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Found 107 results

  1. filtrefil

    Frequent crashes

    Hi, I love using Affinity Designer on Windows, however, in my case, it crashes and freezes quite often (multiple times a day). I noticed it happens mostly when: Working with text (selecting font, writing, moving text frame, ...) --> CRASH Selecting multiple objects (10+) with mouse cursor --> FREEZE These are the most frequent cases, but it happens from other reasons too. Thanks. Filip.
  2. This question hasn't been asked since mid 2016 so I thought I would ask again mid 2017. Can we select same fill and stroke colour in Designer like you can in illustrator. This is a pretty important feature in my opinion, one that I use on pretty much every file I work on. Thanks.
  3. Hello, This is very basic as I have just started using Affinity Designer. When I import an EPS file downloaded fro Depositphotos.com, I can't select the objects seperatly. They are all grouped, can't ungroup or select indivudual elements. What am I missing here? Thansk
  4. Is it possible to select objects by drawing a marquee that crosses the object at any point, rather than needing to completely surround the object with the marquee?
  5. Love using AF - with over 700 line drawings completed for a technical book on marine diesel engine systems! However, with the update to 1.5.5 I've encountered a few bugs: 1) Move Tool will suddenly stop selecting with mouse click - can only select with click and drag 2) Transform - locked ratio suddenly goes wrong. Object can be distorted in any direction, even though locked 3) Grouped items - objects can be moved individually even though they are still locked in a "Group" 4) Font - selecting bold or italics in Iowan Old Style will suddenly switch font to Times. Happens intermittently. 5) File that was being used when computer goes to sleep is BLACK on wake-up. File has to be closed (no save) then reopened. Using Sierra 10.12.4 on new Macbook Pro Tested the Logitech mouse - failure to Select only happens with Move Tool in AF, works flawlessly with other tools and with all other software on the computer. Hope this helps, thanks. Dennison Berwick www.marinedieselbasics.com
  6. I have an intermittent problem, where I cannot make a selection on my image using any of the selection tools (e.g. Rectangular Selection, Magic Wand, Freeform Selection). I am on a "Pixel" layer, and not an "Image" layer. I can select the tool, and draw my selection, and while I am drawing the selection I can see the marching ants, however when I let go of the mouse, there is no selection. I have to save my document and close Affinity Photo then r-open the file. I have checked the obvious things that I can think of, including: * Have I selected the "Pixel" layer (yes - and this is the only layer in my file) * Have I tried toggling the menu option View > Show Pixel Selection (yes, several times) * Is my selection mode set to "New" ot "Add", and not "Subtract" or "Intersect" (yes, I always set it to "New") I can't think of anything else it might be. I am running version on Windows 10 Home 64bit. My compter is well above the minimum reccommended spec.
  7. I create maps in QGIS (an open source GIS mapping program on PC and Mac). QGIS can export as PDF and SVG, but the best way is PDF. The problem with PDF's is that all the lines come in as individual layers (objects) while in SVG'sthey are at least grouped as sublayers. To get around this in Illustrator, I can use the Select>Same>Stroke Color and then move all the selected features to a new single layer group. Designer could use an expanded selection ability like Illustrator's. As far as selecting goes, there's a plugin for Illustrator called Select by rj-graffix.com which adds many selection abilities (but right now it doesn't appear that Designer supports plugins). Freehand used to have really robust selection abilities via a dialog box, and this included text attributes. Illustrator has never come close. Thanks.
  8. When I scroll down in a long list of layers to activate/deactivate some other layer it scrolls back up to the current highlighted/selected one. Unfortunately that is really annoying when I want to change background layers while I edit the front layer. So I have to scroll down again to find that layer again. So may I ask you to fix this bug that it doesn't scroll back? Thanks a lot!
  9. AD fam, On many of the AD tutorials I see a click/drag operation used to select an item you want to isolate for copy/paste purposes. My question, is the click/drag done while holding down a keyboard key (i.e., the 'alt' or 'command' key)? When I click/drag over a given area that I'm trying to cut out, I see the light blue square/rectangle cover said area...but when I release my finger from the mouse it seems I'm unable to 'capture' (copy) the selection. I know I'm missing something simple - please have mercy on me. Thanks in advance. -Christo
  10. HI, I am a newbie and am gradually working my way through all the tutorials. I have watched the one on refining, however, I struggle to create a good 'fur edge' with my hairy cavalier! I seem to end up with block feet, please could you advise on a process for me to get a better result. I am pretty rubbish at this!!! Many thanks B
  11. I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug, but at least it's an inconsistent behaviour. If I lock a layer I will not be able to select any objects under it with the Move tool, either by clicking the object or drawing a marquee around. If I lock an artboard I will not be able to select any objects under it with the Move tool by clicking them, but I will be able to select them by drawing a marquee around. ​Thanks!
  12. Is there a way to adjust a selection? For instance, I may try to draw a circle around an image of a circle, but not get it quite right, only to find that I can't adjust it after the selection is drawn...causing me to have to keep trying to draw it perfectly and wasting a ton of time.
  13. What is the equivalent of photoshop's "select" then "color range"? it is easy to clean up an image by removing for instance back ground color by selecting a color then there is a slider to choose how much "fuzziness" it's called. I cannot find this in affinity.. I'd appreciate instruction. Andrea
  14. Here is a .gif that illustrates the issue. I'm unable to select the heart shape tool. http://www.giphy.com/gifs/3o6ZtqnvmHMMlA3ZPG
  15. I tried to select an area of a layer using the marquee tool. Then I copied it and pasted it, but what ended up getting pasted was the whole layer, rather than just the selection. How do I get this to work properly?
  16. Hi, is there a way to select all object only on selected canvas? It selects all the objects of all artboards (quite useless). I know i can select only the artboard passing the mouse around the artboard, but the select all should be more precise, (if selected only the artboard objects). A
  17. When you hold ctrl and select an object that's grouped together with another object, you select that object instead of the group. This is a great feature, and I use it a lot. When you hold ctrl and drag, you copy and drag the selected object. This feature is also available when you hold alt + drag. Is there a way to disable the ctrl + drag and only use alt + drag? Because I can't seem to stop making copies when I try to select a grouped object.
  18. I think that the Layer Effect > Bevel > Highlight / Shadow > Colour selector missing eyedropperLayer Effect > Bevel > Highlight / Shadow > Colour selector is missing eyedropper. All other effects offer this function.
  19. Hello, AD started showing a selection box around previously selected objects and it doesn't go away - I have to close and reopen the document to clear the selection boxes (please see attachment). It gets visually annoying, how can I clear this? Thanks
  20. I've already gotten past this problem in InkScape, but wanted to know how one goes about doing a selection by color (E.g. say you have an image with a white background) and making an image that has a blend of colors and gradient transparency be a solid color, while retaining the transparency. MY PROCESS: I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to do this in both Affinity Designer and Photo, so that implies to me it could be more intuitive. In Photoshop, I simply go to the menu and select by color, but instead of being limited to RGB (as in Affinity), or tonal selections, I could use a color picker to choose what I wanted on the image. This would then select all of that color in the image and I could either mask or delete that. I found the Transparency tool, but couldn't get it to work on the image and tried tonal selection which worked in general, but was much more difficult to figure out than simply picking the color I wanted (white). I know part of this is simply figuring it out the first time, as I would make quicker work of that process the next time, but it's not always that easy messing with various settings instead of having a color picker. THE POINT: So, while a color picker on the selection menu would be a feature request, my question goes back to, OK, so I've selected the color I wanted as described above and now want to mask that. I clicked on a mask layer and it worked, but now I want to invert the part of the layer that's not masked...which happened to be a blend of colors and transparency. It was at this point I got stuck, as I couldn't figure out how to recolor the rest of the image to be one color, but still retain the gradient transparency it had.
  21. Hello, It would be really nice to be able to see a live preview when selecting a sampled colour in Pixel Persona as an overlay or black and white mask. Currently it shows an approximate result while dragging a slider ( dashed lines ). Extracting clour range ( sampled colour ) and using it as a layer mask or fx layer is a common practice in compositing. Architectural visualizations for example. I can select a sampled colour and click Refine to check if what i did was ok, but it is always a guess. Designer is a GREAT program, but I really miss this feature. I am testing Affinity Photo Beta for Windows and I can't see this kind of tool as well. ( Pixelmator has it BTW ;D ). I know it is a beta so maybe it is a good time to point it out. Performance-wise, maybe taking a screenshot and previewing selection mask on a low-res image is a good idea? Best Regards, Marcin Mirkowicz.
  22. Sometimes as I am working with various objects in the same layer my Move Tool or Node Tool no longer selects an objects from the layer list , although I have just selected other object in the same layer. The top layer and all of the layer objects are open. I sometimes can then click on the object itself (on the map on which I am working) and it is selected, and it shows then appears highlighted in the layer list. This may be a memory problem, especially since earlier I moved layers around in in the layer palette. When I save and close the doc and then exit AD and bring AD and the doc up again, everything works fine, i.e., I can select all of the objects from the layer list. Is this a memory problem, perhaps connected with the fact that my current doc may be dependent upon an earlier version of the same doc, as discussed in an earlier post (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/3649-file-size-changes/?hl=file+size)?
  23. Hey, When I want to change the background color of my document canvas I make a vector square sized of the background, choose a color and set it to be locked. I don't like that after this it is not possible to select other objects on that locked background by dragging selecting. It just selects the background. If I start my drag outside the canvas then I can select the object. Is there a way to completely put a locked object locked? So that it will not be selected. Thanks!
  24. Would be very beneficial to have more granularity in the Select All command. Perhaps the command can have 3 options: 1. Select All Objects on Current Artboard (Cmd + A) 2. Select All Objects on All Artboards (Cmd + Shift + A) 3. Select All Objects on Pasteboard / not on any Artboard (Cmd + Optn + A)
  25. Hello In both Photo and the pixel persona of Designer, when a pixel layer has a opacity of 50% or less, you can't select its outlines (marching ants) by command-clicking the layer-icon in the layer-panel. Is this by design or a bug? Thanks! Bauke

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