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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all! I live in Moldova, but I speak Russian. Moldova is not under sanctions. I have been using Affinity Suite products for a year now and I really like them. Updated yesterday to version 2 and suddenly found that now the interface does not support the Russian language. Guys, I understand that sanctions have been imposed on Russia and there is no way for people to pay with Russian cards. I understand that you are not particularly interested in that market now. But there are 3 arguments: A huge number of creative people who worked in Russia and speak Russian have left the country and are working remotely somewhere abroad. They continue to be your audience and customers. Very many of the russians have already made payment cards abroad and transferred their capital outside of Russia. Therefore, they continue to be paying customers for Serif and make a profit. In addition to Russia and the 146 million people living there, more than 300 million people speak Russian all over the world. That is, another 150+ million live outside of Russia and speak Russian. They are also your customers. Given all of the above, I do not understand why you removed the Russian language from your applications. Not everyone who speaks Russian is inside Russia and supports the war and the course of the government. Therefore, a big request to Serif is to return the Russian localization inside the Affinity Suite applications. Thank you for understanding the aspirations of your customers.
  2. Affinity Photo 1.8.3 on macOS 10.15.5 suddenly got a Russian interface. How can I change back into English?
  3. How can i install Russian language for Character Language as spellchecker (Russian dictionary pack). In my desk top i actually have 2 language install English and Russian an i can switch keyboard without any problem. Note: i can change the Interface language to Russian or English I'm on windows 10 pro Please let me know Regard Marco. Update: I check on Mac and on Mac with the same project Russian Language is available.
  4. Hello there. My name is Maks, I am Russian and although I don't care about software having Russian translation (I always prefer English versions), I've decided to check the translation of Affinity Designer for any kind of problems to report and within 5 minutes found a few glaring issues. Here are some screenshots of text not fitting into given space (red lines are made by me, obviously): http://joxi.ru/BA0N08ktBPew8m.jpg http://joxi.ru/v29oPvMcGzeQvr.jpg http://joxi.ru/EA4jzg8HDOeZVm.jpg http://joxi.ru/J2bYVkps4GQYkm.jpg http://joxi.ru/krDGlbVC0JNZJA.jpg Here are some lonely English tourists, lol: http://joxi.ru/Y2LBYbZCnQ0LOr.jpg And in some places, translations don't make a lot of sense or should be improved: http://joxi.ru/D2PGYlOCdk3Rpm.jpg - "Уровень серого фона монтажной области" is not too bad, but you can safely make it "Уровень серого в монтажной области" - a bit shorter, but the meaning is easier to understand. Another problem is that "Темная" is an adjective, "Свет" is a noun. Putting them together in that context is weird. Also "Темная" is a feminine word, yet it refers to "Стиль" which is a masculine word. So these two words should be replaced with "Темный" and "Светлый". http://joxi.ru/EA4jzg8HDOeKqm.jpg - while not wrong, they look weird. In most apps these are translated as: "Настройки..." for Preferences... and "Вид" for View http://joxi.ru/LmGGeb6CRJVYam.jpg - once again not too bad, but can and should be done better. "Гауссово размытие" for Gaussian Blur, "Наложение цвета" for Colour Overlay, "Наложение градиента" for Gradient Overlay. I am not sure if I will be testing it furthermore, but if I do - I will report any other problems I find. Cheers.
  5. Will affinity program interface in Russian? Because know were your Serif series of programs to x5 in Russian. Can we expect this from you? Or maybe it is possible to translate the program interface for themselves based on Photoshop and other programs. p.s. used google.translate :unsure: p.p.s. Now a lot of graphics programs on a PC and mobile systems support my mother tongue, therefore I have been asked a question.
  6. Help, with what may be related problem? System: Windows 7 SP1 (update), DTX11, net.framework 4.6
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