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Found 12 results

  1. Hello! I had issue with object recoloring in Affinity Photo. I recolour the selected object, take steps back, then correct the selection, and then recolour again. And that’s when such stripes appear. Please tell me how to remove them? Or what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance) Have a nice day!
  2. Hi, I am totally new to graphic design, so my apologies if I need dumb-proof step by step. I have downloaded a number of vector patterns which I need to recolour. I have managed to input a set of global colours, which I would like to be my "Brand palette". I need to separate each individual elements in order to recolour them separately, ideally using my brand colour as main colour setting. I can't "ungroup" the pattern and do not seem to be able to recolour as fill. Also, I thought you could recolour the similar shapes at once. Could somebody be kind enough to give me step by step from start to finish? Thanking you in advance...
  3. A (recolour) tribute to the amazing Liz Fraser. 1930-2018.
  4. Hi! After 3 years I finally decided to open up Affinity Photo and start to practice (I mainly use Designer and Publisher). There are a couple of road bumps that I cant seem to find the answer too. I am familiar with the brush tool and the basics such as keeping the colours black and white when you are blending to remove or add. My issues come when I am trying to add artificial light or highlights using the brush tool. In the example below, I have a Mech in a forest with the city in the back. I was able to blend them in, but I am having troubles adding the highlights from the city onto the edges of the mech and trees. It allows me to paint with any colour but they seem to be very dark. I have no control over the vibrance of the highlight or the contrast. I only have control over colour and opacity. Could it because whatever i am paining on a mech that already has adjustment? I usually add highlights at the end in Photoshop! Q1: If I wanted to add a very thin or thick glow / highlight on the mech from the city, how would I do that? Q2: Recolouring seems to have this obvious separation where the blends happened. How to fix? (blue shows through red) Q3: When I am changing the exposure, shadows or light on the mech it selects the entire project even though I specifically click the single masked mech. I then have to copy the adjustment and paste to group only the mech. Is there a fast way of only selecting mech and not the forest? Hope someone has an answer! Also, great community and great software. I've been more than satisfied for the last 3 years and I rarely have to come on here to look for solutions. :)
  5. I have some images on which I have used the Recolour Adjustment and they look lovely. However, I want to use the same ‘enhancement’ on images on multiple pages and that adjustment can’t use a global colour so, if I change my colour scheme (e.g. blue to red), I have to change the adjustments in multiple places (actually multiple master pages). What I would like is some way of using a global colour to make the same colour enhancements on multiple pages at the same time. I’ve been able to get something close-ish by using two adjustments and a coloured rectangle with an Overlay Blend Mode (see attached image) but I can’t seem to get a result anywhere near as nice as the Recolour Adjustment. For example, on the right-hand side of my attached image – my attempt at replication – the light bits are sometimes too bright (trees at top right of top image, faces and tables in bottom image) and the darks don’t look right either (grass at right of top image). Does anyone have any ideas about what else I can try? I’ve attached the AFPUB document if anyone wants to dabble with some experiments. recolour-alternative.afpub
  6. Hi! I've recently got access to an iPad Pro and I've been dabbling with Affinity Designer. Great stuff, but I've ran into limitations that break my colouring workflow. First let me explain how I do it on the desktop: Draw a vector shape Apply a global colour to this shape Create a pixel layer inside the shape Apply a Colour Overlay effect to the pixel layer Attribute a global colour to the above effect Draw on this layer, the pixel brush colour doesn't matter since the Overlay effect always overrides it Repeat steps 3. to 6. for every colour I want to draw inside the shape Move on to the next shape and start from 2. again This way if I want to change any colour after the fact, all I have to do is edit the global colours and all parts of the illustration respond accordingly, even the pixel layers. The iPad version of Affinity Designer does not have global colours, nor it does not support attributing swatches to layer effects... this fundamentally breaks the method of controlling colours described above... I've already requested both features on the appropriate forum, but until they get implemented I'd need an alternative method. My question is, what alternative methods of recolouring the artwork should I use? What do you use when you want to recolour the artwork after you're done? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, I have looked but could not see this in the forum recently. I am using the trial at the moment and was wondering if there is a recolour artwork tool like that in adobe illustrator in affinity designer. Thanks in advance Sarah
  8. I'm trying to edit the wood at the front of a building to help make it all appear the same colour. Due to weathering,the wood has a different colour throughout the building, with some parts even looking very dark and grey. Any ideas on what is the best practice to create the desired result?
  9. I am trying to recolor a building. I created Recolor Adjustment layers where I can apply a color, however, I am having a very difficult time trying to match new color to what is required. I don't see the Color Pick option for use on the Color Adjustment window. I was going to use the Colour Replacement Brush. But, i did something where it is being applied like spray gun. I have the opacity at 100 and my brush selection is a solid stroke. So, this is out. I then thought to add the color values, but the Color Replacement adjustment seem to only work with the sliders. I appreciate any help on this matter.
  10. I really need the recolour adjustment to have more than just a slider to control what color I need. Need all the tools you have in the Colour panels-all sliders, eyedropper, swatches please.
  11. Hi Community I think this is a typical newbie to Affinity Photo problem and I really appreciate any help! Target: "Follow the red arrow" ;) I want to remove the shadow from the section. On the gravel ground this is no problem with the Inpaint Tool. But this can not be used to remove the shadow from the forearm. What I already tied: Get the colour with the colour picker, select Colour Replacement Brush Tool, the result is: Undo (because it is destructive). Quick Mask the section, apply the "Recolour Adjustment Layer", I tried all Blend Modes, best result I got is with "Screen" Please find a slice of the untreated original attached For each reply many thanks in advance, Roland
  12. Bought Affinity Photo a few days ago and used it today for printing for first time. Opened a PSD file previously created in Photoshop Elements to find that picture showed an even heavy blue caste. Investigation showed that one layer, created in Elements as a 'Photo Filter Warm' was now opening in AP as a 'Recolour layer' with hue settings for the blue showing. This was easily corrected and I can understand the renaming of the layer but why was the colour hue changed from 'Warm' in Elements to Blue in AF? NB attached file is shown as it should be; you need to open it in AP to see change. 0131 Two mauve peonies.psd
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