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  1. Unable to find how to rotate the image which was shot Vertically, but appears Horizontal. I need to see it Vertical as shot.
  2. Can you please make Rotation jitter a full 360 degrees instead of like 270 or whatever the max is set to?
  3. In this simple example attached, I have pulled an asset into my artboard and made a rotation. Even with a circular asset the rotation no longer accurately shows the dimensions. I found work around by un-grouping and re-grouping the objects, but I don't feel like this complements the workflow.
  4. we WISH : Setup for : CIRCULAR Grid's to producing circular steps and grid snap. :) thnx
  5. Hi all, I purchased Affinity Photo for both the Mac and Windows versions, as I have both a Mac and a PC (Surface Pro). On my Mac, I can rotate the photo by using the touch rotate gesture, but when I go to try it on the Windows version, it doesn't work. The Surface Pro is touch enabled, so I can pinch and zoom, move the canvas around, etc. Yet, for some reason, I cannot get the rotate canvas to work. Any ideas?? Thank you. Byron
  6. Hey, great Application (Affinity Photo) . I´m using it on an almost daily basis. But one thing is bothering me. Is there an option for seamlessly rotating the canvas? I just found the 90° Option. But it would come really handy if it was possible to rotate the canvas with a button and the mouse like in Photoshop (R + Mouse). When Painting Masks and so on this would really help, because of stroke directions. Thanks, Elmar
  7. Hello, is there a way to rotate a slice in Export Persona? I see the rotation angle in grey: no way to change it… A feature in the future may be? It would help a lot for my project about stereo photos: sometimes I have to rotate the left and right pictures (extracted from the same image file) differently. Thanks in advance Thierry
  8. I didn't see this covered, so I'll add it here. I just received the beta of Affinity Photo. I opened an image and it needed rotating. I went to Document > Rotate "Counterclockwise". but the only option was two "clockwise" rotations. I selected the second one on the list and it did rotate the image counterclockwise. Just wanted you to know. Thanks
  9. Hello, when I choose a brush in Pixel Persona I can set it to 50% maximum in the setting. Is this normal or a bug? What irritates me: In the german language forum for Affinity Designer and Photo there someone writes (he has a Mac) that he can overwrite the value of 50 - but what sense makes it to increase a value manually when the controller only comes until 50%? By the way. When I entry a value >50, it goes automatically back to 50. Regards, Martin
  10. When I import a photo to Affinity and it needs to be rotated 90 degrees how do I do it without going through the very cumbersome menu rotation which is in 15 degree increments. Can't believe there is not a one step 90 degree rotation possible. Thanks, Pozos
  11. I think in develop persona - lens - rotation, a grid should appear to help adjustment
  12. I'm not sure if a rotation tool makes sense, but the ability to set a rotation point on and copy an object multiple times around that point would be useful.
  13. Hi, Something strange happens when I want to get the selection of a shape on a rotated image. Here is the process : 1- Open an image 2- Rotate it (Document/Rotation 90°) 3- Draw a closed shape with the pen tool (P) 4- Create a selection by cliking the "selection" button in the pen tool options As you can see, the selection appear at the wrong place, as if it kept the old image coordinates (before the rotation). Thanks by advance to your answer. Note : It would be good to click on the "mask" button and having the possibility to invert the mask ... problem_rotation-shape-selection.mov
  14. Ever since canvas rotation was added, I've lost count of how many times I've had to reset the rotation after having accidentally rotated the view. Although it is good to be able to view an image at different angles while editing, it can get frustrating to constantly rotate the view when all you're trying to do is zoom in or out. I think that there should be an option to lock rotation so you don't accidentally rotate the view. This would make things a lot easier for me, as it seems every time I zoom in, my image ends up askew and I have to reset rotation before I can get on with my work.
  15. Hi, Excited about new option in Affinity Designer 1.4 to be able to set rotation center. However I have some feature request regarding to it: Center should be available in Transform area so that you can enter one, not only setting it by dragging in a point A way to reuse a center point across elements, perhaps by Cmd+click on a rotation point "locking" it across elements. Set a center point (say by dragging it) Cmd-click on it to lock it for reuse Rotate another element using same locked center point Cmd-click on it again to release it
  16. Okay, I give up. Can you set an arbitrary rotation point? I've got 32 layers of an astrophotograph and to align them, I need to rotate them individually around a specific point.
  17. Two bugs: 1) On snapping an object's rotation centre to the intersection of two guides, the guides light up (green and red) as expected and it appears to snap okay, then on releasing the mouse, the rotation centre jumps off the intersection to a new location. This can be confirmed by zooming in to see the new location of the rotation centre. 2) On using the mouse to move the object's rotation centre, and rotating the object on the canvas, the R: field in the Transform inspector shows the angle of rotation, and the object is rotated around the user-defined rotation centre (This is expected and fine). However, when using the R: field to fine tune the value, the object won't rotate around the user-defined rotation centre. Instead it rotates around the point identified on the Transform Inspector's 9-point grid; the user-selected rotation centre on the canvas is ignored.
  18. Bought AffDes and AffPho the other day. Excellent! Super happy with them. Would love to see a Rotation tool in a future release (sooner than later). Trying to create complex, symmetrical shapes without it and the adjustable rotation point is ULTRA FRUSTRATING. Also, negative angle numbers in the transform tool box would be nice.
  19. Would you be able to make an object rotate around another object by changing its anchor point?
  20. When directly entering values it seems impossible to enter negative rotation values. Not sure if there's a switch for changing between clockwise/anti-clockwise, either.
  21. So I trying to get a simple isometric box going by using this technique but I can't seem to get -30 in the rotation working. What am I doing wrong? Also, what the operation syntax for presents. I mean I can figure it out with a calculator but how do i enter it in the scale field without having to resort to doing it in a calculator? thanks
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