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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All, I need help understanding background grids & ruler guides in Affinity Publisher. First the background grids: In the workbook for AP, one of the projects is a magazine. The instructions tell you to set up a background grid, but background grids are not explained in the book. The instructions tell you how to set up the background grid (not everything in the instructions are so clear, though), but what they don't explain/tell you is how they decide on the numbers/units they use for the background grid. Making sense? What I mean is how do they determine that you should set the spacing to 4mm, for example? Why not 7mm? 24mm? How are those units arrived at or determined? Now on to the ruler guides. These are wonderful creatures, but there too I have the same question: how does one determine the "precise numerical positions" to enter into the Guides Manager? For any guide really, how are those numbers arrived at or determined? If I'm laying out a project from scratch, how do I know which numerical values to enter when setting up guides and the background grid? For example, I was taught a formula for setting up a baseline grid, so I know how to arrive at/determine which numerical values to enter and I know what those numbers mean. But for guides and background grids is there a book that teaches about how to arrive at their numerical values for the Guides Manager? Thank you.
  2. Like to be able to copy/cut & paste ruler guides to other pages or documents, as in InDesign.
  3. When moving pages around using the Pages panel, ruler guides appear on the moved pages. How can I stop this happening? (I have some guides set on the Master Page, but these ones appear in addition to those.)
  4. On the Export Persona of Affinity Designer, I am able to create column guides via the Guide Manager but snapping to them doesn't work. I made sure that snapping to guides is turned on the main toolbar. Snapping to ruler guides does work, yay! I would also like to be able to reposition placed ruler guides by dragging directly over them aside from editing their values on the Guides Manager while on the Export Persona.
  5. Hi there. What would be nice would be to be able to copy ruler guides from a page/doc to another. Possible to add it to the next release? Keep the work cool! You've made a fantastic tool. Greg
  6. I am having problems with the ruler guide showing. I click on the vertical ruler and try dragging out a guide, but nothing appears. Under view, show guides and show rulers are all checked. This feature worked two days ago but is not working today. I've closed the program and reopened but nothing has changed. Any thoughts? Help? Thank you! DJ
  7. Hi, I posted on the problem of Ruler Guide lines not showing some time last year and I thought it had been resolved. I tried just now, having updated to v. and have a similar problem. Ruler guides created in the Master pages do show on the master page... other than as a small line on the ruler edge. They do not show at all on the document page - either as pecked lines nor even on the edge of the ruler. Similarly, ruler guides created on the document page show on the ruler edge (both Vert & Horiz) but not on the page - they do not show at all in the Master page. Moreover the line that shows as one drags it out from the ruler (and does actually show as it moves over the page) is so thin it's only just visible - really needs to be a bit thicker. Also the guides manager seems to have no effect when it comes to defining colour for the guides. It does give the guides position, but that's about as helpful as it gets. Ideally, I'd like to specify from the manager a range of attributes to each guide line - eg. a name. colour, thickness, position, Any ideas? Cheers, Hal.
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