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Found 12 results

  1. The Issue: Some time ago, I realized that the raw photos from my Panasonic S5II will not load into Affinity Photo 2 Properly, Whenever I try and open a Raw File I get the screens below. I've also attached reference images to showcase that the pattern generated is related to the image file in some way I'm just not sure how. I've also included the raw files themselves, one being a chipmunk and the other of a building. I know there isn't a problem with my camera as I've used the free version of photoshop to verify along with Luminar Neo and the photos display perfectly fine. The only other possibility I could think of is that it's the system I'm using, as it's a work laptop with only 8GB of Ram and what I'd call *Office Grade* components. I'll have to verify with my home PC with these same files. I will update when I can. If you have any information please let me know! Thanks P1021271.RW2 P1021285.RW2
  2. Is it too early in Photo for Red still image support?
  3. Cosmetic, I believe. At some point, AFPUB will underscore in red any words that it does not have in its dictionary. If you, for example, go into edit mode and simple erase an errant character, the red line disappears only under the one letter (next to the erased one) - leaving a split red line under a word. What should happen, I think, if the word is now correct, the red line should be entirely removed - showing a correctly spelled word. The red line might disappear when you run through a full document spell check, but I haven't checked that yet.
  4. Something from the fairyland https://www.bodobe.de/red-riding-hood/
  5. Hi, I'm wondering why Affinity Photo and Designer are opening PDF file in different colour than I can see it on MacOS native Preview app? File is package print design I got from client in PDF format. I believe it has been made originally using Illustrator. When I open it in Designer I see extra red layer with blending mode multiply over graphic layer. Not sure what is it's purpose. Any idea what I'm dealing with? Best, Juha
  6. Hello everyone! I take the photos with Canon 6D, when I open the raw files with windows 10 photo app and Irfan view, everything goes well. the color is just fine. but when I open it with affinity photo, it shows more red and color bands between bright and dark parts. can anybody make an explanation? I attached 2 photos here, be aware that the model has some fat granule on the face this may cause discomfort.
  7. I don't remember this before in previous versions so trying to understand if this is a bug or how to turn off, but there's a light red stroke or outline on my text.
  8. Hi guys, Illustration from a summer screenprint serie. Half Affinity Designer, half Photo. The capture was made afterward, rolling the saved history backward (neat function!). Best, P. > Video Making-of Final
  9. Something I came up with in Designer a couple of weeks ago to wear on July 1st, Canada's150th birthday. Uploaded to my Redbubble store. ;-) https://www.redbubble.com/people/kevincreative/works/26662727-red-in-my-blood-canada-150?asc=u&ref=recent-owner Happy 150 Canada!
  10. Hello there. First of all, please note: the original sketch was made by wonderful Dannith. She granted me permission to use her drawing for inking and coloring. Be sure to visit her gallery, she's very talented! Link to DeviantArt page. Red is a character from Transistor game. You might have heard of it or even played it ;) I used Affinity Designer to do my part. Don't know what else to say. Enjoy the artwork, I guess)
  11. Having put the video scopes inside Affinity Photo, it would be great if we can open the native RED Raw codec with all the Raw options available in Red CineX Pro or Adobe Premiere. Now that Red cameras can shoot 8K Raw video with almost 35MP per frame, the video and photo workflow are merging together for some kind of work. In Red Cine X Pro we can save a Raw frame from any Red Camera footage. The next step would be to retouch it directly into the image editing program. Thanks!
  12. Hi all, I'm new to AD: I was looking though one of the tuition videos and I see that the red handles appear about a third of the way up the point of the star. However, when I tried to do the same thing, I only get the handles at the base of the point -please see the attached screenshots: Is there a way of adjusting settings? Thanks in advance, Kevin
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