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  1. Hi, When I resize an image using the "Image" window in the top left-hand corner : If I use the scale factor, the size will be modified taking into account the reference point in the "Dimensions" panel. If I use the resolution, it will not use this reference point. This does not seem consistent to me.
  2. I Use all three Affinity apps on a 2019 15" MacBook Pro. Sometimes I just use the laptop screen, other times I plug into a larger display monitor through HDMI and move everything out to utilize the larger screen area. If I resize any of the apps to the larger monitor and then unplug and go back to just my laptop the screens remain where they were placed and sized in relation to the external monitor. Super annoying as sometimes the app is completely out of the viewing area on my laptop. If I was using it on the right side of the monitor (default placement is upper left corner), or it's been left expanded to the larger monitor you end up seeing just a fraction of the app on the laptop, which then you're stuck fiddling around trying to grab edges just so you shrink or move things around to fit back into the 15" screen area. Restart app or MacBook does not fix or reset. Using layout profiles doesn't make anything any better either. I haven't used Adobe apps for awhile, but if I recall they auto resized if you unplugged from a larger monitor. Would be nice to see if Dev could fix this or is there an easy work around I'm missing? –Cheers
  3. Is there any option to resize multiple diffrent object at once in Affinity Designer? For exmaple I have 3 diffrent rectangle selected and I would like to change sizes of these rectangles to 20x20 mm each. I couldn't find anything like that in Designer.
  4. Hello everyone, How can I flatten an image in Photo? Here's my case: I open an image at 500x1000 px and want to resize its canvas to 1000x1000 Well, I do Document > Resize Canvas, unlink the dimensions, set one side to 1000, and press Resize Of course, Photo adds the transparent 250 px margins left and right Then I do Document > Flatten to make one 1000x1000 flat image And nothing happens; the image still has transparent margins, and when I save it to PNG, it saves the transparency as well. In this case, Photoshop makes a flat image with no transparency, which is right. How can I do it in Photo? Please help me understand the logic of this editor.
  5. What Application are you using? [Publisher] Are you using the latest release version? Yes 2.3.1 Can you reproduce it? Yes Does it happen for a new document? Yes If not can you upload a document that shows the problem? See Attached File If you cannot provide a sample document then please give an accurate description of the problem for example it should include most of the following: What is your operating system and version MacOS Ventura 13.6.4 Is hardware acceleration (in Preferences > Performance) ON ? (and have you tried the other setting?) NO What happened for you (and what you expected to happen) Provide a recipe for creating the problem (step-by-step what you did). Create a new document using custom page settings of 4.9x6.9 Create a table on the 1st body page (see attached file) Copy that table and then paste it on the Master page When I did that the table size changed to a smaller version of the table. Click on the table to select it. move the cursor to the bottom circle to resize the table. When you click and hold on that circle, the application crashes. Screenshots (very handy) or a screen capture/video. No Any unusual hardware (like tablets or external monitors or drives that may affect things) or relevant other applications like font managers or display managers. NO Did this same thing used to work and if so have you changed anything recently? (software or hardware) I did not have this issue in Version 1 when I first created a file like this. 2024-01-30 Publisher Crash log.txt Large Format Shoot Log.afpub
  6. When the Text Ruler is displayed, the cursor won't turn from an I-beam cursor to an Arrow cursor.. it doesn't detect the to-middle text box resize handle
  7. Good morning, afternoon, evening (pick you fav.)! I'm working a —lot— with constraints. It's an incredible time saver. But not always… :( Lets say you've designed a complex element, using a lot of constraints, groups, subgroups, children, etc. All of this is perfectly working with constraints when you resize the element (wider or higher). But now, you need to change it's size for any of the many reasons that could exist. I really mean you have to —scale— up/down everything: texts, shapes, etc. At this moment, you —don't— want any of the constraints to apply. I've not found yet anything that would allow me to do this. Didn't found a shortcut to temporarily deactivate constraints. Didn't found an button to reset/remove —all— constraints of an element and —all— it's children. --> My only workaround (and I hate it), was to duplicate the element, and manually destroy all the work done (delete all groups, children, clips, set everything to one single level), and then apply a default constraint to all. My work is composed of a —huge— amount of elements, and the time lost to do the above is killing me :( Am I missing something? All the best
  8. I'm rearranging a-lot of text for garment print. I first started making all the text with the Artistic text tool, but then I found out if I had to resize the text box I should convert the text to "Frame text". Now I have the layout I want however I need to decrease the size of all my text artwork, but when I resize my grouped text frames only the text frame changes size but no the size of the text. Is there a way to resize the text inside the text-frames by dragging?
  9. I have an image here: https://d.pr/f/ajmR49 It has several layers that use perspective active layers. When I resize the document to width 825 (which is the size I need for the printer), the layers with perspective applied don't get properly resized and positioned. Open the file at https://d.pr/f/ajmR49 . Do Document | Resize Document… and enter 825 as the width (let the height auto-calculate). The floating windows get all screwed up. Backing up in the history prior to the resizing does not correctly restore the locations of the floating window layers. sr9-multiverse-astronomy-constellations-evening-1564312.afphoto
  10. I would like you to apply the new option "Limit initial zoom to a maximum of 100%" to the image after cropping/resizing also.
  11. In my Pages section, my linked text frame has x's all around the frame instead of circles. I need to change the size of the frame. How do I get the circles to come back on the page?
  12. At 3:59 in this Designer video from Affinity, there are 2 dots in the lower right corner when resizing multiple Artboards. I can't seem to replicate this. Is there any setting not mentioned in video that needs to be enabled? Still frame: Thanks.
  13. Hi, im new to Affinity and I like it a lot. In photoshop when you drag a file from folder directly onto a canvas youre working on - it resizes to the same size as canvas which is very convenient In Affinity photo when you drag it it keeps its original size and its very painful to resize it each time. Also sometimes it simply gets pasted somewhere outside the canvas and its not even easy to locate it. Is there any way to drag the file onto canvas and make it resize to fit it?
  14. I've just discovered this weird glitch in AD V2.04. When resizing an artboard with 'Lock Children' ticked, frame text will still get affected by the resize. This only happens when using the extra bottom-right corner node. Interestingly, the tooltip at the bottom of my window shows "Drag to resize text', even though I was resizing the Artboard. To replicate the issue Open the attached .AFDESIGN file. Drag the bottom right corner node of the artboard to resize it. Frame Text gets resized, but Artistic Text does not. Artboard Resize Text Issue.afdesign
  15. Hi Suppose I copy and page an image into my affinity photo document. By default it is put on to a new layer of the type "image layer". This is useful because I can shrink the image or stretch it using the move tool and all the original pixels are remembered if I stretch or scale the image again layer later - it is not resampled like Photoshop. My question is, after shrinking the image layer, is it possible to restore it to the original size it was when it was first pasted in to my document? At the moment I can only get it to roughly its original size/aspect ration by guess work. If I make it even slightly bigger than it was originally, it will become pixellated. Thanks.
  16. Hi! I am very new to Affinity. I have searched in the forum but didn't find anything similar, so I don't know... maybe it is only happening to me. I created a new file of 127px width, 180 px height, with 72 dpi. My test is small because I found the problem with that one, but it happens with other sizes. Drag the woman image so it is a new layer (linked). I then resize that layer (the layer, not the document) to a 10% width with Transform panel. You can see how the image gets pixelated, or some would say blurry (depending on the zoom level!). This is not happening in Photoshop, which looks fine. This problem is NOT happening in Affinity Designer, nor Publisher. This is a problem, cause you can not work in a blurry-pixelated image in "photo persona". I don't know if there are other options to preview images (in Preferences>Performance>View Quality I have "bilinear (best quality)", as with "Nearest Neighbour" is much worse). Exporting as JPG through "File>Export" Resample: Bicubic Quality 100% gets same blurrines-pixelation. Resample: Lanczos 3 Non-separable, which seems the best Quality 100% gets better. I think is even better than photoshop, at least with this small export size. Ok, then I change to "export persona" and the image in the monitor looks as expected! But exporting it gets same results as before. You can check and try with the attached elements (woman photo is free, on Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/photos/woman-portrait-face-skin-make-up-3096664/ I downloaded the 1920px option). Thank you! Edit: I have uploaded a new image: a screen capture of Affinity Photo vs Photoshop. woman.psd woman.afphoto
  17. This problem also appears in designer too apparently- exact same problem on that persons iPad Air 3. My problem is that the anchor points box is not visible completely. It forces me to resize utilizing the 3 top points in the square. If I want to resize my pic ( ie creating an equal border) I cannot select the Centre of the box cause it’s obscured. It may only be a problem with iPad Air 3- which I have. Real drag as I used this for boarders pre 1.9 thanks
  18. You can currently resize text frames horizontally by double clicking the centre handles on the left or right hand side of the text box. The same goes for vertical resizing. I would like to also have a resize to smallest bounding box of the text by double clicking the handles at the corners of the text box (e.g. bottom left/ right). That would be convenient for example for reworking large text boxes for titles, which overlap with other text frames.
  19. Hello-- I've read about half a dozen threads related to this, but none hit on my exact question: I've got a 150x100 canvas (creating a logo, by working two logos together) and am importing one of the logos which is quite large. After dragging it in, I want to size it down significantly (to 150 wide) and to do so using bicubic. I can drag the corners, yes, but it looks terrible once done (I understand the default isn't bicubic). I can change the values of the dimensions in the Transform menu, but again there's no ability to change it to bicubic first. Where does this adjustment live? Thanks a lot, JC
  20. Hello. I'm attempting to upload art made in Affinity Designer to Teespring. I export as a PNG, Resample: Bilinear and don't resize the image larger when creating my listing. After creating the listing, the preview looks pixelated. Other shops don't have this pixelation problem on their product pages. I'm concerned about the quality of the shirt. Their design tips say to turn off anti-aliasing in Illustrator. Can I achieve a similar result in Designer to prevent pixilation of a printed product? I see an export option for nearest neighbor but I don't fully understand this or if it will allow my design to be printed with high quality. The artwork are vectors and they are only pixelated when uploaded to the shop. What would you suggest?
  21. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but a problem I frequently run into in Affinity Designer is the following: I have an object (such as a rectangle), I make other objects children of this object so they will mask to its bounds, then I find I need to resize the bounds of the parent object. I realize that the intended behavior for resizing a parent element is to resize all of the children elements as if it were any other group. However, I was wondering if there is any method/modifier keys that might let me resize the parent object without modifying the children, just to adjust the bounds. Hopefully this question makes sense... if it isn't possible (which I would not be surprised if it isn't, as it's a rather strange request), is there another easy technique of masking I could use? My usual method is to create parent objects as masks, then just place the objects I wish to mask as children. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  22. I ran into a problem with resizing of multiple objekts (holes to be shrunk and still to be in the same center spot) and I got a lot of werry good advice from the forum after asking in "Affinity on Desktop Questions (macOS and Windows)". So I thought that I'd share it with you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First i got from EmT: "In Affinity Designer you would be able to create the object as a 'Symbol' and this would then allow global editing. Please see attached video for more information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6j--9mf2siQ " ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then I asked "Is it posible to make the "Symbol" follow a path?" like this. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And I got from EmT: "Unfortunately that is not a current feature, however if you use power duplicate, it will move the next duplication relative in space and sizing, to the first duplication. The video below should demonstrate this. https://youtu.be/bSm15HGADzk?t=144 " ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then I got from Alfred: "The Move Tool ‘Transform Objects Separately’ option should give you the result you want. Affinity Designer Help: Transforming objects (bottom of page) Affinity Spotlight: 10 things we love about Affinity Designer 1.7 (item 8⁠)" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then I got from G13RL: "Without using symbols, you can place objects along a curve. Draw the curve, duplicate it on itself. Draw a circle, duplicate it (on itself or not) as many times as necessary. Select all circles, "Cut". Take "Artistic Text Tool", click on the curve, "Paste". Adjust the spacing between the circles using "Tracking" in the "Character" tab of the studio." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And last I got from Hens: "But with symbols there's much more to play with 😉" 1784880003_2022-04-0711-39-46.mp4.8c9b90843d2336b52585d82d7493ea87.mp4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally here are the results of this help. "Real Dragonskinn" 😁
  23. I have some artwork I have had scanned at 600 DPI and it has been saved as 3 files, a TIFF, jpeg and a PDF. The original size of the piece of art was 30cm x 25cm. I would like to have it printed as a tea towel by an online print on demand site but the template for that is sized at 72cm x 44cm. I can't upload the art to the website, I have to email it at the correct size or aspect ratio. How can I adjust one of the scans in either Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo without distorting it or losing any quality so that I can send it off for printing? Or is this not possible? I am very new to the software so I'm hoping someone can help me with some step by step instructions!
  24. Hi, I am currently on my trial trying to decide whether or not I should buy Affinity Photo. While I have watched most of the official tutorial videos, I have a hard time getting my grip on some basic task. Basically I want to add a canvas in A4 (because I have A4 photo paper for print) and then add several Images on that canvas and make a few adjustments/edits to each of the images. Crop each image/layer resize each image/layer to a specific size make some adjustments and edits to each layer/image While I could make some adjustments (like brightness contrast etc) I find doing cropping and resizing/cropping of layers not intuitive at all. Maybe someone can direct me in the right direction on how to accomplish those (normally easy) tasks. Thanks and best phil
  25. Hi, many times i want to resize a layer from the center, using the apple pencil (not the Transform Tools settings). But Affinity always uses the opposite end and anchor point (right?). Anyway to change this? As you can see on the video below, even if i change the anchor point from the Photo > Transform Studio from the side to the center, it doesn't resize it from the center when i'm using the Pencil/Finger. Using version: AP iOS version on the iPad Pro
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