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Found 63 results

  1. Hi all, I have a Affinity Photo Design that I have built with 4800 x 4000 pixels; 300dpi and my customer wants to have it in logo size, so quite small for a letter head. I do not quite manage to maintain the quality of my bigger file. Would anyone have the expertise in Affinity Photo of how to resize to such a smaller size (approx. 2,5 inch to 1,5 inch) maintaining the good quality? thx in advance, Kristina
  2. You can replicate the error if you have the brush tool and you resize the window either from the sides or corners of the affinity photo window, after that the pressure of any brush can be detected and gets like lineal the only way I found to fixed it is to close the application and open it again.
  3. Hello. After the update 1.6.7 in Affinity, I cannot seem to resize an image how I used to with the Move tool in the Photo section. Normally I would be able to select the six points around the image and resize it with moving my finger, however whenever I attempt it now on it just moves the image in the direction I move my finger. I am not sure if this is a bug or you just moved this ability to another tool, however if this is an issue hopefully you can get this fixed. If this isn’t a bug and it’s just been given to another tool, please may you inform me of that if that’s the case. Thank you
  4. Hey Folks, somehow i can't solve this problem. I guess i miss something here. (Talking 'bout AD) The problem is: I allready have a vectorized form with diffrent layers an groups. Now i want to change the size of the whole form, like from 200px to 1500px. The stroke-size remains the same, so that the strokes are getting thinner while the whole composition is getting bigger (or other way around just like in my attachment). Is there a way to change the size and keep the proportions still? I attached two files to make it clear. Hope someone can help me?! Thanks
  5. I am working 2K 2048 x 1080 resolution video. I use AP in Mac to clean old photos and framing also them for editing. I found out that sometimes AP does not give right resolution 2048 x 1080 resolution when I am exporting the photo but adds or cuts off +-1 pixel for example 2047 x 1080. What should I do about it?
  6. I was doing a simple illustration, though using 50+ layers and was spendig about 2 hrs when the software flipped out as soon as I resized my single art board. I have recorded a video of this happening which I will attach to this topic. I'm not entirely sure of the steps to reproduce this bug. What I can remember is this: - This file is a "save as" from a previous file. - I also created a new a4 horizontal document in which I drew a component - I copy/pasted this new vector component onto my "saved as" file and started reworking all existing elements. - A lot of tiny curves were grouped and 'nested' within an existing object (using the rightmost button in the toolbar) - Some objects were cropped using the vector crop tool. - Everything in the file is basically vectors. No pixels. - After a while I wanted to resize the art board. Upon sliding the corner point outwards, the software immediately threw all of my objects around. (see video attached) * layers were retained in their z-index (if I can call it that) * everything was thrown around with each mouse movement. Even far outside the artboard * Most objects were resized -> At this point I made a screen recording. After the recording, I tried "save as", saved the "damaged file" hoping it was just a visual glitch. I kept the software open, clicked on the tab of the other file I had open (the object I created on a blank canvas) and tried resizing that artboard: Everything was fine in that other file. Which leads me to believe the software had an issue with that single file causing something to flip out. After restarting the software, I opened up the damaged file. It was saved without error and I could open it fine. But it has all objects messed up (so, like I saved it) so I had to start over. Further details: - Win10 x64 intel i7 8700K / nvidia gtx 980ti / 32 GB RAM - Affinity designer for Windows, latest version - No plugins, I use the software exclusively. I do have the included UI kit and brushes imported, as well as Frankentoon Nomad pack. - Other apps running at the time were Google Chrome (about 6 tabs open), Steam, Google Backup and Sync - No error messages were given, no real crash occurred. CPU did not spike and memory usage seemed ok (though I have quite some memory) afdesbug.mp4
  7. I’m an illustrator. I’ve started drawing my work in Clip Studio Paint on my iPad, and CSP works best producing art at 600dpi. I was hoping to be able to use Affinity Photo on my iPad to resize these 600dpi greyscale .tiffs produced in CSP into bitmap .tiff files (1200dpi, black and white values only). Is there a way to do this? On my 2015 iPad Pro, it seems like the max dpi for an image file in Affinity Photo is 400dpi. Is that correct? Is there a way to change this? Even though 1200dpi is a very high resolution, my illustrations are not very complex. Thank you.
  8. Hi, last week CW44 I've done some updates on my main working pc. such as windows from 1603 to 1703 and the affinity to the 16 version. Unfortunately, I realized the issue that (brush resizing & softening/sharpening with Alt+Pen Right Click+Display Contact) doesn't work anymore. I've attached a video file with this bug. As a graphic tablet, I use a UGEE 2150. My first thought was the affinity 16 or the driver of the UGEE is the problem. So I reinstalled the affinity photo 15 back. It had still the same problem. So I reinstalled the drivers from the UGEE. still the same problem. as the last step, I reinstalled windows 10 completely to the version 10240. In the end, this was the only way to run affinity photo 16 without this resizing bug. To be sure that this bug is reproducible and somehow related to the latest win10 update I tried the Affinity Photo on another PC with win10 1703 connected to a Wacom 27HD Touch - same bug. AND on a 2in1 tablet CUBE i7 but running on 1603 windows build. and it has the same issue. As mentioned in the video with this behavior is attached. Guys, I really love your software I paint a lot with it but this bug is a major blocker in my workflow. At least if I want to work on the latest windows version. For now, I will work on the old 10240 build but I hope this can be fixed somehow that I can use an up to date windows again. By the way, Photoshop does not have this issue - I hope this additional info helps as well 20171113_120837.mp4
  9. Hi. I'm using affinity designer I found this behavior quite disturbing (I'm not sure if that's the correct word) When you resize/ scale single shape/ selection of shapes using corner handle, the default scaling method is "free scaling" instead of aspect ratio/ constraint proportion. But if you resize a group of items, or text, or image, the default resizing method is "constraint proportion/ aspect ratio". Thanks.
  10. After many trials I found that by holding down CMD and OPT (Mac) in AD I could resize my selection proportionally, including text which otherwise would be distorted. Today, however, this appears not to be working as it did in the past. I've looked over Preferences but as yet find nothing there that I could have changed. Is it true that CMD/OPT should maintains all proportions while resizing? ... Aha! I've just discovered that it appears the Frame Text does not resize (probably due to the constraints of the box) but that Artistic text does. Thus I will have to redo all of my Frame Text into Artistic Text. Related Issue: One of my map docs is 96 DPI in Doc Setup, while earlier work on the same map was 300 DPI (my fault for not discovering this earlier). I thought that I could simply change my earlier doc to 96 DPI, adjust the Doc Setup size to the 312.5% larger size on screen, save it and then be able to copy/paste it into my 96 DPI doc for finer adjustments. However, when I copied/pasted my revision into my 96 DPI doc, it reverted to the 300 DPI larger size on screen. Some basic tips on these issues above would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I posted about this issue in the other forum, but couldn't really figure out why this is happening, or how. So I assume this is a bug. More info can be found in the link, hope someone can shed some light on this issue.
  12. Hi, This might be a dumb question, I normally use photoshop / illustrator on a pretty basic level and am trying out the Affinity software. Anyway, when opening up a PNG/JPG in the Affinity software, resizing it by selecting 'Document setup' and changing the dimensions, and then selecting a part of the image with the Marquee tool, copying and pasting it with 'New from clipboard'. The new image has a transparent border as if I selected it using the feather option. It might be my lack of knowledge but I have no idea why this is happening, or how to disable this select option. When I paste it into Photoshop for example it also has this border, so I guess the error I (or the software) make is during the selecting/copying with the Marquee tool. I have provided some screenshots for clarity, hope someone can shed some light on this.
  13. So this is a brand new issue I just started having. I am doing pixel work and whenever I move or flip the image, or even merge two layers, the pixels suddenly become a blurred mess. I am not even resizing them. They just blur randomly whenever I try basic editing. This pixel work is very important for the game I am working on but this blurring problem is stopping my entire production ORIGINAL: Flipped: Merged The same blurriness also occurs whenever I move these around the canvas if there is objects on the background. Please help.
  14. I noticed when resizing an artboard that guides don't stay in position. Occurs with files that have existing guides as well as with setting new guides. Affinity guides bug.mp4
  15. When trying to resize a vector object to a small size it distorts the object. What I liked about Illustrator was being able to grab the corner handle and pressing down Shift button to resize the object proportionally. I have tried the Constraint panel and that is not working.
  16. I'm sure somewhere on this whole forum is a big discussion about Affinity Designer's decision and recounted inconsistencies about how it handles SHIFT + <resize object>. I'm sorry if I've tread into an already well-debated topic with a new thread. While I believe the original Affinity idea and implementation is that proportional resizing is almost always used so it should be the default (therefore SHIFT + <resize object> performs the action non-proportionally). However, I find the implementation across different types of use cases in AD is extraordinarily inconsistent. In fact, when I try to recount the different use cases, I can't remember if they scale proportionally or not because of the inconsistencies and variety of use cases. At the most basic level, it seems really inconsistent that a group is sized proportionally, but a shape (rectangle, circle, etc.) isn't. Turning a shape into a symbol then makes the default resizing action behave proportionally. Layers and groups are symbolically the same, so their resize behaviour seems the same too. However an artboard (effectively similar as it holds objects) is not resized the same as a layer/group (holding down shift and resizing the artboard does it proportionally). Images and text are sized proportionally. Drawings (i.e. with the pen/pencil tool) are not sized proportionally. If the default proportional resizing action is to <resize object> WITHOUT holding down shift, then it should be carried across all use cases, making holding down SHIFT + <resize object> resize non-proportionally. User experience-wise, I don't like having to keep track & adjust for the inconsistent behaviour — it is not intuitive nor consistent and causes friction. I just want non-proportional resizing when not holding down SHIFT, and when holding down SHIFT for the resizing to be proportional. Is it possible to have this as an option in the app?
  17. I am presently trying to make the switch to Affinity. After twenty years of working with the competitor's products, I am finding this a little difficult. Please forgive me if I'm putting too many questions under one topic. I am starting to embrace the differences, as much as possible. However, the export function does not appear to be my friend. I am starting to get the gist of it, but I am confused as to why my images dimensions get resized when working with jpegs and tiffs when I export. With the jpegs it appears that no matter what size I am working, it defaults back to 72 dpi and changes the dimensions accordingly. My cmyk tiffs appear to be changing the dpi to 180 with the dimensions shifting as well. Is it supposed to work like that? Also, how is it best to work between Photo and Designer for printing? Do I need to export a tiff or eps to place in Designer or just use the native file? I initially had some trouble with parts of the images going grey when I tried to print a Designer layout with a Photo image. Does this have something to do with the embedded profile? I would really appreciate a video, or some sort of instructions, on best practices to place an image from Photo to add to a Designer layout for printing purposes. Lastly, I am struggling with the gradient tool. Is there anyway to go from a solid color to transparent? I just can't figure that one out. Thank you.
  18. I just downloaded the trial of Affinity Photo for Windows and so far I'm really impressed! :) I'm checking it out to see if it's a viable replacement of Photoshop before purchase. Of course, as any new software there are some questions. When I upscale small resterized objects they look pixelated. In Photoshop they get filtered and a bit sharpened with large radius so the loss of quality and pixelation due to upscaling is not that apparent. When I save the document as JPG or any other image format, everything looks fine and no pixelation appears. Please see the screenshot below: Maybe this is on purpose? Maybe a way for Affinity Photo to keep document size low because unfiltered/pixelated layers require less information to be stored? If they get filtered after resize, all the blurred pixels and their gradations/shades have to be stored in the file which increases file size. Maybe doing the filtering at the end of the design process (when exporting to raster file) ensures low document size? So what's the way to tackle this and see better filtered enlarged objects while still working on the document? Is there a toggle that let's you preview the document with all enlarged objects filtered the same way as they are filtered after export? Thanks in advance! :)
  19. Is there a way to resize text created with Text Frame Tool using the transform option? I know there is a way to manually resize the text using that outer lever...but I want the text to be specifically a certain size...and when I normally transform, it simply reflows the text.
  20. How do you resize text so it maintains its text location within a text box? It seems that when I resize the text some text jump from its original placement to an extra line and mess up the original layout. Using the transform tool, I am trying to proportionally resize page content...this contains text. It seems that the text size does not change, and messes up the layout. Is there a way to change this?
  21. I use Photoshop's Image > Image Size feature all the time, and I must say that the addition of "Image Size" within Affinity Photo's "Resize Document" sheet would be welcomed. For example, when you change the PPI or dimensions in Photoshop, you see something like this: Image Size: 24.5MB (was 64MB) The key part of that is the "was" part in parenthesis. Thanks.
  22. Hi. After a lot of experimenting I have found the only way to export an original 72 dpi jpg image as a resized 300 dpi jpg is to uncheck 'embed metadata' in Export Persona mode. Otherwise the image reverts to 72 dpi when reopened. Is this the only work-round to do such a fundamental task? I guess I'm missing something obvious, but I just can't find it. I’m using Affinity Photo version 1.4.3. Thanks a lot.
  23. I downloaded the Affinity Photo beta and just to see what it can do for me in this particular project and while it does offer absolute dimensions without resizing, I'm realizing that also being able to resize it with those dimensions should also be added...as in a checkbox that says "crop and resize." Thus, when I crop with dimensions, I can also have it resize the item affected to adjust size automatically. Here's what I'm after. I have a photo and I want it to be 129px by 194px, but the photo is of a different size and aspect. So, I go to crop, tell it I want a 129px by 194px crop, but the subject of the photo is still just out of range of that size. So if I then could check "crop and resize," I would expect the crop box to keep it's 129 by 194 aspect ratio, but allow me to size it up to encompass the whole subject of the photo I'm after. Then it would crop the photo and adjust it to fit the subject in question. I realize that there could be many cases where this just simply wouldn't work, but could work very well for a photo of a person who has a lot of background imagery that just isn't important. If the box ends up cropping outside the photo, then the crop could simply add in background to make the thing fit. That might also be another checkbox or perhaps a prompt, "The image cannot be cropped and resized. Would you like to add background to fit?" If yes, then let the user choose the background color, use an image or to make it transparent. If not, then they simply need to figure out another path ahead. Thoughts?
  24. Hi Folks, occasional complete crashes occur when resizing documents. As well masks sometimes do not work any more after resizing. Even going back certain steps in the protocol does not recover mask content. Very strange behaviour. Going back as far as the mask content was added does recover mask settings ... Cheers, Timo
  25. Constraints doesn't work properly yet, as it sometimes breaks the ability of the object to resize properly when done manually. Even after removing the constraints on the item in question, this makes the object behave as if it had a mask on top of it, and regardless of how much you stretch it, it will still retain the original size.
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