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Found 107 results

  1. Hi Affinity team, I have often problems about this..., please help me. From my attach file, I cannot drag to select 4 objects on the middle of paper. When I try to drag, the background image is always going to be selected. Please try my attach file, thank you. Cheers. :) Cannot_DragToSelect.afdesign
  2. Is it possible to disable deselect as a history step? If I perform 5 actions, then undo 3 and click off an object by mistake, it erases my redo history.
  3. I have a MacBookPro 9,2 with El Capitan, 16GB RAM and 32 GB of free space. I purchased Affinity Photo two days ago. I have opened a JPG photo but am unable to do anything with it, as I cannot select any of the tools. The hand (top tool) seems to be permanently selected. Clicking on any of the other tools does nothing. I have followed the instructions in various tutorial videos without any luck. Help! How can I select tools, such as the eraser? This is very frustrating. Thanks - Stan Gould.
  4. I want to take a photo of three people, take out the cluttered background, and make it look as if they are in front of a seamless background or blank wall. What is the best way to do this? How do I find the colors for the solid seamless?
  5. I know there's got to be a quick keyboard shortcut to activate the Select tool from a Zoom state, but I cannot make any of the shortcuts I'm seeing work. When I zoom up close, then click on the item in the layers list, the selection tool displays on the list; but when I go back to my workspace and click (which is intuitive behavior for me because I feel like I've selected already), I zoom in another level, which I never want. (I'm usually custom-kerning type when I do this.) I have to remember to click the layer, mouse to/select the Selection tool, and then click on the workspace. I'm wasting an awful lot of time having to do this and, when I forget, to undo the extra zoom level, then click through everything again. The screenshots I've attached don't show the relevant cursors, but in the smaller image, I'm clicking on the layer TITLE in the layers list and I've got a selection-tool cursor. When I go back to the workspace, the cursor shows the zoom-plus tool, and if I click on it I get zooming, which I don't want. Ideally, I wish I could change the behavior so when I click on the layer TITLE, it switches me into selection mode in the workspace by default. What am I doing wrong? Or what is the quickest way to accomplish what I'm trying to do? TIA. Diane
  6. Hi. I hope you dont mind me asking this question but I have got Photo not Designer and before this I was using PS to create line art from my drawings so I could digitally colour create them. I tried to use the process that I used before in Photo but I could not recreate some of the steps. I realise that things work differently but hoping that there is still a better way to do it then I ended up making. The process I used to use is below. The problem I have is that I cannot find a way to do the steps that I have marked in red. I ended up using the magic tool to select the white areas but it kept missing bits and was not a good solution for me and took very long and my selection was quite shabby and pixelated once I had finished. Can you advise what sort of process (if any) i can use in Photo to recreate this please. I dont want to have to buy Designer yet while I am still a beginner and learning the ropes in Photo. Creating Line art from Scans * Open scanned image in Photoshop * Make a copy of original layer and rename for easier finding * Adjustment layer – Black & White * Option box - check all options are in the middle default position of scale. If any altered bring back to middle. * Adjustment layer – Levels * Adjust as required to create more contrast and get rid of any unused white areas * Adjustment layer – Curves * Create S shape to enhance image * Go back to Copy layer and zoom into 100% and then go to Unsharp Mask * Big radius – 120 – 150% * Amount – 60 -90% * Threshold – low – 12 - 14% Touching up image to remove blemishes * Go to Brush and choose a standard brush using the black and white colours to remove any blemishes on image so image is clean * Then delete original layer Define line art * Select – Colour Range – options box – Select sampled colours/selection Preview-Grayscale/Invert/Image * Then use colour picker and click on white area within image – OK * This then creates marching ants around the line art with only the black lines selected * Select/Modify/Smooth – 2 pixels * Optional: Select/Modify/Contract – 1 pixel * Then fill the selection with black. Make sure foreground colour is black and then ALT+backspace to fill with black. * Invert selection again so white selected * Then hit Delete and white background removed so line art is now on transparent background. * Deselect with Control + D * Save this as a PS layer file for future use
  7. Do you have a plan to make this for multiple selecting shapes? It will make AD more powerful :).
  8. Hi, I cannot seem to edit my text layers. When I select them (on the right panel) and double-click on the text (on the main design), it jumps the focus to the background layer (all the way to the button). Im I doing something wrong?
  9. Hey guys, I know you are super swamped with getting APub out. I just wanted to share a request which I think would be VERY useful. It's an enhancement for Move/Node tools which I think would benefit all users and enhance productivity. It might have been discussed in the past, if my memory serves me right... I'm talking about enhancing the behavior of the selection function while using the Move and/or Node tools. What this is based on is a selection technique from SketchUp. Here is a video explaining how it works in that app. Notice how the selection marquee changes from solid to dotted line / marching ants, based on the direction the user drags, to visualize the alternate behavior activated. I think this would be TREMENDOUSLY useful for selecting and editing object in groups, and perhaps can be applied to inter-node segments as well... Thanks for your consideration.
  10. Hello, I miss the functionality for organizing groups without touching the mouse. If I had a shortcut for renaming a group or an element or could select one or more elements/groups with the keyboard, it would be a lot more comfortable. There are already the standard shortcuts for cut, copy, paste, etc, but it seems to me like they have not much value as long as I had to use the mouse. What do you think? Best regards Leon
  11. I'm in Designer. I've used the text tool to create some text. I'd like to select the pixels of the created text to create a selection, after which I'd like to invert the selection. In other, non-text type layers I can hold down ⌘(command) and click the given layer's icon in the Layers menu to select all its pixels, then ⇧⌘i to invert the selection. However, this doesn't appear to work in a text layers. How can I select the pixels of text layer?
  12. Hello, It seems that attempting to delete multiple selected layers does nothing while a selection marquee is active, when unselecting the marquee, the additional layers are then removed as expected when clicking on the trash icon. This as far as I know only seems to happen with images that are: 1) opened directly (tested with JPGs) with file>open or dragging in from the Finder, 2) creating duplicates of that same layer 3) then creating a selection marquee 4) selecting multiple layers 5) clicking the trash icon 6) no response, layers still remain 7) deselect selection 8) Notice "hole(s)" are punched where the selection used to be affecting the layer (or layers) that were previously just selected From build, Yosemite 10.10.4
  13. Hi, I seem to remember from my PhoSho days that Adobe had a command whereby you Option-Clicked a Layer, to make all other Layers go invisible – i.e., "Hidden". Like the way a musician "Solos" a mixer or sequencer track. It saved a bunch of individual hidings clicks. Is there an equivalent command for Af. Photo & Designer Layers? (I already know you can select contiguous Layers and then hide them with one click, but that requires first selecting them and then exluding the layer you want to stay visible) Thanks in advance, - Peter
  14. How can I use guides to aide my selection? In other words, essentially "magnetize" the rectangular selection tool to follow along the guides that I have already placed?
  15. Hi just wondered if this was a bug but when I used Select All, it selects items on layers that are locked too? I would have thought that it should only select unlocked items?
  16. Purchased the release v1.3.4. Trying to do a Select or Select All on either of the attached .gif files with Affinity Photo does not work. The selection shown is a backwards "L" of no width or height of the right side and bottom of the image. Working with larger .gif files works fine. Nick P.
  17. This should work in both Designer and Photo. When you click on a layer to have the layers panel scroll to, and highlight, the selected layer. It's very inconvenient to scroll up and down looking for the object you've selected especially with more complex documents.
  18. Hi folks, Sorry if it sounds like obvious, but actually, I've still not found any way to instantly select —all— external nodes (or the full external path) on the basic following example: Any idea? Thanks for the help.
  19. The app seems to be missing the common keyboard selection controls: Cmd-Left / Cmd-Right to move to the start/end of a line Cmd-Shift-Left / Cmd-Shift/Right to select to the start/end of the line Alt-Left / Alt-Right to move to the previous / next word Alt-Shift-Left / Alt-Shift-Right to select the previous / next word
  20. I noticed the keyboard equivalents for Selecting Previous and Selecting Next layers has been added, which is wonderful. I was hoping my Wacom Intuous Pro would take advantage but it doesn't. Apparently there is a SECOND keyboard equivalent for cycling through the layers forward and backwards, they are as follows: Clockwise: “ Counterclockwise, or anti-clockwise as you Brits say it, hehe... : ‘ Would you guys please please please add these so we can take advantage of our Wacom tablets' awesome touch rings?!?!
  21. I'm sorry to keep banging on about this one. I want to create a text frame/box + move it into position WITHOUT having to break stride and go to the tool box. It's the most glaring fault to an otherwise superb application. If I could do this I'd swear I was working in the 2014 version of Freehand! A hotkey/keystroke is the most obvious solution. or Somewhere on the active frame to grab/grip and move into position. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! text frame.mov
  22. Hello, I just bought Designer after using the trial and I'm loving it it! I do however have one recurring issue that gets frustrating. When working on a document, I will occasionally get stuck an a selected layer for what appears to be no reason. I am unable to click on any other layer to get out of the one currently selection. The only thing I can do enable working on all layers, but as soon as I turn it off It remains on the last selection. The other option I have is to save and restart, definitely not optimal. I also am still able to hide layers, as well as show and collapse sub layers. Thanks for any help!
  23. A terrifically useful feature of Canvas is Find by object attribute or properties. This allows you to select all objects with like properties and change them en masse rather than the tedious job of changing them individually. Thus, you can change all objects of one color to a different color, or select all polygons with the same color, line width, but different fills and then change the just the line width. This functionality is improved even more if one can "grab" all the properties of an existing object and then you can select all like objects.
  24. A few tips on this highlighting the shortcuts available in particular when using marquee select:
  25. Is there a mode/tool/etc that allows me to select objects on the screen, regardless of the current active layer?

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