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Found 190 results

  1. Affinity Photo 1.6.6 macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 After adding a bunch of images of the same photo session to a batch job in order to resize them, Affinity Photo corrupts/destroys some images by adding solid white almost throughout the whole image, while other images are OK. Attached is an archive containing the same 4 images - before and after a batch resize. The 2 get corrupted every time after a batch job, while the other 2 are OK. Affinity Batch Bug.zip
  2. Why is the resized jpeg image blurry even when the aspect ratio is preserved going to a smaller size?
  3. How do I prevent child shapes from resizing when moving ther parent shape's boundaries?
  4. menu ->resize I tried to reduce the size of the canvas by resizing the resize function. However, since there is no guide information, I have to adjust the size by guess
  5. When enlarging the canvas it would be nice to be able to specify the colour fill for area that appears around the image. One reason is that I use this to add colour borders to images and it would be handy if I could say 'make the border white' or grey, or black, etc. Thanks!
  6. Hi hope someone can help. I´m new to Affinity Photo, my question is fairly simple: Is there any way to change resize key from bracket keys, and not having to do it for every single tool that can resize, as in a master resize? my problem is my keyboard is Nordic, which means i do not have bracket keys, nor tilde key - and i probably miss other keys too, and so far i have to change the size keys individually. thanks in advance Max P.S. i searched the forums for a while but could not find a similar question.
  7. I understand there is a right dot you can grab and resize, but is there a way to resize using the transformation tool?
  8. All of the resample implementations you're using for resize suffer from a common bug of either not taking half pixel offsets into account or not using a clamp operation at the edges. This results in the document being shifted by a pixel in each direction after the resample. This can be verified on a transparent image with a black border at the left and top edges. After a resample you'll see that your algorithm introduces transparency along those edges and shifts the content.
  9. It's disappointing that the bug in Document>Resize Document appears to be unresolved, i.e. whatever the imported metadata has, 72, 96 etc. is what the output DPI is. (I use the work round to resize the DPI (typically 300) with "Resample" unchecked; then resize to the size of photo I want, with Resize> "Resample" checked. I then export to jpg ,via un-checking More>embed Metadata). But this is a known bug from day 1. Is it not scheduled to be fixed in 1.6?
  10. I draw in Affinity Photo and I've seen people draw and resize the lineart on YT. I just can't figure it out... Please give me a hand so I don't have to undo or erase and redraw the thing.
  11. Hi everyone, I currently work on vans. The bodyshell file (attached) is on a scale 1:30 As I seed to send it later for print it, I prefer to work 1:1 Unfortunately, when I want to resize it ten times bigger (by changing the dimensions on the bottom right of the window), all the lines become so thin that I can barely see them. I want to work full size but without changing the look of it. Anyone could help me on this one ? Thanks guys
  12. It would be convenient when changing the document size automatically recalculate the size (for non pixel units) <-> DPI as in Photoshop when "Resample" is disabled: The dialog might look something like this:
  13. I just bought Affinity Designer yesterday. First of all, great job! I've been working in vector art for over a decade and I'm impressed with your innovation. The good: Your pen tools are far superior to anything else I have used thus far. Awesome set of shape tools - the most comprehensive so far. The visual controls to alter them save me a lot of time ie. rounded corners on the fly. Nice touch with the transparency tool - this was so frustrating in Adobe Illustrator. The customizable UI is sleek and intuitive The bad: Where is the line smoothing? Every vector illustration software I've ever used had this feature. It is standard workflow to 1)rough in your illustration, 2)smooth, then 3)hand edit the node handles. I found something promising in the node area called 'convert to smooth', but it actually added more nodes. This is the exact opposite of what smoothing should do! Where is the raster to vector trace equivalent? I looked everywhere and I can't figure this out. This is such a common function for artists working between mediums - you're basically excluding them right from he start. For reference check out Adobe Illustrator's powerful image trace palette. Restrain proportions/dimensions when resizing elements is not consistent. Placed images and text will stay proportional by holding down ALT. Everything else stays proportional while holding down shift. Why the inconsistency? I can't seem to figure out how to lock objects without having to go to the layer palette and doing it manually. Thanks for the hard work! I've been in software development for 12 years. I know the sacrifices made and wish you the best of luck.
  14. When I open a photo for which I'd like to resize the dpi in Affinity Photo, I go to Resize Document and I see the default dpi is 72. When I change the dpi to 150, the pixels adjust accordingly. However, when I export that photo, reimport to Affinity Photo, and go back to Resize Document, it shows dpi as 72 again. Why does it not show 150? Any insight would be greatly appreciated as I want to ensure these are best quality for printing. Thanks!
  15. It would be nice if you could show the aspect ratio when using unconstrained resizing. Even nicer would be the ability to snap to common ratios. Thanks for considering this idea!
  16. Good morning, afternoon, evening (pick you fav.)! I'm working a —lot— with constraints. It's an incredible time saver. But not always… :( Lets say you've designed a complex element, using a lot of constraints, groups, subgroups, children, etc. All of this is perfectly working with constraints when you resize the element (wider or higher). But now, you need to change it's size for any of the many reasons that could exist. I really mean you have to —scale— up/down everything: texts, shapes, etc. At this moment, you —don't— want any of the constraints to apply. I've not found yet anything that would allow me to do this. Didn't found a shortcut to temporarily deactivate constraints. Didn't found an button to reset/remove —all— constraints of an element and —all— it's children. --> My only workaround (and I hate it), was to duplicate the element, and manually destroy all the work done (delete all groups, children, clips, set everything to one single level), and then apply a default constraint to all. My work is composed of a —huge— amount of elements, and the time lost to do the above is killing me :( Am I missing something? All the best
  17. Version: 1.5.1 (test) I want to change the DPI configuration of my picture from 72 DPI to 300 DPI: 1. Strg+Alt+I 2. Only change DPI from 72 to 300 DPI, "Einheiten" stays on Pixel 3. Picture size is changed vom 800x600 px to 3333,3x2500px (see DPI_change_after.jpg + DPI_change_Befor.jpg) 4. Changing the DPI with "Einheiten" to for example Centimeter don't changes picture size. If "Einheiten" is "Pixel" the picture is enlarged, which leads to bigger file size. On other settings it is not enlarged. My suggestion is, that changing DPI has only influence on viewing. It is part of meta data.
  18. I probably am doing something wrong... but what? When resizing an document (photo) and saving it as jpg the pixels become hazed, blurred, seemingly unsharp especially when zooming ... i never had that problem with PS or PSE but I always have it with AP
  19. Hi there I just got Affinity Photo after a bad experience with Adobe. I don't use it for Professional photo editing stuff, just the basics, (which is to say I have no idea how to use 90% of the features in this program) and so far I'm having an issue with resizing images. I know you can't resize something to be bigger without distortion, usually. But shrinking? I had to resize an image earlier and the end result was jagged and fuzzy, the quality suffered. I looked in the help files to see which resampling mode to use and was using bilinear. I even tried to crop to a specific constrained size and the end result was still really bad. Is there a trick to this? When I took the same source images into another app and shrank them, they turned out fine. I can upload the images (before / after) if desired.
  20. Hi Affinity Designer Experts, I currently have a little over 100 images that I need to resize. How can I do this in Affinity Designer? TIA :)
  21. Hello I was working on a UI design at 375px X 750px artboard. I used Frame text tool for some texts. I wanted to resize the artboard. So i increased the size using the transform option directly. I increased the size 3 times. Anyways, main point is the Texts didn't increase in size. It increases in size when I use Artisitic tool but not with Frame text. Is there any reason for that? Or was it made that way?
  22. When “Resample” is deselected and you enter your desired DPI, the displayed pixel dimensions change as if you were going to resample. For example, if the image is 200 x 300 at a resolution of 150 dpi, and you enter a resolution of 300 dpi, the pixel dimensions will display as 400 x 600, when they shouldn't change at all. The actual resize operation happens correctly.
  23. Hallo, könnte mir bitte jemand einfach erklären wie ich alle Bilder gleich hoch und breit mache? Ich arbeite derzeit daran eine Fotoplattform zu erstellen und leider sind viele Bilder unterschiedlich groß - was natürlich optisch total unstimmig und unruhig ist. Leider bin ich bei Affinity Photo ein Frischling, weshalb ich euch gerne um Hilfe bitten würde. Mein Ziel ist es alle Bilder gleich "hoch" und gleich "breit" zu machen. Es handelt sich dabei nicht um die Pixelanzahl, denn die Fotos sind diesbezüglich schon alle gleich groß. Danke für eure Hilfe, zur Sicherheit stelle ich einen Anhang rein, bei dem sich schnell erkennen lässt, dass das mittlere Bild unterschiedlich hoch ist. Liebe Grüße und danke für die Hilfe, Heli
  24. I'd like to have an option for not to enlarge photos over 100% in batch job when I specify W or H size. I use batch job for resizing photos for web and I want to resize only for big ones, not enlarge smaller ones to reach W or H size.
  25. I thought I was just being rubbish for ages, but have now finally realised this is an actual bug! 1. Select a brush from the brush panel 2. Paint a stroke or two 3. Observe that the brush is selected with blue highlight in the panel 4. Resize the brush with the square brackets keys 5. Behold! The blue highlight has vanished! 6. Dispair! I think this has been around for a while, coz I was always confused as to which brush I was actually using, but couldn't work out why I didn't know. Thanks Wayne
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