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  1. 1. In Adobe Illustrator it is possible to turn off bounding box from menu or by using a keyboard shortcut,. This enables one to select an object by one of its anchor points and move the entire object without changing the shape of the object. This is useful and in some cases indispensable for building complex objects or shapes by moving one object by its anchor point and snapping it to the anchor point of another object. Is there any way of achieving this in Affinity Designer? 2. A related question: Also in Illustrator it is possible to select and edit objects within a group of objects and edit the selected object without ungrouping. How can one do this in Affinity Designer?
  2. I am trying out Affinity Photo intensely to make up my mind before I pay for another year of Photoshop. One thing that I'm not quite liking is the selection tools. Though on the tutorials they look amazing but I find that my selections have jagged edges. After fiddling with refining for a good while and then going to the trusty pen tool I had to manually delete white pixels... while in Photoshop the same selection is perfect with the magic wand. In photoshop I expand my selection by 1px.. I tried the same thing here but my jagged edges remain. I'm attaching the original image, then a zoom of the section after I selected with the pen tool and lastly a zoomed out with my image on a black background where you can see the nasty edges... What am I doing wrong?
  3. I'd like to see the ability to position a marquee tool selection while forming it. Similar to how holding down the spacebar while dragging out a selection in Photoshop gives the user the ability to reposition the selection, and then, when releasing the spacebar, continue to shape the selection. It would be good if while in "add" mode that selections are able to be positioned independently as well instead of being treated as one universal selection and moved as one. Matt ------ I explain more about the issue I am describing HERE in this forum post and give an example of when I bump up against it.
  4. In Affinity Designer Beta, I have an EPS vector with more than 1000 icons. I want to drag a selection box around one of them to copy or recolor it. But Designer selects ALL the icons with the Move tool, or individual elements of each icon with the Node tool. In Illustrator, I can easily drag around any icon to select it. How do I do that with Designer? 1111_XXL_set2.eps
  5. I have a collection of stills that look like the attachment, many of them, that have to be altered. Ideally I want to simply get rid of the white backgrounds. Cropping only allows me to use specific square or rectangular shapes. Is there a way I can draw a line around these two (or more) stacked photos, and delete or crop-out the white background? Having the odd shape end result is not an issue. I realise I could make a series of masks, but that seems like it will be a lot of work given I have to do this to scores of photos. All the best, Ben (I've used this forum before numerous times, but had to resign up. I recently had to move, canceled my local internet provider, lost my long-time email address, misplaced my old password, and the new link from Affinity was being sent to a defunct email address. Thus re-signing up.)
  6. When i make a selection, refine the mask and than make a new layer with mask; than try retouch the mask with the brush I get what looks like corrupted data. Is this a bug or what. I have tired installing and reinstalling photo. I am using the trial, I was going to buy this program it looks great but not if this is right. I have attached a screen shot, can anyone help me out.
  7. A map doc I have been working on has many objects and texts (frame texts and artistic texts). I have always very much liked the fact that I could select these by simply pulling my mouse over a unique object or text box. All of a sudden, this feature no longer works. Nothing is selected when I drag my mouse over a unique object or text, even if it is totally isolated from other objects or texts. I have checked my locked and unlocked layers, and they are all as they should be. Another problem accompanies the above. When I double click an object or a text box (even with all of its layers unlocked and all other layers locked), the complete set of objects or texts is selected rather than the individual item. However, selecting an individual object or text box by clicking it in the layer palette still works fine. A third and no doubt related problem is that the usual AD method of selecting a line and the adding a point with the node tool no longer works. The pen tool does not do this either. At times, after working on such a doc for some time, AD seems to "get tired" and certain functions are slower or simply do not work. I have not documented this carefully, but in the past I simply save, exit AD and bring it up again. This seems to solve the problem, which must be a memory overload of some sort. In the case of the problem above (in the first two paragraphs), exiting AD and bringing it up again does not help. I've looked at various settings and preferences but see nothing that addresses this issue. Thanks for any advice available.
  8. With the picture I uploaded below... I was wondering how to remove the part of the rectangles OUTSIDE the circle on the left.. But at the same time keep the rectangle on the inside of the circle.
  9. I am comparing Illustrator text selection to that of Affinity Designer 1.3.2. In Illustrator, if I have multiple text boxes present on the page, I need only choose the Type Tool and the pointer changes to an I-beam, and when I mover that point over any text box, the box highlights with a blue underline. I can then click and drag to select text. And once text is selected that way in one box, I need only do the same thing to select text in another text box. No double-clicking or special text insertion tricks required. No so with Affinity Designer though. In Affinity Designer, if I click the Artistic Text Tool and hover over any text boxes on the page, none of the text highlights. Furthermore, if I try to just click-and-drag atop any text box, AD creates a new text box rather than highlighting text in the existing box! I am forced to double-click to insert the text cursor inside an existing text box in AD. And once there, I cannot simply click-and-drag on another text box to select it. I must go to the trouble of double-clicking to insert the text cursor in other text boxes. It may not sound like much, but this time waster is a huge time waster when you deal with a lot of text editing like me. One more thing. There is a small but noticeable lag when it comes to selecting a lot of text by click-and-drag and even typing text. It feels on order of 200ms or so for text selection, and less than that for typing text. I feel no lag at all when selecting text by click-and-drag or tying text in Illustrator though. This is true in an existing document as well as in a new document.
  10. Hi, I'm having trouble selecting objects in a document that I originally created in Adobe Illustrator. What am I missing? :) Thanks, Kate
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