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Found 3 results

  1. Affinity Designer Latest release version 2.1.0. ALSO occurred in 2.0.0 Always occurs (New doc:) Sorry, I only have the original PDF (attached), and not Windows InDesign 17. See attached original and exported documents. Created by: Windows InDesign 17 + PDF Library 16.0.3 Hello! And thank you for the neat apps! (FIRST ISSUE) Affinity appears to "lose" color information at import for certain drawing elements of the attached PDF. Also (SECOND ISSUE, same doc, minor concern) Affinity misaligns an element of a Group at import, when the group contains a Mask and a Rectangle, resulting in previously unseen hair-lines along the top and left of the group. Please find attached an (1) ORIGINAL PDF, an (2) AFFINITY EXPORT which shows an issue, and a (3) SCREENSHOT for additional information. Details: The Original PDF correctly includes several differently-colored, masked, layered drawings on a single page. [Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green] The Affinity-2.1.0 export (issue also at import) incorrectly loses colors of the elements of these drawings. [White, White, White, White, White] Based upon the Layers of the imported document: certain Curve, Curves, and Ellipse elements are missing colors at import. Affinity 2.0.0 also shows this issue. For the SECOND issue, I am able to workaround the unexpected hair-line drawn by the Group of Mask + Rectangle at import by moving the Mask by -1, -1 points The Screenshot confusingly shows correct colored Original drawings in the "File > Open > Recent" preview thumbnail. I speculate Affinity's "previewer" PDF library differs from its "importer" PDF library (my terms). Please let me know if I am misusing the app. Best regards, Nick Benefits Lights - affinity-2.1.0 - stripped.pdf Benefits Lights - original - stripped.pdf
  2. Hi. There seems to have been a number of reports of missing fonts - a problem sometimes attributed to Windows 10. But it's not a Windows specific issue - my installed fonts have never completely been available on my Mac. A lot of the time it seems the main family is available but some styles missing. Other times the entire family is missing. I have searched and there doesn't seem (as far as I can find) a definitive answer to why the whole installed font folder is not available in Designer. It's frustrating as I've moved completely away from Adobe, but need to be able to edit files I created in Illustrator, so must have access to all my fonts. If there is a working solution to this very important issue I'd be very grateful to hear about it, thanks
  3. Hi I am an inkscape user, but I decided to extend my experience to Affinity Designer. I find a lot of nice tools in Affinity, but the snapping needs to be revised because it lacks an important option. When using the Move Tool, it is impossible to anchor the node of one object to the node of another object. See the image for an explanation.
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