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Found 5 results

  1. Apps: Publisher Platforms: All For any date fields you can now apply your own custom formats to them. For example below a current date & time field has been added. If you right click on the field / long press on iPad and choose "Edit Field" you will now have the option to switch between preset formats, or include your own custom format: There is a lot of flexibility available, the full list of format date field characters available is below: Symbol Meaning Pattern Example Output Notes G era designator G, GG, or GGG GGGG GGGGG AD Anno Domini A y year yy y or yyyy 23 2023 Q quarter Q QQ QQQ QQQQ QQQQQ 2 02 Q2 2nd quarter 2 M month in year M MM MMM MMMM MMMMM 9 09 Sep September S L stand-alone month in year L LL LLL LLLL LLLLL 9 09 Sep September S Some languages depending on the context will require a different spelling of the month. These can be accessed using these. For example in Polish MMMM will give you lipca for July, but LLLL will give lipiec. w week of year w 27 W week of month W 2 d day in month d dd 2 02 D day of year D 184 F day of week in month F 2 (2nd Wed in July) E day of week E, EE, or EEE EEEE EEEEE EEEEEE Tue Tuesday T Tu e local day of week e or ee eee eeee eeeee eeeeee 2 Tue Tuesday T Tu i.e in the US a Monday will be 2, as a week starts on Sunday. Where as in the UK a Monday will be 1 as the week starts on Monday a AM or PM a, aa, or aaa aaaaa PM p B Flexible time periods B, BB, BBB,BBBB or BBBBB at night i.e in the morning/in the afternoon/at night/noon h hour in am/pm (1~12) h hh 1 or 12 01 or 12 H hour in day (0~23) H HH 0 or 23 00 or 23 k hour in day (1~24) k kk 1 or 24 01 or 24 K hour in am/pm (0~11) K KK 0 or 11 00 or 11 m minute in hour m mm 8 or 59 08 or 59 s second in minute s ss 5 or 59 05 or 59 z Short/Long Timezone z, zz, or zzz zzzz BST British Summer Time O Time Zone: short localized GMT Time Zone: long localized GMT O OOOO GMT-8 GMT-08:00 V Time Zone: short time zone ID Time Zone: long time zone ID Time Zone: time zone exemplar city Time Zone: generic location V VV VVV VVVV gblon Europe/London London United Kingdom Time x Time Zone: ISO8601 basic hm Time Zone: ISO8601 basic hm Time Zone: ISO8601 extended hm x xx xxx +01, -0930 +0100, -0930 ' escape for text 'Today is' EEEE Today is Tuesday Must surround the text you wish to input with apostrophes ' ' two single quotes produce one 'Today''s date is' dd/MM/yyyy Today’s date is 03/07/2023
  2. I'm trying to set up a template with a copyright "stamp" that should look like "©<year> <author>" where the <year> field should be updated to the saving date but show the year only. Trying to have tight text field does not help, the full field content is visible even beyond the field boundary (should be fixed?) overlaying the unwanted part with a filled rectangle of the background's color is a workaround but has drawbacks when changing to a font of different width the background color I think it would be desirable to have more flexibility in defining the format of a (date) field beyond the few choices available through the drop-down menu.
  3. I'm producing a template for a step-by-step guide, updating an old design produced in other software. Once created, these guides are unlikely to be updated more than once or twice a year. The original design includes the date last exported/printed on the back page. The format used is in the style of month year (for example, July 2021) and this works nicely for these guides. Now that I'm trying to implement this in Publisher, I can't see a way to drop the offered day of the month from the field. Is there a way to override this that I'm missing? In shorthand, I'm after something like mmm yyyy - not some variation of dd mmm yyyy. If we have to, we can obviously enter or update this manually, assuming we remember - but it would be nice to have this aspect automated. In case it's significant, it's specifically the Printer or Exported Date field that I'd like to use. I did come across one or two posts from a couple of years back asking for similar functionality, but I suspect that it isn't available yet.
  4. I’ve been using Affinity products for five years now. My main daily application is Publisher of which I make extensive use of the Data Merge feature to do specialized documents for people. My first request is to be able to open two (2) separate TSV/CSV files and allow the data from a merged combination of both sets of Fields and Data. I a Mac programmer I would imagine adding the second data files fields to those of the first dictionary or array, however they are used internally. This should be an easy, but very powerful, addition to Publisher. As for the “Fields Studio” General Information> Date and Time would you please consider adding the options to add and individual way to insert the current individual Day, Month, or Year as individual selections. Also, the ability to add, using the existing Date and Time option, the ability to make a Date field in a document as auto-updating so that field in a document will automatically display the current Date. This would allow be extremely helpful. I love the speed of the Find/Replace Studio and the only suggestion I have regarding it is that is show the number of ‘matches’ by showing a visible number, possibly in a non-editable text field to the right of the ‘Replace All’ button. So many times I’m looking for how many matches are found to the Find criteria and not necessarily to change them and currently I have to physically count the number of entries found. Internally a simple incremented counter would do the trick. Lastly, in Find/Replace it would be nice to have the small ‘x’ inside the circle dosplayed on the right side of the fields to click on and instantly clear the field. This is standard on almost every Mac application that uses “Find”, such as in Safari. I have recommended the Affinity applications to everyone I know and could not do what I do without them. Thank you all so much in advance for what you have given us. It’s appreciated far more than you might realize and easily worth a lot more than you ask for this amazing applications.
  5. Affinity Designer 1.7.x on Windows allows the insertion of (time and) date fields with different formatting, which is nice. Unfortunately, the format that I myself need in around 90% of the cases is not available yet (or at least I couldn't find it). It would be nice if you could include the format for international display of dates, meaning YYYY-MM-DD (with non-breaking hyphens). Today's date would therefore display as 2019-10-12 (12th of October). Thanks. Andreas Weidner
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