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Found 15 results

  1. For a path with a round cap, the alignment is based on the end of the path. In the attached design, snapping the curve to the right means that the cap will be clipped / outside the Artboard. Expanding the stroke is one way to solve that, but then it becomes difficult to edit the path. What I usually end up doing is keeping a copy of the stroke before I expand it, and hide it. Is there a better way to handle this? Thanks
  2. Here are some calendar based round reminder stickers, which can be used to place/glue on important dated things not to forget. Like for example " ...don't forget to sending the damned package until a specific date to someone..." and the like. The initial Sticker created here is a Ø45 mm one (...but can of course on demand be also scalled up to other sizes since it's vectors...) ... Personally I tend to print such reminder Stickers out on matching rounded Avery label sheets (in this case on Avery sheets of Ø45 mm x 20 round labels) ... ... here each of the same 20x Ø45 mm Stickers is in it's own Sticker-group, which in turn has a hidden cut line curve, since the later (a cut line) is not needed when printing onto Avery round label sheets. The sheets background text layer can be hidden or deleted before printing! - If needed you can of course adapt these Calendar-Stickers to other Ø-round sizes, since there are a bunch of different size Avery label sheets available! Hint/Tip: Before I forget, I mostly mark the reminder dates afterwards manually by hand, but you can also mark those directly inside ADe etc. if needed. For some marker colors see for example this Touch Twin Markers Palette and the like under the forums Resources section! Here are the corresponding Affinity Designer template files: Sticker-1x-Ø45mm.afdesign (1x Sticker Ø45 mm on white background) Sticker-1x-Ø45mm-transp.afdesign (1x Sticker Ø45 mm on transparent background) CalStickers_Ø45mm_x20.afdesign (20x Sticker Ø45 mm for Avery round labels sheet) - Have fun!
  3. Is there a way to scale corners proportionally without having to convert to curves? And why'll I'm at it, how about line thickness? Can that be scaled proportionally without expanding the stroke? Sorry if this has been answered before, it seems such an obvious thing to ask for but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  4. Is there a way to change multiple objects corner radius? If I select them all, the toolbar icons change/disappear for the edge settings. P.S.: Fixed: I figured out to select them and then pressing "M" for rounded corner object does the job and bring the menu back.
  5. To round individual corners one need only untick "Single radius" in the info bar at the top of the window. But how do we select 2 or 3 corners and round them at the same time (to be the same radius)? This can be easily done in Illustrator. Thank you.
  6. I was wondering if Affinity Designer could add a feature that makes the ends of lines rounded. I looked for a post on how to create rounded edges, but I wasn't able to find a post on how to round the edge of the line drawn below. Is there a way to make the edge of the line below rounded in Affinity Designer? If not, could it be added as a feature? Thank you for considering this!
  7. I have a round logo that I want to crop out from a white background (JPG image). The Vector Crop Tool only seems to let me crop in boxes. Surely there is a simple way to select a circular area of an image and crop that out, to save what's inside the circle. Please advise ASAP. Thanks in advance!
  8. Can I draw rounded rectangle on ipad and scale it with fixed corner radius? I cannot find even corner radius input box like desktop version. Please help me, thanks.
  9. Hey guys, just a quick and clean Designer file: a round sticker mock-up for your … mock-upping needs. You can change almost everything and layers are named accordingly to their purpose: rotation, colour, outline. Also let me know if you need a rectangular version, so I’ll add one with the same style. Edit: Rectangular sticker added. Sticker.afdesign Cheers and have fun! MrDoodlezz
  10. Hi there! I need an advice in the following task: I want to have the exact same corner, that I have on the left side of this L-shape, on the inner (right) side of the shape. Can you provide a simple way to achieve this? Cheers, Robin.
  11. Hello everyone! When I change the height or width of a path In the transform tab, Designer will round the values to .x. I am using millimeters and when I enter something like 5.695mm, I will end up with 5.7mm. Is there a way of doing things more accurately? Best wishes, Shu
  12. Hey guys - I'm new to affinity & vector objects. I'm compound two shapes and I'm running into a problem. My outline shape has a miter join and the shape I'm joining has a round join. But once I do the compound, the new shape has a bevel or miter join where I want a round join .. but I can't change just this these corners .. (I assume because its now a compound) .. Any ideas on how I can get these two points rounded?
  13. In recent versions of Illustrator there is a little circular double dot at the corners of your polygons which allow rounding of corners. It's an incredible feature. By default, clicking-and-dragging one of those dots will round all corners the same. But you can individually round a single corner by using the Direct Selection Tool (in Illustrator) to select a particular corner, and then only a single adjustment dot will appear. You can Option-click to invert the rounding. This would be a spectacular feature enhancement to Affinity Designer.
  14. It's great to have rounded rectangle tool. But why there is no round pentagon (or any figure)? Up: OMG, it is Corners feature announced in Affinity Review! ... but this not included in current beta version?
  15. Would be awesome to not create ½ pixel shapes! It's really disturbing specially when making an UI, to have to round up every single fraction of elements. So have an option to only have integer pixels would be very welcome!
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