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Found 190 results

  1. Is there a way to resize text created with Text Frame Tool using the transform option? I know there is a way to manually resize the text using that outer lever...but I want the text to be specifically a certain size...and when I normally transform, it simply reflows the text.
  2. How do you resize text so it maintains its text location within a text box? It seems that when I resize the text some text jump from its original placement to an extra line and mess up the original layout. Using the transform tool, I am trying to proportionally resize page content...this contains text. It seems that the text size does not change, and messes up the layout. Is there a way to change this?
  3. I am trying to make a button with a fixed height but variable width. Is it possible to lock the height of an element without also locking the width?
  4. or Is there a way to turn Text Frames into Artistic Text. I am trying to quickly resize the frame to the text. Thanks!
  5. When I resize an artboard the guides will move from their original place while the objects stay put, this is really counter intuitive and even inconsistent within Affinity since this behaviour does not happen with canvas. A resized canvas always keeps the guides in the same place. Thanks!
  6. I created a macro in which I press ⌘⌥I, type 2000 in the 2nd box, select Bicubic, and press resize. When I run the macro, the result doesn't preserve aspect ratio, and I suspect it doesn't use Bicubic, either. What can I do to make this work? Bobby
  7. When I resize an artboard the guides will move from their original place while the objects stay put, the guides seem to be hard-anchored to the origin point of the artboard? Thanks!
  8. In AD, when exporting through the Export persona, the replace dialogue is quite small and often causes horizontal scroll. Since the checkboxes are all on the right side (which I find strange since on the Preferences and generally, on the web and other apps, they are on the left) it's hard to be sure if you're activating and deactivating the right files, as some part of the path might be hidden outside the scroll. If this window could be resized and keep the resized size between exports and between documents this would be great.
  9. When changing dpi from 72 > 300, it seems to work in Affinity Photo, sometimes not. To be certain, I've had to do this resize 72-300 dpi in Pixelmator as a jpg, then import to Affinity Photo as a 300 dpi for export again as a tiff.
  10. Hello-- I've read about half a dozen threads related to this, but none hit on my exact question: I've got a 150x100 canvas (creating a logo, by working two logos together) and am importing one of the logos which is quite large. After dragging it in, I want to size it down significantly (to 150 wide) and to do so using bicubic. I can drag the corners, yes, but it looks terrible once done (I understand the default isn't bicubic). I can change the values of the dimensions in the Transform menu, but again there's no ability to change it to bicubic first. Where does this adjustment live? Thanks a lot, JC
  11. AP After resizing a selection brush using mouse right + ALT + mouse left then drag the brush circle disappears. It then reappears looking normal after using the invisible brush once. While disappeared what I see is a cursor like a "+". This is on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit computer. I'm assuming the brush circle is supposed to still be visible immediately after resizing and before again using the brush. Note: If I resize the selection brush using the left and right bracket keys the brush circle remains visible through the resizing. Pete
  12. Hi folks, maybe someone can help me with this one: when applying some (live) filters on a high-res picture certain parameters are selected. After rescaling the picture e.g. to a small web format the parameters of theses filters are preserved and the picture is fully recalculated - what inevitably results in completly inappropriate parameters for the new pic dimension. Is there a way to tell AP to recalculate the parameters according to the new picture resolution? Would be nice to have a checkbox that will optionally enable recalculation parameters when resizing. BTW: Trying to overcome this issue I was pressing the right mousebutton on the depth of field filter and it offered "rasterize" in the pop-up. Well, of course that did not work but I was wondering why the "rasterize" option was not greyed out like other commands in the popup? Cheers, Timo
  13. 1) When resizing a document, unselecting “resample” disables the ability to change the physical dimension. It would be nice to autocalculate the DPI change (assuming aspect ratio is locked). 2) In order to do the above, I need to change DPI instead. Since my goal is to get to a specific physical dimension, I can change DPI until the dimensions are as desired. But the dimensions don't update in the pane, I can only see them once I click OK and choose "Resize document" again.
  14. Hi, I want to resize documuents using % values. I usually resize based on pixels or % when I use other soft. I would like to do here as well. Thanks!
  15. I tried to resize my Canvas from 1575x1080 to 1920x1080. I selected the centre anchor point. The resized image is not proportionately resized. There is noticeably more new space on the right than on the left. Check the screenshots. Second bug I find in 5 minutes, in the production edition of AP. This is not good.
  16. First of all thank you for decreasing the automatic docking area for undocked windows (even though I think it's to wide). So working with undocked windows can be tested and experienced now ;-) To be able to work effectively with undocked multiple documents it would be helpful to have an option for the windows to automatically adapt to the current document size. It's a huge hassle to resize the windows manually all the time and than center the document again to have the right position for the document again. This option would be of great help lfor the way I work with documents. Cheers, Timo
  17. I've been trying to add a white border and a drop shadow off the image. In Photoshop I would create a duplicate of the background - expand the canvas on the background - add a shadow to the duplicate layer. This doesn't work in Affinity. The border is never equal all around or centered, even though I click the 'center' button. How would I go about re-creating this effect in Affinity? Thank you.
  18. My photo has 96 dpi (see screen shot), but when I try to resize it in Affinity, the DPI is set to 1, making it turn out 5.25x7 pixels instead of 5.25x7 inches, unless I type in the DPI by hand. DPI should be read from the file metadata.
  19. Resizing a single layer (no adjustment layers!) ends with crappy results. Maybe it's due to some unrecognized settings I did not setup properly - but in that case these crappy settings are the default. See attached files. Same file was resized using AP and PS ... Cheers, Timo
  20. Hi all, I decided to give a try to Affinity. It looks nice, but sadly I'm close to uninstall this program. It doesn't work as good as Photoshop. I don't now why it takes a good few secodns to load a simple photo (resolution of 5000 px) on ssd hard drive. Second I have a problem with the same photo when resizng it. As I mention, orginal photo has an resolution of 5000 px. I wanted it to be resized to a size of 480 px. I don't know why, but the result photo has strange "pattern". I noted also that this "pattern" disapears when I reduce size of the image with steps ie: first reduce it to 4000 px, then 3000 px, 2000 px etc. I tried to change resample method but nothing works... Below I enclosed a reducend size of the image with this strange pattern visable around the eyes of the driver.
  21. Hello Working my way through the *great* book... In the coffee shop poster/card project I played around with various things, including rescaling the finished paper cup. The shadows and gradients scaled correctly but not the bottom corners of the cup. This is because the cup bottom had been designed with the corner tool and there is no option for proportionality. I checked the basic tool video and it seemed to confirms this: the radius will always be x mm... As a result I had to modify the radius by eye on the two layers that constituted the object. Is there a better way? Thanks
  22. One feature I use extensively with InDesign is the overall graphic preview while resizing an image frame which is very useful for knowing on the fly how much to shrink or expand the frame or to get an idea of how much clipping is on the image without having to resize everything out. It works by holding down the handles a second longer to activate that mode. Has something like this already been considered for Publisher? If not, I'd like to at least put it out there as a possible feature that I know many would love.
  23. Hello. I have to edit my picture ( actually it's an insttruction) and I am not satisifit that its a 19 000 x 4 7000 pixels on ona page, I need to create simply A4 size multipage document, so move some of the pictures. So my question is how can I add text pages into existing .afphoto document ? Or maybe I should do it in a different way. I can imagine it should works similar to MS.excel where I can adjust my document size, move soma part of it to next page and so on.... Will appreciate Your help
  24. Hello, I have created a few symbols that do not seem to resize as indicated by their constraints. Intended behaviour: In the icon "UML provided interface", the circle should not get stretched/resized, I only want to extend the line. I think my constraints are correct. Am I missing something? I attach my document. System_Context.afdesign
  25. First, thank you for making such a promising design program. As someone who has always found Adobe products to be clunky and cumbersome, I've been waiting for over a decade for a viable alternative to emerge. Unfortunately, when I started my trial of Affinity Designer, I was quickly disappointed to find that its modifier keys for proportional and centric resize are different than the macOS standard keys for those operations. Given how much I use proportional resize, this issue alone is nearly a dealbreaker for me and definitely dampened my enthusiasm to try the other features of Designer. The standard keys for resize in macOS are Shift for proportional and Option for centric. These keys are used in all of Apple's own apps (Keynote, Pages, Preview, etc.) as well as the operating system itself. Try resizing any Mac window from its corner while holding Shift and/or Option, and it will resize proportionally and/or centrically. This clearly shows how fundamental this convention is in the Mac UX. All of the Adobe apps on the Mac also follow this convention, as does Microsoft Excel when resizing charts on a worksheet. In fact, I don't know of any Mac apps that don't follow this convention… except for Affinity Designer. Since UI consistency is a key hallmark of the Mac's ease of use, I hope you will see fit to change the modifiers keys to match the standard, or at least give users the ability to set the modifier keys in Preferences. And since resizing objects is such a fundamental feature of any design program, I hope that this fix will be coming very soon. Note that my feedback is based on Affinity Designer trial version 1.4.3, so I don't know if this was already fixed in 1.5. (When will a trial version of 1.5 become available?)
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