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  1. I want to start with how impressed I’m with Affinity Photo. This is probably the only software I happily paid for. I’m so tired of monthly subscriptions and the value in Affinity is huge. And honestly for me Affinity Photo is the only reason to use an iPad. So nice for small jobs and family stuff. Saying that… there are functions missing that will keep me away from using it. At least for now. As a “professional” photographer in the Fashion and Advertising business for 10 years now and a photoshop user since Photoshop CS2 there are functions that I think are really important and are missing in one form or another from Affinity. It’s not something that will make my work impossible but it’s definitely slowing me a lot and will make me stay away from this otherwise amazing software. Layers Layer Opacity & Layer Fill: Layer fill gives a totally different way of using and blending layers. There is already a topic on the subject so I’ll post it here. Plus having them both in a single layer gives you an option to combine them. Example by @mso1977 Posted November 21, 2018 Layer mask 1: Copy layer mask by drag & drop without using “Links menu” - honestly when you have to deliver images in short deadlines who have the time to brows around menus ? Sometimes simple mask copy is all you need to quickly adjust something. Example by @Jowday Posted February 8, 2021 Layer mask 2: Density and feather. I know these features can be found but they are on separate windows/option menus. It’s so much faster to configure every mask related thing on the mask itself. Right Click Right click on every tool especially paint brush, healing brush and clone brush. When retouching Is so much faster to change brush options without distracting yourself looking around. Also I’m changing the angle of the brush a lot when retouching. So browsing the menus and panels is not ideal. Macro Macro 1: More freedom when creating Macros. Grouping more than one layer and moving layers around is a must! Macro 2: Colour tags in Macros. I don't think that having colour tags is essential but will definitely help a lot when having multiple groups of macro actions. Shortcuts Shortcut for colour chooser “colour picker tool”. Looking around distracts and perception is lost. It should pop-up in the middle of the screen with a quick keystroke. This one might exist but I'm not finding it so if anyone know if it exist let me know. Workspace Export Workspace: There needs to be a way to save your workspace. For the competition software I have Workspace, keyboard shortcuts, actions and other things that I carry on a thumb drive and I can quickly upload on different computer to do a job. Useful if you do clean install of the OS frequently. The not so important for me, but still important topics. Filmstrip view: FilmStrip in develop persona. Making changes on multiple files. There is already a topic on the subject so I’ll post it here User Interface: The UI on the iPad version looks more sleek and professional than the desktop one. This one is not a big deal, but I’ll really appreciate it if the design is as clean and monochromatic as the iPad version. Sliders look better, icons look better, menu panels are compact and clean… Everything in the iPad UI is like a software from 2021. The desktop version look and feel at least 15 Years old. I know this is a completely different software and we cannot expect the same features as PS. And for new users it might not matter, but for people who used photoshop for 20 years is really difficult to switch I’m sure there are tons of features missing and I’m sure you guys are working around to get them in for future updates, but as someone who work "professionally" these are really essential things in my opinion that can speed up everybody’s workflow. Much appreciate it!
  2. Hey community and devs! Problem is the following: I am not able to use the right click on the buttons of the stylus of my HUION display tablet in the complete Affinity Suite (latest release as well as beta). The right click doesn't get recognized. I have already tried experimenting with the preferences, but have not come to a sufficient result, but to the realization that it could be related to Windows Ink. I have already written in more detail about this here, a topic about a similar problem. I'm using the latest release of OS and drivers as well as both latest release and betas of the Affinity Suite. Display tablet I'm using: HUION Kamvas Pro 13 Now in the beta, the option to set Windows Ink has now been removed - but the problem still exists for me. Any thoughts/idead/workarounds/solutions about this? Greetings MrDoodlezz
  3. Currently the Paint Brush Tool has no function assigned for Right Click. I think it would make sense to add a 'Right Click' command to open up a small bar that shows the (8, 10, 12?, maybe customizable) recently used brushes. That would speed up the drawing process. Another way to use it would be to open a UI for changing the brush width and hardness.
  4. While trying to copy a mask on MacOs (High Sierra), right clicking on the mask thumbnail and selecting copy and/or duplicate, makes a copy of the Layer + mask. Yet, if I use Cmd J or Cmd C, a copy of just the mask is made. What am I doing wrong please? Or is this a known bug? Thanks Short clip.mp4
  5. there is very usefl function Affinity Photo is missing, and is present in photoshop. When using a tool in clone mode, painting, erasing etc you have to use the bar over the drawing to change the brush/tool size. instead may be very fast and useful to choose the brush dimension with right-click, avoiding to move from the drawing part you're editing. Can it be possible?
  6. I discovered this in the channels palette in Photo. I didn't realize that if I didn't click the perfect sweet spot to bring up channel options or spare options I was never going to get anywhere. I knew something was fishy here when I could not figure out why I couldn't bring up the options. Shouldn't any area be clickable, I think that's how it used to be. See attached.
  7. Hi everyone Chances are high that this has already been requested, and if so please consider this as my way of adding a voice to that. As a long time user of CorelDraw there is a feature that is so simple and yet so convenient that I feel completely odd not having it in Designer. That is the ability to right click while dragging an object to create a duplicate. Essentially, while dragging an object (i.e. still holding the left mouse button) clicking on the right mouse button leaves the original object at its origin and converts the object being dragged into an independent duplicate. This is something that I think would really be a convenient addition to Designer that a lot of users would appreciate. Of course, there is the issue of this being primarily beneficial to Windows users with dual button mice, or any Mac user that has a dual button functionality with their mouse. It is less useful (or not useful at all) for those using single button mice or trackpads. Nonetheless, if this is a simple coding tweak (and I am perhaps naively assuming that is the case), I would love to see this feature added down the road. Cheers! JT
  8. I think it would better for the workflow to have the context toolbar as dialog boxes with the specific tool options for each tool on right mouse click, like in photoshop. Maybe also a keyboard shortcut to resize brushes, pencil etc with mousewheel :)
  9. For many of the functions, e.g., renaming a channel, deleting a saved gradient map, you have to right click. Any chance you might add a modifier key + click to access these options? The standard is ctrl+click for a right click. Perhaps you've reserved this for some other more specific function. But maybe a shift-ctrl+click. I never used right click, preferring instead to press a modifier key. So I had to remap my trackpad to register a two-finger click as the right click, but it remains totally counter intuitive to me. So I always forget. And then it feels strange. Clearly not a big deal, but a ctrl+click would make me happy.
  10. As far as I can tell there is no ability to assign an "edit all layers" key short. I am working on a piece right now that would greatly benefit from the ability to have a shortcut for turning on and off edibility to all layers. Ideally this is another candidate for the right click menu structure I would love to see someday. (The ability to create our own right menu would be super stupendously marvellous) hint hint ;-) ... but I digress, If anyone can see where an "edit all layers" shortcut is possible please post here. Cheers!
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