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Found 5 results

  1. 3rd time in 2 days that I end up here because Affinity Designer lacks the most fundamental tools... absolutely unbelievable. I just checked: Aldus/Adobe Freehand MX (2002): spiral tool present AI (CS 6): spiral tool is there Corel Draw 2019: spiral too available Rhino CAD: has spiral tool Inkscape: yup, has a spiral tool Affinity Designer V1.10.5 (end of 2022): NIX, NADA, NOTHING Unbelievable. I'm slowly beginning to suspect that AD is optimized for the quick production of flashy eye candy but not for the professional development of user interfaces, diagrams, illustration, technical documentation or how-tos...
  2. Apps: All Platforms: macOS, Windows and iPad We have now added a spiral tool which is available from the shape tools flyout. This is something we have had many requests for, but also varying requests as to the type of result wanted. For that reason we have tried to make this as flexible as possible, both offering different types of spiral and variables to adjust. When you create a spiral you will see from the context toolbar the different options available. Here are some examples of what you can create with the tool: Spiral Type: Linear Spiral Type: Decaying Spiral Type: Semi-Circular This type replicates the way many people have been creating a spiral in Affinity - effectively by joining decreasing semi circular arcs together. With this type we also offer a counter Semi-circular option which returns the spiral back on itself: Spiral Type: Fibonacci Spiral Type: Plotted
  3. Hi, I bought back the license for affinity designer v2 and I was satisfied with the shape generator, a little less for the user interface, for the missing trash icon like in version 1 but I'm sure it will improved with the next updates. It would be interesting to see among the tools to generate ellipse, rectangle and others, the “arc tool” and the “spiral tool” as in the attached image, can I hope so? i know i can draw an ellipse and divide the nodes to get the arc but i would like to speed up the work. So sorry for my bad english.
  4. Please add for future versions the spiral creator. I think it is a very useful tool to make beautiful designs
  5. No spiral tool. Why ? I still use my old Ai CS4 for that.
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