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  1. Hi, I just placed a bunch of vector PDF files in Designer (and linked them in the resource manager). It appears that these layers all come in as raster images. Is there a way to link (pdf) files as vector? https://affinity.help/publisher/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Media/placeImages.html?title=Placing content The manual also states DPI settings for linked files, which is what I am also seeing as part of the rasterisation:
  2. I installed Affinity Publisher on a new M1 macbook pro and moved my main work files to icloud to have access from both the new and old machines. File Structure: icloud > project folder > project file (originally c. 7 MB) icloud > project folder > assets > linked image files (total c. 500 MB) Quite soon I noticed that Publisher became very unresponsive and saving a file took a long time. After checking, I saw that the project file was mushrooming with each save. Soon it had grown from around 6 MB to 750 MB plus. Eventually, after some online digging, I tested the following "hack-around" which brought the project file back to its normal size: 1. open resource manager 2. make all (apparently) linked files embedded 3. make all embedded files linked 4. save project file However, the file bloat returns regularly and I have to do the "linked > embedded > linked" trick every few days. Has anyone else come across this bug? Does anyone have any clue what's going on? I suspect some kind of interaction between Publisher and iCloud.
  3. As long as the embedded svg resources are not linked, their collecting in resource manager causes the application to crash.
  4. I'm just wondering if this is normal/to be expected/by design? When does the Name column become populated and shouldn't the Size column be non-zero? I can cross reference this with the Layers Studio but it would be easier to see the names here when checking for embedded/linked objects. For info this is a file that was created in the previous version of AD. (Windows 10, Version
  5. I deleted a photo that wasn't working out, and now the Resource Manager keeps alerting me that I have a missing linked item. I can't figure out how to go about getting rid of that irritating popup. The Resource Manager seems to have no option for removing the linked item, and I don't know where else to look. Is there a cache to clear or something? Please help! Thanks!
  6. For me, it would be very helpful, if there would be a possibility to compile a list of the resources. I made a book with about 200 pictures and I like to have a report of these pictures. (PDF or CSV) Thank you for your feedback.
  7. It would appear that pictures which are saved as assets do not appear in the Resource Manager. Is this correct? Is there a way that I can view used assets in the Resource Manager? My documents are all setup to embed images.
  8. Hi Serif, Affinity Publisher on Windows 10 20H2, fully updated. Hardware Acceleration turned OFF. Using Replace... buton on PDF linked resource in Afpub Resource Manager results into only last frame populated with the replaced resource, the replaced resource has distorted proportions (both replaced and original PDF have exactly the same dimensions), the rest of originally populated frames are empty Selecting all frames populated with PDF linked resources, hitting Replace Image button in the Context Toolbar results in first image replaced correctly, but all the remaining frames populated with replaced PDF with distorted proportions.
  9. With the Resource Manager open, the thumbnail box and statistics will update as it should if you click on a row, but not if you use the up or down arrow keys. As I am working on a document with 200 photos, it is a real pain to have to click on each one separately to check the statistics instead of just using the arrow keys.
  10. I have a big problem with linked resources in v. 1.9.1. I am creating a map with a lot of symbols created in one AD file, and another AD file with the map, where the other symbols file is linked to. The symbols file contains an artboard for each symbol, and the symbols are used at various scales in the map document. After the update, the scale of the linked objects are rescaled each time I change the symbols document. This is very annoying of course, as I had to resort to embedding the symbols to make sure I did not have to manually rescale after every change... This is a regression from 1.9.0 where I only ran into this problem once, after manually changing the linked resource. This makes working with linked documents very unreliable, and I can not use the advantages it offers, like easily making changes to items and have it apply in the whole document, and it bloats the file size quite a lot too. I will have to reconsider some of my working methods with this bug, which is quite nervewrecking. I hope this issue can be resolved??
  11. The resource manager messes pictures when I collect the pictures. Half of the pictures are ok, a big part is changed to one picture (seems its a random one) Several pictures in Resource Manager show no names and I think these are replaced by the first picture with no name (which is called "_1.tiff" when I collect them.) Its no difference when I click make linked or click collect.
  12. I'm running into issues when trying to log into my account on Designer. Is this an issue on my end or yours? P.S. I'm having this issue in Photo and Publisher as well.
  13. I open a 50 side catalog that is finished, and as soon as I open the "resource manager", the Affinity Publisher crashes and the application is closed. There is no error message.
  14. macOS Catalina 10.15.5 Affinity Designer 1.8.4 I frequently have this issue but it is difficult to reproduce - it is intermittent and inconsistent. Conditions: drag an image from Finder into an artboard in an existing project file that is open in Designer. Save the project and close Designer. Delete the image (which had been dragged) from the hard drive in Finder. Expected behaviour: The image is imported into the project and will remain there next time you open the project file. Actual behaviour (intermittent): when opening the .afdesign file saved earlier, it says resources are missing and gives you the option to open "resource manager". (see attached) If you do, it shows that image we formerly dragged in shows as "linked". We then need to obtain the original image and "replace" it using resource manager. This doesn't happen every time. You can see in my attachment "image.tif" embedded and "medium-pro-box-top.png" linked. These were imported the exact same way (by dragging from finder) but at no point am I given the option to import it as embedded.
  15. Since updating to the subject release the program crashes in resource manager. This has happened with two documents. Is this a known problem? All other functions seem to be working just fine. Tom Elliott
  16. HI, I have an extensive publication in which some graphics are repeated many times. It would be nice if the selected graphic highlights the group in the resources. It is not a problem to find if we have several links. However, when there are myriad of them, it takes a while. Please add highlighting for multiple resources.
  17. Hello, Hi, Moin! I described my issues regarding the PDF format but they may apply to all other formats and also Images. (In example like improved the linking function etc.) I encountered following bugs: Pdf Bugs Fonts which are used and embedded in the PDF but not installed on the System are not displayed. No matter if PDF is embedded or linked. Preflight notices it but a button only links to the font manager wich shows everything is fine (since it only shows font issues in the afpublisher file). Using the embedded font/font Letters like a PDF reader may be a solution. Linked PDF cant be edited anymore like in the usual way of double clicking it. PDFs should be editable if embedded or linked. When a font is not installed and only embedded in the PDF, Replacing the fonts, creating vector paths from the embedded font, or using the embedded font/font letters may be a solution to continue the workflow anyway. Not a Bug but: Please make it more comfortable to relink ressources in the document. Like if the tree structure of the files and folders remains but with a change to a new location (a new drive). In example Lightroom searches for more missing files in same directory that has been used to relink another file. Sorry if some of the terms i used regarding Affinity Publisher doesnt make sense ... im not using the Affinity Suite in Englisch but in the latest Version 1.8.3
  18. After opening my Publisher program and my file (with a lot a linked pictures) I try to open the Resource Manager. But my program crashes all the time without any warning. If I open the Resource Manager in another file and after this leave it open, close this file and open my file with the pictures it takes a while, but it works and does not crash. If i put a new picture in my "Picture file" and after it open the Resource Manager, it also works. I think it a great idea to have the Resource Manager docked, so I can leave it on the screen. If it is already there, I have no problems! Thank you!
  19. Hi, in AfPub 1.8.3 and its resource manager there are sometimes broken thumbnails for some files. I unfortunately can't estimate any difference betwen files with good thumbnails and bad thumbnails. There was also some weird status for the first file (00_titulka.afphoto). Manager showed dpi -1, but it had 300. And I could not update the file using the Update button. It was still marked as Modified without changes. When I deleted this file from my AfPub book and placed it again, the probleme disapeared.
  20. In resource manager I can't easily distinguish between linked, integrated and collected resources. I think that it can be really useful to highlight what resources are neither integrated nor collected, in order to avoid accidental deletion of linked files.
  21. Hi, I found bug. I'm putting PDF in Publisher doc, and I have option to choose page which should be showed there. I'm closing Publisher file and then updating PDF file After opening Publisher file again, I can't choose page of PDF to be showed, all I can do is replace PDF So, I though maybe updating file in Resource Manager will help, but after this linked PDF is updated, but in all places where I put PDF I have 1st page I'm attaching video what is wrong (I'm saying about embedded file but I meant linked one). Affinity_Publisher_2020_04.26_-_13_09_42.03_Trim.mp4
  22. I did a first-time test of the make-collection feature and got quite the surprise. I made a temporary directory of the hard drive. With a small Publisher document open, I selected Document > Resource Manager, selected all image files shown there, and clicked Collect. For the destination I selected the temporary directory and then the collection was made. After checking to ensure that all files appeared in the temporary Collect directory, I removed it. At that moment Publisher announced a loss of linkage to all of the image files in the document. It appears the program had just re-linked all images to the versions that were copied to the Collect subdirectory. (Had I missed an option that specifies: only copy them — don't re-link them?) Then I had to re-link all of them manually to their original location. I'm glad it's a small document. If I had to do that in the document once it's finished, I'd be at it all day as there does not appear to be a way of doing it in a batch (which would make sense if the missing image files were all in the same directory—which, in this case, they were). Restoring the links seems to be a one-file-at-a-time operation. As far as I can tell, Publisher's online help file (the topic on making a collection from the Resource Manager) does not mention the change of linkage in this situation. Is the feature working as designed? The "gotcha" of suddenly changed linkages could be a nasty surprise indeed for the unwary with a large document containing image files residing, originally, in multiple locations.
  23. I have a document with link document. Link document is renamed, then is for main document lost. This is detected when the main document is opened (perfect). I click on Resource Manager button, and open Resource Manager dialog, and Font Manager dialog - why! Icon in Resource Manager is broken. Close Font Manager and Resource Manager, and select lost linked document in Layer Panel (your icon unfortunately, it says nothing about the file being lost, so it's very difficult to find in the layer panel.). Click on Replace Document in Context Toolbar, and select correct linked file. The image is crossed out, and the linking character of the linked document disappears. Therefore, I have to select a Picture Frame in Layer Panel, and in its Context Toolbar click on Replace Image. Select correct linked file - then image is correct and icon with link symbol, but second linked (?) document must be deleted. This is the correct and expected way to update a lost linked file? Similarly, this happens when you repair it directly in Resource Manager (Replace...). Edit: Unfortunately, I do not have a new version to try, because I cannot download huge files in this problematic time.
  24. Hi you all, my feedback/request concerns links. I have files that last from years - example, portfolio - for which is essential working above all with linked files (paths, weight etc.). the position of the resource manager, which can't be a flexible panel, is very uncomfortable. see the paths - all together - for all linked files select a single image/linked file and have the possibilty to update when I link again a file, I substitute it, it "forgets" the previous settings -> if the image was rotated, the percentage of zoom and so on. I don't know why, but it is not possible to me to transform from embed to linked files, buttons aren't available. Best V
  25. One compelling reason to provide an export of the Resource Manager list is to make a list of photographs used for the purpose of submitting them to the (U.S.) Copyright Office. Not all the photos in the linked File Folder may be used, so that folder may not be a good choice to use to create the list. Ideally, the export will go into a CSV (for use in a spreadsheet) or XLS type of format or even PDF). I'm facing that problem now and have over 800+ photos that I have to manually sift through using the Resource Manager as a basis (eyeballing the list is overwhelming).
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