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Found 190 results

  1. Apologies if this has already been posted before... When I try to export as a jpeg, there is a resizing option available in the export window. However, when I try to use it, the original size file is exported, ignoring my settings. Of course, there is an easy workaround – just resize before exporting – but why is the option there, if it doesn't work? Or am I misunderstanding something? Thanks!
  2. I have now resized this image in both Affinity and P/S Elements, and Affinity is stretching the image rather than maintaining the aspect ratio. I'm working on an ad for print. An artist sent me a huge 46.294" x 29.486" image. When I try to Document/Resize Document, and change the first dimension to 1.75", the second jumps to 0.652". The lock in engaged. The correct action by P/S Elements is to set that dimension to 1.135". I should mention that I had to crop the image first because the studio was showing in the background. Why is Affinity Photo squashing the image? image_cropped.afphoto
  3. (On Windows Beta) Hi, Is it possible to scale a curve without the containing image? For example: I've a rectangle with an image as sub-layer. So I use the rectangle as cropping. (Because I needed to rotate the image). If I scale the rectangle, the image is scaled with it. Is there a way to prevent this (like cropping does)? Thanks, Andreas Furster
  4. Can anyone explain the following and advise how I can prevent this happening please. The following happens in both Affinity Photo and Designer. I create a new landscape file 40 cm by 27.7 cm at 300 dpi as a template. Then before doing any work on it I export as a psd file. When I reopen that file in either AF or AD it has resized to 47.24 cm by 32.71 cm at 300 dpi. I have tried the same procedure twice in both programmes with the same results. Advice please.
  5. So I tried resizing. I have a photo scanned from a slide at 4000 dpi. I go to resize document. It says 16x20cm print size at 300dpi. I accept. Then I export to TIFF. The TIFF is still 4000 dpi. What is going on? Best regards Geir Rosset Oslo Norway
  6. In my AD map docs there are many ellipses in one layer/group to show site locations. They are 40x20 pts in size with a stroke of 6 pts. I would like to resize them all 85% to 34x17 pts, and if possible reduce the stroke by 85% at the same time. In Illustrator I did this by "Transform Each" since transforming the entire group/layer would also reduce the width and height of the entire group and thus reposition of each ellipse. AD also treats the layer/group as unit, reflected in the width and height in Transform. Does AD have such a feature as Illustrator "Transform Each?"
  7. Hi Folks and a very Merry Xmas to you all, I'm after some help again for a change. I have a project I have been working on and I now need to submit it to a specific website. Here is the issue... The project was created with the original document being set up as A4 size (Not sure why I picked this size but I did), I have now found out that my design needs to be submitted firstly in .jpeg format but also I am restricted to submitted it in the following dimensions... Width - 900px Height - 500px. I have tried simply set up a new project with those dimensions and then just drag my project into it and select my whole design and re-size it using the hold down shift and grab the top corner method but this totally throws my design out. The text won't re-size and some of the brushstrokes are still way to big. Is there are easier way? I am not familiar at all with the export persona but was wondering if there was a way I could use that? Any ideas folks? Mark
  8. As the title suggests, I find the resizing modifier keys inconsistent in both applications. Example: Open Designer Choose a primitive shape and hold down the shift key as you place it on the canvas so it has an aspect ratio of 1:1 Now grab one of the corner handles and shift-drag to resize your object and it retains that aspect. Select Layer -> Rasterize Grab a corner handle of the object and shift-resize it Undo because that's not what you expect to happen Re-grab the corner handle and hold down option instead and it retains aspect ratio. Now grab a side handle and try the same thing. Option has no effect, shift retains aspect ratio. Is this an error? Or is there some internal logic that I'm not appreciating? Or is there some obscure setting that means this is only affecting me?
  9. From time to time I need to resize images to fit them to website and social network page covers. I mostly work with photos with a main subject and patterns or landscape panorama I want to extend to the left or to the right to fill horizontal space. I've seen a Gimp plugin on Ubuntu Linux called "Liquid rescale" that does exactly this: http://liquidrescale.wikidot.com/en:examples (first example in that page fits my needs) Is there a way to do something similar in Affinity Photo also? I know I can install Gimp on my Mac, but for convenience and speed I'd like to keep as much as possible my workflow in Affinity Photo. Thanks in advance, gerlos
  10. I figured I would ask here to make sure someone else can search to find an updated answer. I don't care to see the brush pattern, most of my brushes I just click as a stamp. I have about 300 bruise. Any way to see them like PS and also change between Small and Large. thanks
  11. Hi, I have a problem while resizing images in Affinity Photo. Probably I am just doing something wrong because I was used to use Adobe Photoshop and Affinity works a little bit differently in some ways. My problem is that when I import some picture into my workspace (by copy-paste) and I'm trying to resize this image it always loose it's quality and has wavy edges. When I export it to jpg or png it seems ok but in Affinity it looks bad (see the screenshot). It is very complicated for me to work with images in bad quality - is it some kind of setting or is it a mistake in program? Is there any way how to turn it off? Thanks for the advise.
  12. Hi, Not sure how to write the title of this question, probably because I'm missing some english knowledge… I'll try to quickly explain: • Create a rectangle shape • Create a star shape (or whatever you prefer) • Place the star into the rectangle • If you move the star around, the rectangle act as a clip and will hide parts of the star What if I want to resize/move my rectangle —without— resizing or moving my star? I've not be able to find a solution yet, except by moving out my star, resizing/moving my rectangle, and putting back the star again, which obviously makes the process not user friendly and inefficient. Thanks for your help.
  13. Preparing a photograph for printing, I cropped it to 125mm 1:1 @ 400 dpi, then tried to add borders to it using the Resize Canvas command. The previously established crop is cancelled, the document is resized, but not correctly. This happens consistently, which means I can't finish this job using Affinity Photo... The attached screen shots are perhaps NSFW, but that's what I was working on.
  14. The issue is simple, the solution IMHO even simpler (it should just work) 1. Create a new DOC in AD with the highest possible settings - Either a QFHD Web Doc with 74 DPI or a Custom DOC with 400 DPI 2. Draw a Circle with 1000px * 1000PX 3. Switch to Pixel View (to see how it will look once exported as a PNG) 4. Zoom up and see the border of the Circle as in my screenshot "Bad" 5. Switch off Pixel View and see the border of the Circle as in my Screenshot "Good" I want to be able to create a simple thing in AD, and export it as seen in "Good" Instead, if I export as PNG, I get "Bad" I also want to be able to create this as a 1000*1000 Circle, and freely resize smaller with the h/w settings, export. Instead results are worse. I am used to AI and there you just do this without even thinking of bad results. Please elaborate how you can export a object created with AD, to a PNG, without having borders/details/etc pixeled instead of a "neat line" That is simply a must. I understand that AD is way cheaper then AI but if a simple thing like the above is not possible with AD, I do not see the sense in buying a license. Thank you
  15. It would be interesting if there was a way to scale up a document to a defined format (printer or whatever else demands the format). This would mean making a choice of crop or adding blank space for existing content, but at present, any rescale to such a format means: 1- decide on format (say, A3 borderless, or SRA3 to make it a bit more challenging); 2 - look up the dimensions of the format on the Internet; 3 - go to doc rescale and enter those values. Admittedly, it means adding doc formats and there are many to choose from (try finding that SRA3 format, for instance, in a printer setup - usually it means using the "custom" setting) so maybe a good way would be an ability to add custom formats which then could either show up in a selected format (pixels, cm or a new category "custom") only, or universal (translated across the spectrum of measurements). This also requires that entry of such formats should support a variety of entry methods for the dimensions (pixels, mm etc). The benefit of a "custom" approach is that it ensures you don't have to wade through lots of sizes you don't need (unless there is a system to manage the visibility of those options, but all of that gets complicated again) - you can still offer a list of preset formats to help creating such a custom format. So, the process would be: 1 - (once) set up custom format and name it (let's stick with SRA3 for now) - also requires custom format manager; 2 - choose document resize, "custom" and select "SRA3" (possible option to add a custom format on the spot as well); 3 - choose either freeform or "fit/fill/original size with added blank space or crop off excess" scaling of existing content (although that can handled by scaling the canvas instead of the document - always have to think which one does what). Unless, of course, you already have this hiding somewhere - I do keep finding new things every time I use the software :). (by the way, is it just me or does the preview not like numbered items? As a result, I decided not to use them in the text above).
  16. I'm trying to prepare some images for uploading to a photo printing company for them to print. However I'm a bit confused over various print settings and hope someone can help. Their requirements are "images must be set to the print size required and at 402ppi". I'd like them to print the images around 18" x 12" (that would be the paper size I'd print onto if it were my printer) although they've all been cropped a little and so won't have exactly a 1.5:1 size ratio and I expect to have to trim the prints when they come back. Firstly, I don't know how to how to set a paper size in AF. I've tested the "document/resize canvas" and this just seems to be a way to crop the image to a size smaller than the existing, so that is not what I need here. How do I set my image to 18"x12"? Secondly, I've discovered the "document/resize document" command, and I have been setting that to 402dpi (which I presume is the same as ppi) and unticking "resample" else I get much bigger images. However if I then export the image, I find that the resultant file is no longer 402dpi but back at whatever dpi setting the image had before I resized it. How can I get it to retain the new dpi value? Thanks
  17. Hi Folks, Just want to raise something. Not sure if its a bug or just me being a newbie.... I created a shape and had to round the corners.... I then grouped everything together in order to re-size the entire project and used the Shift key plus drag to start resizing the object. This worked fine but I noticed that the rounded corners I had created did not alter which obviously threw out the whole shape. Does this make sense? Just wanted to bring it up. Keep up the good work folks. Mark
  18. Hi, I made a logo in Affinity Designer and everytime I use it to sign an artwork I have to scale it down but then something happens to the stroke design. The big one is the original, the small one scaled down you see.. the small one has flattened strokes on the "f" and "k" It happens to be where the selection cuts it off when i slecet the whole design. Scale With Object on the strokes is turned on and I used Align Stroke with Outside on the shape. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance!
  19. Not sure if this is possible, But is there a way to resize artboards without its content getting all squished? eg, making an iphone app, need more room, so now I have to take out all the contents, resize, and put everything back in. This could be easier :D Cheers, Jason
  20. Hey, so I'm not totally clear on how Affinity handles objects/layers. When I resize a bitmap layer, upscaling it, does it retain the same pixel data and is just enlarged? Within Photoshop, upscaling a bitmap object without first turning it into a Smart Object will inflate the image with more pixels. So are bitmap object in both Designer and Photo acting somewhat like PS Smart Objects..? Please explain! Thanks! JA
  21. Hi so I have the following questions and have in mind Im no genius have gone some courses in photoshop and might be lacking some of the core stuff but have always been able to create visually good stuff anyway. But I am having some fundamental problems with this software: How do you refine edges like in photoshop to get rid of unwanted outlines? (When you have a picture and get rid of background by highlighting it and press delete, theres always some unwanted stuff around the edges left.) When selecting layers some options are greyed out. like select sampled color and refine edges to name a few. There is no real explanation to why they are greyed out. When I resize a picture it gets really ugly pixel wise. am I missing something?
  22. Hi, i'm a professional graphic designer and Adobe dominated my workflow over 18 years. I am so upset about the Adobe subscription system that I looked for alternatives, so I came to you and bought bouth of your Apps. First impression: looks great and very fast But there are some things which I do not get along and I hope that's just because I worked so many years with the Adobe Apps. I watched all the videos on your site but couldn't find anything about these basic features: - resizing images: couldn't find a dialog to type in new image dimensions - crop tool: couldn't crop from the center of an image; cropping does not snap on the outer image borders; constrain proportion of the cropping tool is not possible, is it? - layers: couldn't find a delete hidden layers option These are just some of the things i noticed after the first 60 minutes. I'm curious to see how you develop your apps over time and i'm glad that new App-Developers like you entered the stage!
  23. I'm new to Designer, so maybe I'm doing this wrong but it seems counterintuitive and I'm struggling. I created a document and added a bunch of guides to it. I then realized that I needed to resize the document, but I didn't want to reposition all the guides again. In the resize document window, the option to rescale objects doesn't seem to include guides as "objects", so that didn't work. Ok, I thought, maybe it's because I put definitive pixel positions for the guides in the Guide Manager. Perhaps if I changed them to percentage positions then it would rescale their positions on the new document size. This would make total sense to me. If I position a guide at 30% vertically on one document, I'd like it to remain at 30% if I enlarge the document, especially if I have checked the option to rescale objects. Otherwise it renders all the guides completely useless. Unfortunately this didn't seem to work either! It changed all the percentages of the guide positions! I can't figure that one out at all. If someone has taken the time to define a guide position based on a percentage, why would they want it to change when they enlarge the document and select objects to be resized as well. Am I doing something wrong?
  24. Found out recently that if I choose resize document and first untick resample and change the dpi, then tick resample back and change units from pixels to centimeters and do resizing on image and press ok, this brings quite strange and heavily pixelated results. If I do these in separate actions; first untick resample and change the dpi and press ok, then choose resize document action againg and change units and then resizing works ok.
  25. When I used Gimp you could resize the circle selection using four transform nodes. Can you do this in photo or designer? <iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/iq6ldk58aKE?rel=0"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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