result I am expecting. I drew 3 lines, merged them and filled with a color. In the end I can control stroke and filling of the shape. Figma video In the next video I use Affinity for drawing with a vector brush. Since lines are ready, I chose Pen Tool and pressed Join curves, but lines didn't merged. The result aren't clear form me. Why only side points have connected? Luckily I found Merge function in Layer / Geometry menu. This function is the only, which is missed in top panel. Is it possible to add this button to the panel somehow? I merged the lines and tried to fill the shape with a color. Result is unexpected again. What I am doing wrong? Thanks a lot. Affinity video
  4. hello developers and designers , i have a question that i am very confused to buy affinity because it has no shape builder tool , i tried the boolean operation but i could not do the same result in illustrator in speed and achievements , i want to just know if there are plans from developers to do something like or even better than shape builder tool ? it will save time and effort in incredible way for me and i thing many designers too , so please tell me if there just a plans for doing that because i still do not know what should i buy because affinity designer is very strong tool but it has not function that it is very necessary for me and adobe products are really expensive , so please anyone knows anything whether developers or designers tell me because i am very confused , thanks.
  5. Hello affinity designers ,1- will be there a (shape builder) tool in affinity designer like illustrator ? I cant do any type of golden ratio designes (even with the (devid) then delete) if will there be this tool in future please tell me when becaus i cant do my designes and i think alot of designers are the same 😞 please add it asap 2- when can i export AI files in affinity ? Becaus clients need that always , if you can do these things affinity will be a great tool and it will be my main and i think alot of designers will do the same !! So please if you can tell me when will you do that becaus uptil now i cant design and deal with clients , so i have to use another apps which is realy expinsive but it is the only choice 😞 And thanks alot for your affort ❤
  6. Hello, If there are multiple shapes selected, and all are divided all at once, a number of overlapped content is removed and a lot of garbage nodes are left as separate paths. I've experienced on AI too, but there we can easily select them and remove them, but in AD it becomes a headache. Can you please make selection in such a way that.. if selection started form top left / bottom left then select all shapes touching selection box, if selection started form top right / bottom right then select only shapes, fully under selection box, Something same like in Auto-cad (somebody experienced?) Please take a look on this video and see what I mean. vertics, devide tool, shape tool, pen tool, garbage nodes, paths, Affinity Designer 2_5_2019 10_40_41 PM.mp4 Affinity Designer 2_5_2019 10_44_12 PM.mp4
  7. Hi! I've been working with AD now for a little and have a few suggestions that would make at least my workflow better: Guides: it would be nice if I could rotate the guides (set the angle) I could dock the guide manager window I could group guides in the guide manager window and show/hide groups of guides Shape tool: it would be nice if you could add a (logarithmic) spiral Pixel persona: it would be nice if you could add a halftone filter and a possibility for color separation to layers (CMYK): needed for screen printing; right now I have to use other programs for these tasks which would be a real benefit if I could do it within AD Keep up the good work!
  8. One (simple?) thing I'd love to see is the ability to create a shape (rectangle, circle etc) with specified dimensions. In Illustrator, you can click with the appropriate tool and it then asks for a width/height or radius and creates it at the spot you clicked. To do the same in Designer, you have to drag out a shape and then edit its dimensions in the Transform panel which means more steps.
  9. Pie tool could be hugely improved if there was the possibility to use percentages as angle unit. As it is now, you must calculate the angle [(360/100)*percentage value] So you need a calculator at hand (boooooring, slooooower). It could be acceptable, but problem here is that a lot of percentages (specially in investigation charts) result in values with decimals, and you cannot use decimals as angle value, it gets rounded. At the end, on a pie chart the circle is not complete as the different rounded values sum are always less or more that 360º and you must adjust it by hand (to add to the long process of calculate and input values) I suggest to allow it to use decimals on the angle, and to accept or to have an specific field for percentage values. Or, as others suggested, create a good chart tool… but that is another story.
  10. I'd like to see a button in the Shape Tool that lets you make a selection from the shape, like in the top bar of the Pen Tool.
  11. I thought I'd give everyone a few samples of what can be achieved with some of our shapes. We've made the shapes available in Designer highly versatile. All of the shapes (apart from the basic Rectangle and Ellipse) can be customised, giving you a high degree of control. Certain shapes have carefully chosen snapping values for each of their control points which quickly allow you to find right angles, inline edges, mirrors, and other useful positions. You'll see what I mean when you try them out! The main reason for using our shape objects is that they remain fully editable in your document. They scale and resize with other objects, but they can maintain proportions, angles and sizes. You have the option to convert any shape to a regular curves object, but in doing so you will lose the unique dynamic properties of that shape. To kick off, the one shape I'm particularly proud of is the Cog. It may sound like quite a restrictive shape, but please look at the samples below to get an idea of the range of shapes that can be made with just the Cog. Here's the actual Designer document, so that you can see for yourself how these shapes were made with the Cog. CogSamples.afdesign
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