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Found 45 results

  1. All in the title, i use constrain quite a lot in my webdesign so that i can resize all the assets i create. But often i need to break things appart to reuse them in other/new assets. And i always need to select all the object from previous assets, to reset all sorts of constrains manually by enabling and desabling all options ta be sure i don't forget one. (because you know what happen if you try to group objects again with contrain on them... Pouf ! vanish! ) So a little reset button could be SOOO great ! Thx ! NB : And maybe a notification/popup message, when you are going to group/ungroup objects that has contrains with one another ? Cheers !
  2. Dear Affinity Team I have tried to re-download your products which I bought last year. I still have the PayPal receipts, the saved password and login details to your site. But somehow neither my email nor my password are recognized on any of your associated sites (seriflabs, affinity). I tried to reset my password but it would not recognize my email. I am certrain I got the correct login-details because these are auto-saved in my browser, I also remember successfull login in with those details last year. I purchased both, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for Windows. Could I get some assistance regarding this? Is there an issue with your account management from 2016? My name is Jessica Helsdon. I re-registered now in hopes of it being a bug but still I do not see my purchases. I canprovide the Paypal receipts. Thanks in advance.
  3. Running 1.5.4. on mac. My interface is in Separated Mode. Selecting Merge all Windows does nothing. I have tried to reset everything by holding Ctrl key while opening app, but that didn't help. BTW, I am running the latest Beta version (just installed). That is working fine.
  4. As the title says, the assets panel is occasionally causing AD to crash; and on reopening the entire workspace has been reset to factory. It's annoying to say the least. Speaking of – I can't seem to find any way to back up my workspace?
  5. yo guys my top bar is gone (the one where you can merge objects together and stuff like that. I tried view>studio>reset but doesnt work. anyone know how I might be able to fix this?
  6. When resetting all the brushes back to their default settings by going to Edit > Preferences > Miscellaneous > Reset Brushes, an error message is displayed saying "Failed to restore brushes to factory settings" even though they appear to reset OK. Screenshot attached. Affinity Photo - Windows 10 - 14393.576
  7. Possibly already mentioned somewhere but how do I reset all tools and or brushes to default?
  8. I've changed the color and alpha in the settings for Grid and Snapping Axis on Affinity Designer for Windows, and I'm unable to reset them back to factory default. Could you please give me the default RGB and Alpha values for the primary and secondary grids? Thanks!
  9. The focus stacking is great: - Question: Can I use New Stack > Live Alignment > focus merge? I can't seem to focus merge a live group. If not then: - Feature request: Live alignment option for focus stack. QoL: Adjustment sliders: - Question: How do you reset an individual slider quickly, rather than the whole panel? - Feature request: Double clicking the slider header (lightroom) or right clicking the up/down arrows on the number entry box (3DSMax) resets the slider/number entry to default. Detail Refinement in the Develop Module: - This is sharpening, right? - Feature request: Unsharp mask/threshold for sharpening. Without this it's mostly useless on any photo that has blurred and sharp areas (dof/panning/etc). QoL: After selecting a menu with drop down options you can't transverse the options in the menu with the up and down arrow keys. Eg. Blend mode drop down menu. The Export Module: I understand the use of slices for advanced users, but most people just want a nice big simple export button. It should probably default to the slices pane rather than the layers pane when entering the export module and the export all slices button might need to be a bit more obvious. Just a few thoughts, feel free to disregard.
  10. Reseting an Affinity app to factory defaults is often suggested as a cure for various problems. While that may work, it is a very destructive step that wipes out all user customizations for keyboard shortcuts, the layout of the Tools palette & the main menu bar, fills, styles, brushes, etc. & returns just about everything to the new user defaults values. Some of these things, for example keyboard shortcuts & Styles categories, can be exported/saved prior to the reset & imported/loaded back into the app afterwards, which can reduce the considerable amount of time & effort sometimes needed to return the app to the previous highly customized state. However, there does not seem to be a comprehensive list of all the things that could be exported or saved for this purpose, or any mention of which (if any) should not be imported or loaded back into the app to reintroduce some problem the reset was meant to cure. For many of them, exporting/importing each category individually would be required since there is no global 'export/import all categories' feature in their menus, so even with a comprehensive checklist this can be a tedious & error prone process. Any guidance on this would be appreciated, as well as if or when less destructive alternatives would suffice. One example of this is I have noticed than on a Mac, some problems can be resolved by trashing the ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner/Data/Library/Caches files or the equivalent path for the other Affinity apps (including the betas & possibly for the Photos extensions as well). Note: for anyone wishing to try this, it should be done only while the app is not running. In particular, this seems to resolve unusually long launch times & some other sluggish behaviors, but only when the contents of the Caches subfolders have become large, at least more than 1 or 2 MB.
  11. Hi again, When playing with embedded documents, two things are missing to me (but perhaps I've not found them yet) Let's say my embedded document has a width of 1024px. Once embedded to a parent document, we can decide (quite often) to resize it, and if ever, I'm missing: • An information on the transform panel telling me by how much it has been resized from its original size. (ie. transformed width = 643px --> scale would show somewhere 62,79% • A button + right click menu entry, etc. to instantly scale it back to it's original dimension What do you think?
  12. The brush reset does not reset the altered brush to original state. I altered size and size variance, used brush then another brush, on returning to the altered brush it could not be returned to original state, not even via the preference menu.
  13. Hi, Could i request a shortcut to be added to reset the color swatch back to Black & White like it is in PS. The shortcut for that is D. If we have one already can you please let me know what it is? :) Thanks!
  14. I need to adjust the zero position of the rulers in order to allow for a bleed and then precisely position items within my image. Is this possible or is it a case of a little bit of mental arithmetic each time?
  15. Hello. I needed to reset Affinity Photo ⌃(ctrl) because I could not delete a brush category. I tried to protect my user settings before going through with the reset but I lost all my personal Studio settings. Can we expect a fix soon? Thank you.
  16. Hello Community! I accidentally changed something at the Tools, Navigator, etc. Panels. Does someone know, how I can reset it on default settings? Thank you! -Timo
  17. I am not sure whether this is really a bug or something introduced recently, by design (I´m on El Capitan)? Previously, I could hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard when opening an Affinity application, it would then offer to reset / pick from a list to reset. This has now changed for me, the menu to pick from is populated with a list of recently used, no reset at all anymore. It´s consistent throughout all versions, see the screen prints below. I couldn´t find any kind of (System) preference to set it differently, preferably like it was before. Trying to find out what happened, I checked all applications in my Dock, a few show exactly the same ´feature´. In my case, that´s true for Pages 5.6, Autodesk SketchBook Pro 7.3.1, Pixelmator 3.4 Twist, Xcode 7.0.1... All recently updated. A few show something else, obviously have been designed like that: Safari 9.0 when already open, Messages, FaceTime and System Preferences.
  18. Which Reset option in the Miscellaneous panel of Designer's preferences will do the least resetting of all my options and still return my color palette to its original layout? As you can see from the attached screenshot, several colors have been accidentally dragged out of position (imo, it's too easy to move them; I'd like to see a modifier key needed in addition to a drag in order to move the colors around), and I'd like to return the order to what it was originally:
  19. A customer that contacted us via Twitter is having an issue setting guides by dragging from the rulers. There's a video of the issue here: https://vid.me/btlV A Ctrl-launch and reset was only a short term fix, the problem quickly returned. Thanks, Dale.
  20. If I go into the Vector brush properties and change the size (or any setting), close the properties and then reopen and press reset. The brush settings don't reset to original settings. Is the Reset button suppose to work that way?
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