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Found 12 results

  1. Do you know of a plugin for my Epson 2720 Scanner that allows me to scan a neg and in the scan process convert to a pos? Or - Maybe there is a way to do this within Affinity Photo? I have an LED Light pad with variable light strength. I have cut from a black mask paper a frame for the image. I turn the LED lights on and flip on to scanner. I get a perfect scan of the neg. But, I need a positive of the image. Many Thanks PHendee
  2. I have some Kodak Gold negatives that I want to scan, then develop in Affinity Photo. Is there any point in scanning these negatives so I can open them as 32-bit ROMM-RGB files? (My scanner is capable of producing 48-bit DNG files.) i.e. Would I get any more detail from such a file than from a 16-bit TIFF scan? In other words, I'm not sure how much dynamic range is in a colour negative.
  3. Need some help please and I will be specific. Scanning C41 Negatives using my Nikon D600/D800 with a Sigma 105 1:1 macro lens to produce 6 stitched images of 4x5 C41 negative. Scanning with fluid, AN glass and a sheet of optical mylar, the set up is as follows. light source, raised AN glass (frosted side up) layer of fluid, negative emulsion side up, fluid, optical mylar. DSLR shooting through the optical mylar and using live view highly magnified, focusing on the film grain. Lens at f8. file produced as RAW. The results are stunning and we have compared the resu
  4. Hi there I don't own Affinity Photo but considering purchasing. Simple question really, is it possible to create a HDR merge macro and then apply it to a batch process?
  5. There is no way to Aquire the scanner into Design. You can do this in Affinity Photo, but it would be great to save this additional step by allowing Design to access the scanners. Thanks!
  6. If I scan (Epson Perfection V550) in greyscale at 600 dpi, the image comes into Affinity Photo as if it's been through a shredder. Works fine in Pixelmator, Photoshop, etc File attached and preview/screenshot. I primarily need scanner support(not good at the moment), some image tweaking (seems fine) and a Save For Web with preview would be great at some point. thanks, -damian scanfail.afphoto
  7. Thank You Upfront for your help. Let me explain what I will be using Affinity Photo & Designer for: I do a lot of 'Logos' and/or Tshirts layouts for people. My Process is to actually sketch, then ink out the designs by hand. Then I scan them with the goal of 'cleaning them up' somewhat before presenting them to clients officially. I am NOT trained in any kind of 'pro' graphic schooling. Although I have over a decade of experience doing logos/layouts (mostly in Adobe PS) - there are so many basics that I simply do NOT understand. NOW... the issues I am havi
  8. I'm thinking about replacing my old HP AIO with a standalone scanner. Is there anything I should be aware of apart from the fact that twain drivers aren't supported? I'd like to cut out having to scan to another app first. Any recommendations/observations?
  9. Affinity Designer and Photo for Windows do not currently include the ability to scan documents within applications. I understand scanning is an issue with Affinity Designer and Photo under Windows, as some scanner manufacturers only provide 32-bit, not 64-bit driver support. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/32310-aquiring-photos-from-scanners/?p=156987 However, some scanner manufacturers do provide 64-bit scanner drivers. Until there is a solution within Affinity products to provide 32-bit scanner driver support (if such a solution will be developed)...
  10. Hi I was doing some scans using my MacPro with an Epson stylus Photo and Affinity Photo Using the acquire command. The scans are some negatives and all was working well, until Affinity Photo crashed and sent a crash report to Apple. after a restart of Affinity it found the existing scans OK but now the acquire module brings up the Epson scan dialog, and everything seems to be OK but the scans do not appear in Affinity Photo. The scanner works as expected using Image Capture. Crash report below. Process: Affinity Photo [44693] Path: /Applications/Affinity Ph
  11. Affinity Photo 1.3.4 from Mac App Store. I can scan an image, but the scan will not be saved either in the app or elsewhere on my iMac.
  12. Hello--apologies for this simple question. Newbie here. I have scanned from a simple sketch on paper and placed it in AD. My issue is that the 'white' background paper (and its ever greyer paper edges) shows and I don't know how to eliminate it simply. Is there a simple button fix? Do I have to mask? Erase? I was hoping for an easy solution since I will be scanning dozens like this. All help appreciated. I attached the document. Cheers, Connie
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