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Found 5 results

  1. I just started using this program ( I am on a Windows PC processing a collection of RAW files from a Canon EOS Rebel T6 As soon as the processing is finished, the new Raw Image no longer has the Detail refinement clarity it had before the processing. I do not believe it is a screen resolution or display issue, as the appearance obviously not as clear. Any advice would be helpful. I like this program as it is fairly easy to use and most of all... I can afford to use it... But once I saw the clarity this one tool provided, I would have to proceed without it working properly. If nothing else, an option to achieve the same results if the bug can't be fixed right away. Thanks in advance
  2. Greetings Readers, 1. I am getting serious about processing my moon images for a photo competition and to this end I need to process my RAW (CR3) images and convert these RAW images to *.tiff files for further processing. 2. The RAW processor in Affinity Photo (AF) allows some " Basic Adjustments" of the RAW images prior to the development process. The developed files may be processed further. 3. The AF RAW processor allows for the use of a clarity filter, among many basic adjustments, prior to development. An exported *.tiff file may also have a clarity filter applied to this developed file. Questions: Does it make any difference as to where this clarity filter is applied ? Is there a difference between pre-development application of the clarity filter and post development application of the clarity filter ? Many thanks in advance, Jeremy.
  3. From my understanding, there are a vast number of lenses that are capable of being automatically corrected in raw processing, however, a large number of these lenses are either manual or legacy glass which are not automatically identified. Instead of going through the hassle of adding exif data (which has still not worked in my experience), could a simple drop down be added to manually select these lenses and the corresponding corrections?
  4. Is there a chance that Serif will release an update soon that less us working shooters process our RAW's like we've always done in the past. I really love the way Photo works but don't like the RAW processing side of it at all, I process in On1 which will do until Serif sort Photo. We need to be able to process RAW's more efficiently. For instance if I shoot an event i'll easily shoot 3000+ images. To process these like I've always done with THE other market leader is impossible with Affinity Photo. Serif would attract a lot more professional photographers across if they just added this facility. Regards John
  5. I just downloaded the Beta and it looks incredible. I use many different processors i.e. Capture One, LR, Irident Raw Deeloper, etc but this software seems like a total solution. I did not see a list anywhere that listed current raw formats suipported and was wondering if I missed it. Also the format I am most interested in is Fujicolor X-trans RAF files. Any help for a search for tis info is apprectiated Elliot
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