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Found 22 results

  1. Layer symbols are not displayed correctly, if you hover over the symbol icon (the crossed dot), Designer displays a pop-up that reads: "layer", whereas the layer is in fact a symbol. Also, the name of the symbol in the symbol studio and layers studio still reads "layer", instead of "symbol" as symbols would. Also note that if I delete all the layers, the symbol in the symbol studio will read group, as opposed to "symbol". See video, should be self-explanatory. 2023-01-12 13-01-13.mp4
  2. A bit of a weird one. When I create a new layer and double click the title to rename it, if I type the new layer name too quickly the app seems to commit to the new name before I've even finished typing it. This seems to be especially prevalent when I try and rename it with anything starting with the letter "S". For instance, if I make a new layer and I want to rename it "Skyline", I double click the default name "(Pixel)" and quickly start typing "Skyline" I only get as far as "Sky" before it commits to the renaming. So I end up with a layer prematurely called "Sky" and accidentally proceed to toggle all of the keyboard shortcuts for the remaining characters in the word "L I N E" while thinking I'm still busy typing out the layer name. Hopefully this makes some kind of sense! Please let me know if you need more info.
  3. My mouse was up here, I double click and a totally unrelated layer starts getting renamed??
  4. I work on a project now where there ie so many files to be created (about fifty) and the have to be in the right order. To do so, my artboards are divided in 4 categories : A B C & D hence my artboards renamed A1 A2 A3.. B1 B2 B3 etc..... Therefore I spend a lot of time renaming artborad. Is there any way to bach-rename? Or at least edit the convention 'Artboard {n}'? On windows you can press F2 to rename (cannot find a way to set up short cut for renaming in affinity). So if you select 50files and you press F2 you type "NEW NAME" and all the files will automatically be renamed NEW NAME (n). Would be nice to be able to do the same thing with artboard. At least when I'm renaming a artboard (or layer or any object), it would be nice to be able to rename the next one by pressing tab.
  5. I see that this one has been around for a while (4+ years) but it would be helpful to be able to rename spare channels as part of a macro. Renaming is possible in other actions (creating a curve layer for example) - why not this one?
  6. A tiny thing but probably one that should be fixed: I clicked OK instead of Cancel after selecting Rename of a Global Spot when I then decided that it didn't need changing.
  7. So I recently updated to 1.8... (very late I know) and have been having serious trouble when saving my documents. Steps to recreate: Opened any image in affinity designer Make any change to the photo Save as and change the name but leave the .afphoto un changed Produces error message attached When reopening the file, I get another error message saying "The file type is not supported" I do not get this error when the file name is not changed. This is not ideal though as I end up with lots of files with stupid names such as DSC02780, and if I try rename this file I am unable to open it and I get the same error of "The file type is not supported". Hopefully I can get some help here as I do love affinity photo but this is a very bad bug that has made me lose a lot of my work.
  8. Hello. I am working on comic book lettering and using Groups to prepare the balloons for future slicing to PNG format (they are inputs for comic book composer we are developing). I try to keep it clean and organized by using simple naming code "LANGUAGE platform ###" e.g CZE mobil 001, CZE mobil 002, etc. Sometimes I need to split the ballon and/or add new one which messing up the order. I usually put there an extra letter (001a, 001b...) but I would prefer to keep numbers only. Is there any chance to rename all groups in 1 step by defining syntax I described above? I found the batch renaming for Slices is not possible but what about the Groups, Layers...?
  9. I like to work with a list of swatches and give all colors/swatches my own name. But with long lists it takes a long time to rename all swatches the way the interface is build now (look at video below). What we have to do rightnow for all items in the swatches list, each time to rename: Rightclick a swatch Move the mouse to the right where a menu popped up on a different location, move to the 'Rename Global Color' (or normal color) menu-item and click Move the mouse to the input dialog which is on yet another completely different screenlocation so we have to move the mouse all over to the left We need to click the inputfield first and select the text in it to overwrite it Type the new name Click on OK or press enter-key to confirm This is a pretty inefficient workflow when renaming a full list of swatches (or styles), it takes way too many steps and we have to move the mouse all the time and switch between keyboard and mouse. What I would like to do instead: Two clicks on the swatch so the swatch-textlabel changes into an input field in which the current name show and is already selected to overwrite Enter the new name Press enter or tab to confirm So no more mouse moves from right and than completely to the left, just two clicks on the same location and the rest typing in and confirming with the keyboard. Not sure why Serif has chosen a completely different (and much more inefficient) UX approach for the swatches and styles panels compared to renaming the layers in the layers panel. I don't understand, because the layers-panel has such a nice and proven fast workflow to rename items which most people understand intuitively and already use in other software too. So please make renaming swatches and styles the same as renaming in the layers panel! That would speed up the workflow so much and makes the repetitive task of renaming items so much more efficient. Thanks! Compare this (renaming swatches and styles how it is now)...: renaming-swatches-takes-a-long-time.mp4 To this... (renaming layers, like how swatches and styles could have the same UX): renaming-layers.mp4
  10. Hey everyone! It would be much faster if double tap on a layer would let you rename it. Best wishes, Shu
  11. Say I have a master page with page numbers. Then I want a second one, the same master with different style numbers for a section of the book. Then I want a third one for another section, still the same basic master page, without any numbers at all. So I could create the first master page, duplicate it twice and save me the trouble of creating each one separately. But then, I do not get the option of "renaming" each master page when I choose Spread properties, for instance. So that is my question, how do I rename an existing page that I duplicate.
  12. Hello, Iam new to using Affinity and have been using Photoshop as part of my job for many years. My boss has recently purchased this software, but with the nature of work we do, I am missing the Bridge feature which allows me to view and make basic edits to images, rather than having to open all images all at once, or individually. Also i would think a batch renaming feature would be useful. Please can you let me know if any of these features are appearing in a future update. thanks Gemma
  13. hi there, It seems i can not rename Artboard1, Artboard2 etc. in names i prefer, am i right or overlooking something?
  14. Hi, Can you please add a new feature to rename the name layer with a hotkey in Affinity Designer/Photo? Maybe cmd + r/ctrl + r; or at least give an option to assign hotkey for this operation Thank you!
  15. Hello! I was wanting to suggest adding a feature in the application that gives us the option to retain or sequentially name our saved files just to keep everything organized better. As it is now for me I plug in my SD card to my iPad and import photos to the camera roll, then I import that image from photos into the Affinity application. Is there another way that I can import the images to keep the file names? I edit quite a few files at a time and in Lightroom Mobile it retains the file name even coming from the camera roll, I am hoping it can be implemented in a future update for Affinity! Thank you so much
  16. Hi from XD i suggest the artboard rename directly on double click, here an example.
  17. When I rename a symbol in the Symbol panel, the new name does not propagate to instances of the symbol already on the page. Also, could renaming and deleting be brought inline with other conventions within Designer... Click the name in the Symbols panel to rename Rename inline rather than a modal box Select in Symbols panel and hit Delete key to delete Thanks for your consideration.
  18. Hey there, what I'm missing so far regarding the swatches panel: - Easy renaming workflow of swatches with F2 and Tab, and to go further: something like Renamy would be even more awesome - Select and delete/copy multiple swatches. At least it should be possible to click/select and delete via DEL-key to easliy clear up the swatches - "remove unused colors"-option to quickly clean up a palette - usecase would be mostly the the document-related palettes - Convert already added swatches to Global/Spot-Colors - Ability to easily set spot-color-name the same as swatch-name and vice versa (without copy-paste, perhaps with a checkbox in the settings of each swatch) - Missing a direct "Add current color to palette as Spot Color" very much! - The to "Add current color to palette [...]"-Icons are not very distinctive. I would've added at least a big triangle in the left bottom corner of the button regarding the "add as global color" option to suit the appearance of those color in the swatch-list/grid below - Setting/checkbox/action to add swatches via "create Palette from document/image" directly as Global/Spot-colors. - Indicator to see in which Colormode the color originally was created and then have the ability to quickly switch color from RGB to CMYK-Mode and vice versa (perhaps even be able to determine the rendering/conversion while doing so) Greetings, Johannes.
  19. Hi When i try to record a macro in the windows version of Affinity Photo, I am unable to switch between layers. For example if I create 2 duplicates of my background layer, and make a high pass adjustment to the top layer, I am then unable to switch to the layer beneath to make another adjustment. Also, I am unable to change the name of any layers whilst the macro is recording. Any help much appreciated.
  20. I know you can rename an object by selecting it on the layer panel and then double-clicking on its name. The problem is that if you have a large document with thousands of objects you first need to select the object you want to rename on the document and then spend a looooot of time locating the highlighted item on the layer panel so that you can double-click on its name in order to change it. This should be a lot easier. You just need to add a "rename object" option on the layer menu (and/or the context menu you get for the selected object). We use Affinity Designer to create graphics we then export as SVG files. The name of each object in SVG files is usually VERY IMPORTANT so that you can work with them on web applications. Naming objects should be a lot easier when you have multiple objects on the document. Another way to fix this situation would be that whenever you select a SINGLE object on the document, the layer panel would automatically scroll to that object on the list to make it visible to you (instead of you having to manually look for it on the list, which is a pain if you have hundreds of objects). Once the object has been located for you on the layer panel, you can easily proceed to rename it by double-clicking on its name.
  21. Ok maybe I'm missing something here but I know I was able to rename object styles in previous betas and now I can't seem to do it?? I't been a while since I played with Affinity so maybe I've forgotten?
  22. Hello, I miss the functionality for organizing groups without touching the mouse. If I had a shortcut for renaming a group or an element or could select one or more elements/groups with the keyboard, it would be a lot more comfortable. There are already the standard shortcuts for cut, copy, paste, etc, but it seems to me like they have not much value as long as I had to use the mouse. What do you think? Best regards Leon
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