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Found 63 results

  1. With a 300 dpi image in affinity photo, I exported as jpg and chose 72 dpi. When I reopen the document in affinity photo or in photoshop it seems to always say that it is 300 dpi. I resized it again and saved it and still the same thing. It's important that I follow the guidelines when submitting my art so I am nervous to send this as I can't figure out why it wont stay 72 dpi? Thanks, Andrea
  2. Hi there I am working in Design. (Love it too and tell everyone about it) I have built an image with a 5000x5000 pixel artboard the image itself is 4400x4400 - I would like it to be downsized to 1200x1200 or close for use on a small label and a business card. When I try to resize it, under the Transform tab, or under 'command / shift' many of the inner layers of the object disappear. The 'outer glow' effect also increases in size. Distorting the original artwork considerably. If this has already been answered please redirect to the forum that covers how to fix this issue. Thanks so much for your time!
  3. If you try to highlight the beginning of a line of text in Designer, you'll end up dragging the left resizing handle instead. If you move over to avoid it, you'll often miss the first character (especially if it's a narrow one). I don't recall encountering this in Illustrator or Corel Draw, but I'm not sure what's different. I was going to check Illustrator, but it won't run unless you install a deprecated Java library. Just another reason to use Designer instead!
  4. When Resizing the Canvas, is there a better way to clear the size fields in order to enter an expression ...such as +=xx... than clicking on the desired field and backspacing 7 times? I must be overlooking something but I don't know what. Edit: Never mind! Finally realized that the equals sign in the example is not needed. The explanation would have been less confusing if the equals sign had not looked like a integral part of the expression.
  5. Sorry for the weird title, couldn't put my finger on a descriptive title. I have a pixel-art style document (100x33px), if I augment the height, the image "breaks" or is modified, even though anchor to page is selected. This is worrysome since anchor to page should prevent any transformation whatsoever. I tested both on 1.4 and beta 1 with the same results. Here are some images, to make things more clear :) Ty, just tell me if you need more info (or even the project file).
  6. I am just starting to learn the basic of the software and have gone through 70% of the on-line tutorials. I have a question regarding the cut and past feature. I am able to do everything however when the image appears in the new document or photo it can not be resized or re-positioned. It appears exactly where it was in the initial image and does not include the circles and lines which allow you to change. I must be doing something incorrectly. Thanks
  7. Hi, I a semi-new user to AD and still learning, so far I'm REALLY happy with the tool, makes life so much easier. But still, I have a Problem, where you might be able to help: I'm using AD to post process plots from matlab and gnuplot for publications. Currently I've got one, where the symbol size of some scatter data is little too small and I would like to increase the size of (100+) point symbols (little squares) by factor two, while keeping each one at its original position - like a swarm operation. Selecting all and resizing does increase their individual size but moves them proportionally - this does not help at all. How do you do an individual transformation operation on a swarm of objects. Rotating all by 45 deg would be something I will need in the future as well. Then again, I don't want the cloud to rotate but each individual one to do the spin. Appreciating your help. Axel
  8. Hi there, being a newbie to affinity photo I tried to follow the Affinity Photo-cutting out video with an own photo. Everything went fine, masking was in fact very easy and I succeeded in copying the masked area of the photo. But as I pasted it into another photo, there was no way to resize or turn it in any way, may it a photo or a new Document. It was always pasted without any anchors, where I could turn, resize, move up or down the object. Really annoying compared to what could be seen in the movie, Can anyone give a hint - I viewed the video over and over, looking if I could find any clicked option - nothing to see. Btw. searching the forum I didn't find anything about cutting except for AD. It could be helpful if the questions resp. answers could have a tag AP or AD Greetings from Berlin docesen
  9. Affinity Photo is excellent ( the InPainting brush is better than excellent) and I am close to leaving Photoshop CC in November when my contract expires. One thing I am having trouble with in Affinity is resizing images. For my photo society I need to end up with images 1400 wide and 1050 pixels high, both landscape and portrait format. I have tried time after time to achieve this in Affinity. Clearly I am being slow here but really need help! In Photoshop current easy procedure is: Landscape: Image: Image Size, Check the resample and constrain boxes and reduce image width to 1400 pixels. Image, Canvas Size, uncheck relative box, select the canvas colour to black, and set the height to 1050 pixels Portrait Image: Image, Image size, Check the resample and constrain proportions boxes and reduce the image height to 1050 pixels Image, Canvas size, uncheck the Relative box, select the canvas colour to black, and set the width to 1400 pixels I would be very grateful if someone could provide me with the steps I need to do in Affinity Photo to replicate this end result? Bail
  10. How do you import a photograph and resize to fit say a 40 mm square
  11. Hi, First of all, thank you! You've done such a great work with Designer, I'm really confident of being able to drop Illustrator for good (and this an awesome news)! I've been using designer for a couple of months now and there are still 3 things that I find disturbing / annoying: - I usually move the Layer panel outside of the right column (see screenshot attached) as it's easier for me to work that way. However, just sometimes, I find it pretty hard to find the correct spot to resize the layer panel once it is detached. I don't know where it comes from as it doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes it is just really hard to resize it. - Having the layer panel detached, it is frustrating when I need to change some Document setup and that the setup panel open BEHIND the layer panel (see screenshot attached). - Finally, and maybe it is just me but I can't get used to the color scheme you used when you have several documents opened. For me the active tab should be light grey and not dark grey, it just makes sense (although I don't know where it comes from). Has anyone done the same feedback? Anyway, thanks a lot for everything you are doing for the design community, it is really appreciated!
  12. Hi, I have worked during one day to test or to evaluate the possibilities of Affinity Designer. First : no crash during this (very long) session : Good job ! But, I have some difficulties : - I don't found the posiibility to copy/paste a color (and only the color) or to copy/paste an effect. It's... laborious. :-) - Some bahavior are strange : when I resize on object, I use the Shift key to respect the ratio. When I resize a text, I use the Shift key NOT TO respect the ratio. - I don't find the possibility to align an object to an other one without moving the second one. I don't success what I want to do. - when I type a precise value in an input field (for sizing an object for example), if touch the top of my mouse : the value is changed !!! It's very very boring ;-) Well done, it's sorme ergonomic details. Of course, I appreciate that coulod be solve... yesterday ;-) Thank you for this very powerful product. Thank's for your help Fabrice - From Bordeaux (France) PS : An other suggestion : translate it in french !!!! PS 2 : http://www.plannning-medical.com ( The logo was created with Affinity Designer, the previous version and the other graphics elements was created with Illustrator).
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