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Found 8 results

  1. One of the really cool features about Affinity is how you can open the exact same file in both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. You can even have the same file open in both products at the same time. I'm finding myself often having the same file open in both programs a lot. I make some changes in Affinity Designer, then I open the file in Affinity Photo and make some changes there, then I go back to Affinity Designer becasue I want to make more changes there... but now the file has gone out of date ☹️ The only way that I have figured out on how to refresh the document is by closing the file and re-opening it. I would really like to just be able to press ctrl + R or something to have affinity check if there have been any modifications to the file. Ideally in a perfect world, every time you save the file in a different Affinity program, the file would update across all your affinity programs so you are always working on the latest version.
  2. Good day, I found that the preview of applying filters in develop persona is not consistent over the image, the filters being applied partially, please see the attached images. The filter is correctly applied on the exported image, the problem exists in the develop persona, when editing the image. I am using Affinity Photo This bug does not exist on MacOS. Love Affinity Photo, keep up the good work!
  3. (latest version of Affinity Designer 1.7.1 from the Apple Store, OS X 10.10 with the "latest" updates) After changing the document dimensions with "File > Document Setup…" I experience refresh issues on the background area of the document (doesn't seem to matter if the background is transparent or a color). This especially happens very often after adding extra space to a document by using the "Anchor to Page" option. Perhaps related to the fact if it has to trigger a new zoom level afterwards or not. Usually on the right side of the document parts are missing then or I get bars in the UI background color. See the vertical bar in the screenshot (no such rectangle part of my test document). Moving the document around in the viewport will repaint those areas properly. This is easily reproducible.
  4. New problem in the latest build, OS X 10.13.6. If you make a change to an external picture that is already linked in the document, it sometimes (not always) will garner an invalid file type as APUB notifies you that a change was made to the external file. However, the change is actually made in the document. See attached screen shots.
  5. Happy New Year, folks. I keep encountering times where things need to be refreshed but are not (even after a good wait). It's an old issue and can range from histogram to the main image. I'm not asking here for you to debug the whole show about this. What would help, however, would be a key or button that just does a refresh. F5, I believe is a common choice. Thanks!
  6. I mean, when one moves the cursor or draws, all image drawn (lines, etc) become pixelated, and goes back to normal when nothing is moving. The result is a kind of slight flashing for the change of aliasing or simply going to a more pixelated version (is hard to explain, but many of us know what it is) during the seconds the cursor is moving. It is sort of very distracting. It happens to both tools, but have noticed more in Photo. I am planning to buy both, but for me (maybe for others, too) the use if this is fixed will be much more than a converter and print file preparation utility (function that accomplishes mostly quite well, already). That is, I'd love to actually paint with it (as i do with Krita, CPS and etc). I would totally understand if is not implemented, as is probably how the graphic engine works. It'd be great if there was an option, not even default, that one could trigger on, even with a warning sentence of going to lower performance, as for some of us, this trembling/glitch matter is quite important.
  7. When I add a HSL adjustment layer, everey now and then the live preview freezes. Need to close and reopen the settings window to get the live preview working agian.
  8. Greetings I can find a refresh command to use when the graphics fade out. There is something like this on affinity designer.
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