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Found 5 results

  1. Looking for tutorials on making half drop and half row repeat pattern tiles. I can find plenty of tutorials on making a basic square repeat, but I want to make more complex patterns using rectangles and offsets for half drop repeats and different variations of brick by row and column. Ideally, I would like to learn how to make patterns with offsets in both X and Y. Here is a test pattern using a method I know for making a half drop pattern, but I don't know how to crop a tile for this method.
  2. Hello, Is it possible to use brush on the one selected area, but the effect to be for all the other selections, like mirroring the brush movement and effect, but inside the different selections? like on the image, this dot to appear not only for the selected area but also inside the other boxes simultaneously. I want to create irregular patterns. Is there any chance I can do something like this without using the symbols? Or Can the symbols be created after the creation of curves, like linking already existing curves and choosing one of them as the symbol? I also tried applying bitmaps to the selection but for irregular placement it's impossible. I'm quite curious what effect does "repeat" or "zero" have? Any ideas, different tools or any third-party software to reach the described results? hope my question is clear.
  3. Dear Serif, We had major problems sometime ago with the 1.8.0 that were corrected with 1.8.2 Now, today, to my surprise, you had released a new 1.8.3 and again everything broke. I can not access files that *TONY* did earlier this week. I can still access files that *I* did earlier this week. Both me and Tony were using 1.8.2 and since Publisher found that 1.8.3 exist, it immediately crashes if I try to use any files Tony has done. Those same files worked a few days back nicely. We work with commonly shared Dropbox folder. Tony can still access the very same files that caused crash on my computer. I tried updating to 1.8.3. No luck. It still crashes. And no crash dumps (just like with 1.8.2). I can do new files and I can access files I have done and updated. But nothing that we have shared between me and Tony. I have a few pointers: Every file that I still can open (all done by me AND last accessed by me) have lost *EVERY SINGLE* linked file. Every single. Okay, that is possible to fix, but annoying and alarming. We use same file structure, me and Tony, both updated to 1.82.620 at the same time and both have same Windows 10 version On every occasion these problems have started exactly when new Publisher is found in the system. I'd dearly like to have feature of NOT updating or checking updates automatically as it does something to the files and causes these problems. As we have recently bought more licenses of Publisher and all are forced to do remote work, this is pretty much as bad situation as you can produce. We were trying to catch the gap that 1.8.0 ->1.8.2 hold up caused when this happened. Why, oh-why, did you do this again. I really like your software - but I really, really dislike your update system. PLEASE disable the forced 'lets check if there would be something new' as it clearly makes life miserable.
  4. Hi, I want to make a repeating pattern and saw a Photoshop tutorial ( https://binged.it/2tZ6SDb ) where they used an offset function to do this. I've tried searching for something similar in Affinity Designer but cannot seem to find an equivalent? Is there something I've missed? istring
  5. The Symbols Tool makes it soooo easy to create seamless repeating pattern in AD. I've published a tutorial on YT where I explain how to draw a simple chain link seamless repeating pattern. Keep on drawin'
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