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Found 10 results

  1. In Adobe Lightroom, it has a "dehaze" slider in the area for developing raw photos. I was wondering if this could be a good addition to the develop persona. Kind regards Tom.
  2. I recently purchased a Nikon Z50. Prior to this I was using other Nikon DSLR and a Sony A6400. When I open a raw file from the Z50 it is very disappointing. It is so far off that I have great difficulty bringing it back to the look of the camera jpg. With my other Nikons and also the Sony, this is not the case. Is there something lacking in the raw conversion for the Z50. I only shoot raw and have resorted to opening the Z50 files in Nikon's Capture NX and saving as a tif to use for Affinity. Needless to say, this is not an efficient workflow.
  3. Game Development programs can produce “Hight Maps” as “.RAW” files which are just grey scale images which determine the hight based on the value of the pixel color. When opening the file in “PhotoShop” this is the dialog box. Right now “PhotoShop” is the only photo editor that can open these files and there isn't any reason Affinity Photo shouldn't be able to do the same. There are many people like me who are trying to remove themselves from the Adobe eco system and if Affinity would add this simple feature it would help us Game Developers / 3D artist say goodbye to Adobe. I’m attaching a sample of the “.RAW” file for you to test. When opened in Photo Shop the "terrain.raw" image looks like this. thanks -Randy terrain.raw
  4. You guys may know this, but I didn’t, stumbled upon it after spending 30-40minutes researching it yesterday. Thus, wanted to save anybody that time by share this for those not in the know: (thank you Apple - for making this shiat unnecessarily difficult) Anywho here it goes: 1) Via safari browser (or any browser of your choosing) Go to google drive. (Must be from browser, not google drive app, the app doesn’t import raws) 2) May have to request desktop view, otherwise your app will keep launching. (To request desktop - long press refresh circular arrow at top right, inside browser) 3) once in google drive, choose your file, tap drop down download arrow or long press to save. *boom* you’re done. Raw file.
  5. I am new to AP, just downloaded Windows version last week. I am running Windows 7 Professional. Until this evening I was able to open, adjust, and develop RAW files just fine. Suddenly tonight this issue started: I open and adjust RAW files the the colors display accurately but when I develop the RAW image it turns gray and the colors change and are less vibrant. It appears to be more than an exposure issue because when I adjust exposure in the Photo Persona the colors are different. Very frustrating, has anybody encountered this issue? If somebody could offer a solution it would be greatly appreciated. Before and after screen shots appear below. I am puzzled. As I said everything worked just fine until tonight. I've already updated my monitor drivers and reset all settings to default (holding Cntrl key on startup, neither solved the problem. Before Development: After Development
  6. Hi I am unable to open Sony A7R3 raw file. Please advise. Thank you. DSC00313.ARW
  7. Hello, I'm new to the forum. I use affinity photo to edit some pictures taken with a dji drone. I've a strange picture last night with a lot of red and blue pixel on my raw file. Can you tell me how to remove them before develop?
  8. I run Mac OS Sierra version 10.12.6 with Affinity Photo version 1.5.2. I recently purchased a Canon 6D Mark II and all of the RAW files coming out of it have a purple haze on them. I have checked by using Canon Digital Professional 4 to make sure that this was not an issue with the RAW file itself. the Same RAW file opens properly with no Purple Haze in them on Canon Digital Professional 4. It looks like Affinity Photo needs an update or Bug fix to correct this. I am attaching both the actual Raw File and also a screen shot of what it looks like when I open the Raw file in Affinity Photo. I would appreciate it if Affinity photo could help and provide assistance in resolving this. I will be glad to test or provide any information or assistance to help with this matter. IMG_1906.CR2
  9. Develop and abort buttons in Raw Persona are small squares only and have no text and no color after opening a raw file. This is to be seen on win 7 Pro as well as win 10 pro. Nevertheless, the buttons work.
  10. When trying to open a Nikon NEF file (D500), on the file - open, it lists the file numbers of the images, but when i click on one it displays..No preview available. In order to see the image i have to double click on the file number which then takes it into the develop persona. I have watched some you tube vids, that show that when a file number is single clicked it shows a preview to the right. As you can image, with no preview available, its a right pain trying to find individual images to work on. ta in advance.
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