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Found 9 results

  1. How can you enlarge a photo without significantly losing quality? Uważam, że funkcja powiększania zdjęć w Affinity Photo albo nie działa, albo działa niezauważalnie. Czy jest szansa na uzyskanie takich samych wyników jak na tej stronie? https://bigjpg.com/
  2. Using Affinity Photo 1.8.6 on a fully updated Intel iMac running Mac OS 10.15.7 (19H15), I have the following extremely frustrating feature: One thing I do a lot is join multiple images together, so I'm frequently using the Resize Document or Resize Canvas options. Unlike Photoshop, where you can easily change the height of your 720 px high image to be 1440 so you can add the 2nd graphic, Affinity Photo *always* has the "constrain" lock set to on, so making any change to the Y axis is reflected it the X axis. I have to manually turn this off, which means I can't automate anything or work quickly. (I am a big fan of Keyboard Maestro, a tool for automating pretty much anything, an hacking things with UI scripting if there's no other option. I see a user who is similiarly obsessive as me has made a 'hack' to fix this frustrating feature of AP, here https://infinitediaries.net/fixing-affinity-photoss-resize-canvas-with-keyboard-maestro/ .) Please fix this frustrating aspect of AP! Either allow the "lock" to remember its last position (if unlocked, remain unlocked) or give us a preference to set the default we need.
  3. Please explain how to change default values for "Resize Document" function, as I always use the same values which are not default. Thank you, Phil.
  4. I'm stumped about what should be a simple, straightforward process. I can't get my photos I've updated with new Resize Document settings to retain the new settings when saved. 1. Open a photo file in Affinity Photo 1.6.7: about 4-5MB, 72x72 dpi imported from digital camera to iMac (late 2015 running macOS Mojave 10.14.2). See Screen 1 attached. 2. Resize document dpi to 300, change dimension from pixels to inches and set size to around 8x6/6x8. Probably also make adjustments to the photo. See Screen 2. 3. Save the modified photo by pressing Cmd-S. The file name is no longer 'modified.' Close the file. See Screen 3. The file's metadata states that the pixel dimensions are still 72x72. So I re-open the photo file, check the Resize Document settings and, sure enough, none of the updated Resize settings have changed. This process repeats, regardless of the photo file. I even unlock the Background Layer containing the photo; same problem. Disregarding Einstein's advice, I repeat the process hoping for a different result. Don't have this problem with Photoshop or Photo Elements. What's going on? What am I doing wrong? Really appreciate your assistance.
  5. Feature request: A small one - some indication in the dialogue box as to which number refers to height and which one refers to width of the image.
  6. In document / canvas resize i'm missing Percents between units in a list. I'm happy that i can type it on keyboard and it recalculate itself, but what about newbies looking for calculator??? Cheers!
  7. I use Photoshop's Image > Image Size feature all the time, and I must say that the addition of "Image Size" within Affinity Photo's "Resize Document" sheet would be welcomed. For example, when you change the PPI or dimensions in Photoshop, you see something like this: Image Size: 24.5MB (was 64MB) The key part of that is the "was" part in parenthesis. Thanks.
  8. In Affinity Photo (1.4.2) when resizing a document with Document > Resize Document… it would be of great help if the Resample option would ether remind the last set option or be set to Bicubic or Lanczos as standard and not „Nearest Neighbor”. Maybe I’m wrong, but most of the people using Affinity Photo work on photos where „Nearest Neighbor” is the baddest of all resample algorithm. :-)
  9. I have resized document in preparation for print and used lanczos 3 (non-separated) and after a 10 seconds of crunching the numbers, my imaged changed and now has a thin horizontal band which I cannot remove. I have tried the immediately obvious which is close the image and re-open; it's still there! I have gone back to my original and it's not there! Any help/ideas would be most welcome. I will send it for printing anyway, but I fear it's highly likely that the print will contain the horizontal line. Thanks!
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