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Found 9 results

  1. Publisher 2.2.1 ~ Mac App Store ~ macOS 11.6.2 iMac ~ Acceleration ON ~ Hello... I am re-making a digital planner for next year - last year was a manually edited of 700-ish pges. The file was 29Mb finished. I am using the same master pages, and this year I am data merging and making the merged pages as I go, and at only 10 pages, the file is 163Mb. The key difference is last year was using Publisher V1, and not data merging with the same OS and hardware. I have a Master page with a Data Merge Layer (created with the Data merge layout tool with 4 columns x 31 rows). The merge layer has 4 fields mapped - each in a text frame. The data merge works sucessfully, and generates an untitled publisher file with the resultant page populated. This is saved as untitled.afpub. I add the merged page into my publisher file [Document | Add pages from file]. This is also successful. I add another master page to this (header, footer and left index). This works. This makes a month summary page. save... 3 Observations: Importing the merged page also adds a duplicate of the master page [exact same name as the original] image attached. The file size doubles after adding a new merged page. The file started as a 5Mb file, and is now 163Mb with 9 pages. There are no images, backgrounds or heavily filled tables. Each of the 31x4 fields is turned into a group in the merged page. The save and open times are getting exponentially longer as the file grows - making it impossible to keep adding pages via data merge. The plan is to add the 12 month pages manually with data merge (got 10 done), then a month of daily pages with one daily merge Master... It may take me until 2024 to get this done. Add Page from file Correctly merged page added to publisher document Applied added Master page . This is OK. : ) File Size Increase : (
  2. why file affinity design 2 can't be open with affinity design v.1.10? any other way to solf this problem? because my client still use affinity designer v.1.10
  3. I created a document yesterday on my D:\ saved everything throughout the evening with no complications then saved and closed it for the night. I re-opened the document today and created one page, then saved my progress as usual but this time I was prompted with an error which then closes the entire program and I lost the progress I've made. The file location hasn't changed overnight, it's housed on a secondary HDD of my (less than 3 month old) computer. I tried to move the document to my external drive and work from there, but I get the same error message when saving. Please see the attached image for reference. I don't recall ever having this sort of issue with Affinity Publisher in the past and I'm very confused on what I should do and if I've lost all of my work. I'm using version: Don't judge the file name, lol. I'm working on a project for my D&D Campaign.
  4. Please tell me. I save the file in any format. When I open the file, its parameters change. The artboard resolution is 1 pixel instead of 9pixels. The illustration resolution is also reduced as in the artboard. How to fix it?
  5. I've worked with Affinity Designer on a network drive. After standby I continue. Network drive is available - but you know, windows wants you enter the drive manually, so the explorer make the path available for other programs. I don't do that. So I want so save the file, but Affinity Designer tells me no, can't finde the file, and now I have only the option to close the program with no possibility to save to another location. If the path is missing, Affinity Designer should ask to save the file on another location.
  6. Why iPad version of Affinity saves projects in app instead of icloud drive affinity folder, i guess the ipad version should link it main screen to affiniy photo folder in icloud file app, if i update from ipad i can use same on mac, but in this case i have to export project to icloud drive in order to use it on mac, and if i forget to export then i cant open that project on mac, same as if i export that project in icloud and edit it on mac then i want to do something on ipad with same file then ill have to open from icloud and that copies to ipad version but not updating the icloud version, with this practice the more i import the more copies ill get on ipad version, which is quiet waste of space.
  7. Would like to be able to save the edited photo back to Photos app on iPad. Whether that is done by Save a Copyor by Exporting. Not interested in uploading to any cloud service and it is very annoying that those seem to be the only choices. Also, place the filename/rename slot higher in that window--the keyboard covers it up on the iPad 9.7 otherwise. Thanks.
  8. I opened a file with some symbols in it, drew something to the symbol (so it would be repeated throughout the image), saved under a new name, and it crashed. The modified file was still saved properly under the new name, so when I double-clicked it, AD loaded with this message, but I was able to open the file, which I am enclosing here, Cross-78.afdesign.
  9. Hi Affinty team. We do a lot of file conversion of images and vector art that we receive from our clients for supers in TVC's every day. Typically we just have to do quite simple edits, file conversions and layer exports to .png or .exr (looking forward to export to openEXR's in Affinity ;) ), but we do quite a lot each day, and from multiple clients with multiple projects often at the same time. Would it be possible to make the save and export file browsing windows, point to the same folder as where the file was opened from? -instead of the previous location where a file were saved or exported to (which often is in a complete different project folder) as it is now. Since it is something that we do a lot every day it would be quite a time saver, plus it would free up brain resources from path remembering and browsing to be used on actual creative work ;) Cheers /johs
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