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Found 5 results

  1. Having a problem with all the new Affinity programs but mostly Publisher 2. I use an up to date laptop with 24" monitor attached, Win 11. Publisher keeps shrinking to a taskbar icon and won't come back up on screen again. All three programs won't adjust window size no matter what I do. I turned off Window's annoying "hidden taskbar" but that doesn't help. I can't get it to show the entire Publish screen no matter what, and when I do try to adjust things (resize the Affinity window) it just folds up and quits. This maybe a Win or screen setting but I run dozens of other graphics/publish software and no problems with any of them. Recommendations please? I'm a long-time user of Serif/Affinity, I don't want to give up!! Thanks. Scratch this...my "duh" moment for the day....I had scaling too high for my poor failing old eyes and Affinity just didn't like it. I set the Win scaling back and it works fine. I can't see much it's so tiny, but it works as it should. I need new eyes, not new software. Thanks.
  2. I apologise if this is answered elsewhere but my searches have not found anything definite. My daughter is an art and design student and is twisting my arm so that I buy her an ipad pro. My issue is that I'm not an ipad convert so have not followed their progress (not enough ports for me) so I wonder which options I should be looking at. My daughter also has an M1 Macbook Air so there is no reason why she can't archive older project/files to disc via airdop and her laptop The price of an ipad is driven by the SSD storage and starts at 128Gbytes and I am think of getting her the 256Gbyte machine; is this a wise choice? The next question is which screen size 11 inch or 12.9 inch? Is there much difference in portability between the two? I imagine that a larger screen is better for graphics work but having seen neither its hard to decide so what are your thoughts based on real world use? best wishes Simon
  3. So I posted another topic earlier, and then thought I was being obtuse, so I deleted it. Well, I was only being somewhat obtuse. My issue was that part of the Studio panels in Affinity Publisher (v1.8.3) were spilling off the screen (as in I could not access part of the window because it was too low on the screen). I forgot that I had changed the screen resolution so that the text on my Mac (running macOS Catalina (10.15.4)) would be bigger. So I tried switching back to the smaller text (i.e., higher resolution) in order to re-size the "Text Frame" panel like I had done with the "Layers" panel, but I discovered I couldn't do that with the "Text Frame" panel. So that seems a little bit like a bug, but the other thing is, I think it would help to make the software more accessible if the program recognized the altered resolution on the computer and adjusted for it.
  4. My Acer Swifty 14" Laptop cuts the Affinity Photo page off so that the Text, Mesh, and Magnifying buttons at the bottom of the tools on the left cannot be seen. Is there anyway I can correct this, please?
  5. I have a 27 inch monitor and when I open an existing file or create a new file it opens at a small (6.8%) size, to which I have to expand the window size and recenter the piece (command -0) each time. Is there any way to have it fit window as a default. It sounds like a small thing but it happens each time and it's starting to bug me. ;-)
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