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Found 175 results

  1. Hi Folks, Just want to raise something. Not sure if its a bug or just me being a newbie.... I created a shape and had to round the corners.... I then grouped everything together in order to re-size the entire project and used the Shift key plus drag to start resizing the object. This worked fine but I noticed that the rounded corners I had created did not alter which obviously threw out the whole shape. Does this make sense? Just wanted to bring it up. Keep up the good work folks. Mark
  2. Hi, I made a logo in Affinity Designer and everytime I use it to sign an artwork I have to scale it down but then something happens to the stroke design. The big one is the original, the small one scaled down you see.. the small one has flattened strokes on the "f" and "k" It happens to be where the selection cuts it off when i slecet the whole design. Scale With Object on the strokes is turned on and I used Align Stroke with Outside on the shape. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!
  3. Not sure if this is possible, But is there a way to resize artboards without its content getting all squished? eg, making an iphone app, need more room, so now I have to take out all the contents, resize, and put everything back in. This could be easier :D Cheers, Jason
  4. Hey, so I'm not totally clear on how Affinity handles objects/layers. When I resize a bitmap layer, upscaling it, does it retain the same pixel data and is just enlarged? Within Photoshop, upscaling a bitmap object without first turning it into a Smart Object will inflate the image with more pixels. So are bitmap object in both Designer and Photo acting somewhat like PS Smart Objects..? Please explain! Thanks! JA
  5. Hi so I have the following questions and have in mind Im no genius have gone some courses in photoshop and might be lacking some of the core stuff but have always been able to create visually good stuff anyway. But I am having some fundamental problems with this software: How do you refine edges like in photoshop to get rid of unwanted outlines? (When you have a picture and get rid of background by highlighting it and press delete, theres always some unwanted stuff around the edges left.) When selecting layers some options are greyed out. like select sampled color and refine edges to name a few. There is no real explanation to why they are greyed out. When I resize a picture it gets really ugly pixel wise. am I missing something?
  6. Hi, i'm a professional graphic designer and Adobe dominated my workflow over 18 years. I am so upset about the Adobe subscription system that I looked for alternatives, so I came to you and bought bouth of your Apps. First impression: looks great and very fast But there are some things which I do not get along and I hope that's just because I worked so many years with the Adobe Apps. I watched all the videos on your site but couldn't find anything about these basic features: - resizing images: couldn't find a dialog to type in new image dimensions - crop tool: couldn't crop from the center of an image; cropping does not snap on the outer image borders; constrain proportion of the cropping tool is not possible, is it? - layers: couldn't find a delete hidden layers option These are just some of the things i noticed after the first 60 minutes. I'm curious to see how you develop your apps over time and i'm glad that new App-Developers like you entered the stage!
  7. I'm new to Designer, so maybe I'm doing this wrong but it seems counterintuitive and I'm struggling. I created a document and added a bunch of guides to it. I then realized that I needed to resize the document, but I didn't want to reposition all the guides again. In the resize document window, the option to rescale objects doesn't seem to include guides as "objects", so that didn't work. Ok, I thought, maybe it's because I put definitive pixel positions for the guides in the Guide Manager. Perhaps if I changed them to percentage positions then it would rescale their positions on the new document size. This would make total sense to me. If I position a guide at 30% vertically on one document, I'd like it to remain at 30% if I enlarge the document, especially if I have checked the option to rescale objects. Otherwise it renders all the guides completely useless. Unfortunately this didn't seem to work either! It changed all the percentages of the guide positions! I can't figure that one out at all. If someone has taken the time to define a guide position based on a percentage, why would they want it to change when they enlarge the document and select objects to be resized as well. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Found out recently that if I choose resize document and first untick resample and change the dpi, then tick resample back and change units from pixels to centimeters and do resizing on image and press ok, this brings quite strange and heavily pixelated results. If I do these in separate actions; first untick resample and change the dpi and press ok, then choose resize document action againg and change units and then resizing works ok.
  9. Sometimes I need to expand an image to change its ratio. In gimp I would use the "Canvas Size" function first and then "Layer to image size". In Affinity Photo I have been able to resize the canvas but found no option to change layer sizes. Am I missing something?
  10. When I used Gimp you could resize the circle selection using four transform nodes. Can you do this in photo or designer? <iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/iq6ldk58aKE?rel=0"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  11. Hi, I'm new to Affinity and can't work out how to resize an image without it getting extremely pixelated, regardless of how large or small I resize. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dan
  12. I am discovering day by day the features of affinity photo and I like it much apart some issues. There is a way to choice the resampling method applied to an image manually resized? Enlarging an image pixel become evident and I have to copy, paste as new document, resize document, copy image and paste to have an image bicubic resampled. thanks
  13. Hi, In the "Resize Document..." dialog, with resampling disabled, the dimension entry fields are greyed out, even if I choose a unit of distance such as inches or cm. The only way (that I have found) to resize to a specific width or height is to change the resolution, requiring either that I do the calculation ahead of time or that I do it by trial and error. I'd appreciate it if these fields were enabled. Also, IMO the "resample" checkbox should be persistent across invocations of this command, or as second best, should be disabled (the "safer" setting). Thanks Peter
  14. I am not sure if this is a true bug or if a UI problem is considered something different but when resizing a canvas or document you have to just know which box is for hight and width. These really need to be labeled even if it is just a X/Y or H/W before each box.
  15. It seems as if I´ve found bug. I wanted to look up something in the help menu...the help menu was fairly small so I wanted to resize it and then it crashed and won´t open again. (AP itself did not crash) I restarted my computer and when I next opened AP it showed the attached crash report. Nor I opened help again and resized it and it crashed again. My system is using german language, AP is on English. I would also like to have the English help menu/file. is there a way to do it?
  16. If you resize an image in AFP and then Undo it the result is a complete mess. See attached files. Image before resizing. Image after resize followed by undo. Fortunately I had just saved before resizing! :)
  17. Is there anyway to shrink one half of a layer? Similar to taking a square that's been converted to curves and reshaping it into a trapezoid, can something like this be done with a layer to resize the contents of the layer such that one end is resized while the other remains the same? Specifically, I've created a brick wall pattern with rectangles. All the rectangles are in the same layer. But now I would like to make a perspective effect with the lower bricks being smaller and the upper bricks being larger. Manually resizing each brick would certainly be a hassle and it would be nice if I could just resize the entire layer at once such that all the rectangular bricks become trapezoids of the appropriate sizes. Is there a simple way of doing this? Thanks!
  18. I would LOVE to have a preference that would allow me to change the size of the brush using the scrolling of the mouse (rather than have it change the pan). Scrolling up and down would change the radius of the brush, and the same with an option key would change the hardness/softness of the brush. The brush radius is similar to what Aperture has, but Aperture doesn't have an option-scroll for changing the hardness. This is so much faster and smoother than using the keyboard it's ridiculous! After getting used to it in Aperture I hate using Photoshop - changing brush size interrupts the flow of painting.
  19. Good evening, This afternoon I downloaded the beta version special made for mac, and it looks great!! But I have a question. I like to see my pictures like this http://www.plantennamen.info/blauw-glidkruid-scutellaria-galericulata When I used Photoshop in the past I made the canvas size 5 px bigger then the image size. I tried it with Affinity but how hard I tried it won't work. Can you tell me how I must do it? Regards, Maarten
  20. Hi, I want to scale my artwork and I want the "pressure strokes" to scale too. When I down scale my artwork the strokes become thicker – they are not affected. What must I do to get the styles down sized? Thanks in advance! OP
  21. Dear Team, I`m iOS Developer and need an App for edit images. I need create images and edit existing files. I need know: 1 - Is possible resize images; 2 - Shadow effects; 3 - Basic effects from Photoshop (because designers give me projects for export labels); Thank`s, and sorry for my english, I`m Brasilian developer and my friends designers are like this app too.
  22. Hello, Coming from illustrator I am missing the little tool that lets me resize the drawing area exactly to my design. For example: I opened the drawing area as a A4 format but my draw is just a logo much smaller than A4. Can I resize the drawing are to exact the size from the logo and how do I do that. Thanks for the help.
  23. Would be great to have a tool to be able to resize canvas to all (selected) objects. Similar existing on illustrator.
  24. Hi, I expect to be able to proportionallly resize a placed image holding the caps key but it does not function that way in Affinity Designer... It works on vectors though. Bug or "feature" It works using the Option or Command key (depending on whether one want to resize from an angle or the center.. But I'm so used to the Adobe shortcuts that it is a bit puzzling. And ultimately, why are the resizing options different between vectors and placed images ? Confusing. THX
  25. Hi Affinity team, Found out about affinity earlier today and immediately grabbed a copy. Really well done, congratulations :) So, I created a new file 1600px wide and added some guides. Then I had to resize the canvas (to let's say 2000px) and I realized that guides scaled as well. In the document setup preferences there's an option for objects (scale / anchor to page). Shouldn't there be an option for guides as well?
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