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Found 7 results

  1. Can you please add the functionality to remember the last "area" settings used on the export panel? 3/4 of the time I'm going to be using the "selection without background" setting, and it's a pain to have to select that option each time I export something new. See image below for more context:
  2. I often use the Export Setting "Area >> Selection without Background". The issue with this is that Affinity Designer does not remember the setting and it has to be chosen each time again. It would be cool if the setting would be remembered, this would make it easier when you have to save a lot of designes you keep in a single document.
  3. When I close the standard "iOS" asset category in the asset panel as well as all the sub-categories and start my own asset category with subfolders. Than I select this category and close AD.The next time I start AD the "iOS" category is open again and - even worse - all subcategories are opened again. This bug is time consuming an annnyoing! Is the only way to overcome this user- and workflow-unfriendly behaviour by deleting the "iOS" category - or did I miss out on some hidden setting to make the asset panel remember what category I'd like to work with? In case this is not a "feature" or "by design" (or both) please consider a user selected standard setting for the asset panel (for new documents) as well as a document depending setting ... (saved with the document). Cheers, Timo
  4. Hi! Sorry if this has been requested before. I did a search, but couldn't find anything. The Open File Dialog (and Save As... Dialog) should remember it's size and position. The Save As... Dialog in Separated Mode works as it should (at least in Full Screen). Best Wishes Kristian Bredin
  5. Would be good if the last used font could be remembered for each session or even just remember it for the user to change. For example when printing a batch of certificates, with just a name change in each one, its necessary to manually replace the font and size between loading documents.
  6. Can the photo program remember the options we choose? e.g. When I resize Image, I always want to use "Bi-Cubic" instead of "Nearest Neighbour". But it always defaults to the 1st option everytime I resize images. Or perhaps allow us to set a default?
  7. Greetings from TappyTaps, we really love your beta version of Affinity Photo and we are definitely buying it, once it is released. We are testing your tools almost every day and we come up with one situation that we are unable to solve on our own. Is there any possible way how to remember actions of Perspective tool? Our use case is that we have mockup of iPhone for example and we are putting screenshot in its frame. For this Perspective tool is absolutely fabulous and we like it very much. Unfortunately we have plenty of translations of our screenshots and we need to do it one by one and it takes really long time. So: 1) Is there any way, how to remember what we done with first screenshot and reuse these actions on second one? 2) Is there any way, how to change already edited layer and use Perspective editing from the past? 3) Is there any way, how to use perspective tool for multiple layers at once? If one these options is available, please let me know, because it would save us plenty of time :) Once again thank you for your app and stay awesome :)
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