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Found 6 results

  1. This pic is just an example photo.. But I am trying to cut a woman out of a green forest background. How do you cut out the hair without taking some of the green glow with you? And is it possible to recolour the green parts back to the hairs natural colour with adjustments or too difficult to get it right? I've tried selecting the green bits and playing with sliders but just can't seem to get it right. I have also tried using the background remove brush over the hair but it either doesn't delete enough or it deletes some of the hair too. Any tips? Cheers!
  2. One useful feature that would be nice to have is the ability to export multipage documents as separate PDF files. Essentially allowing each page to be in its own PDF document. This would be especially useful when using publisher to design a range of items with a uniform design style in one document, but then splitting it for upload to a printing service. A third party PDF manager can step in to provide such a service, but if Affinity allowed it as a feature, then it might actually be more straight forward. For example, my mug designs in one document could then be sent individually to a print service.
  3. I'm a member of this forum for a few days now and I am a anonymous reader for a while and there something that bothers me quiet a bit: pretty much all the subforums are not separated by product (designer/photo) which makes it very difficult to recognize the relevance of a post for me or a certain product. Wouldn't it be much more convenient to get separate subforums for each product in the main areas (like tutorials, for example) or at least giving each thread a praefix (like [AD],[AP]) by having the OP selecting the coresponding product when opening a new thread? You kinda already did that within the beta-support, why not on the other subtopics? ps: i didn't know where to put this question, as it is more forum relevant than product.
  4. Hello Everyone, I'm new here. I have a problem editing separate layers using "adjustments" icons in the layer panel. I have tried to switch on and off the "Edit All Layers" icon. Didn't help. To be more specific. I', trying to make a artwork resembling the Olympic flag using cassette tape reels. I've cut a part of an image from another document and pasted it into a new black document I'm currently having problems with. I've copied this cut out in to 5 separate layers and tried to re colour them into the colours resembling the Olympic logo. Anytime I do that the changes are applied to the whole image. Any idea why is that? Thanks!
  5. Good evening! I try to get used to Affinity Designer and now have a problem to work with nodes from an SVG file. I have a file that gets loaded asa single layer object. I now want to select some nodes and group them as new object or to cut them with ctrl + x but it always cuts the whole big object, not only the selected nodes. I can delete selected nodes. There is the "Divide" tool, that does get most parts separated into own objects, but sometimes has problems with thin lines like with my shield, it makes big filled objects instead of thin lines. Maybe someone can tell me how I can get own objects out of closed nodes? Problem this shield: gets divided to full black objects: HTML5-SVG-SingleObject.svg shild.svg
  6. Affinity Beta Photo hang in separate modality. I saved spin dump if it need.
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