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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! I flattened and rasterized my text box and now cannot go back in to edit my text (I'm a true novice). Is there a way to undo? I've gone back into my history but it did not save anything from before the document was flattened. I've seen other posts that I just need to undo the rasterize, but I don't know how to do that. Thanks.
  2. Hello, When I try to open a pdf (17xA1, pdf version 1.3, pdf producer- Adobe pdf library 15.0, app-adobe indesign cc13.1 mac) some of the pages seem sliced with text as image and then editable text overlayed so I am unable to replace the text without having to remove and recreate the rasterized text slices. how can I open a pdf correctly. I can send a pdf I am having problems with via private link if possible. Regards Chris
  3. Hi, using Affinity Designer on Windows 10 Education 1803. When PDF-exporting a curve with an arrow head, the curve gets rasterized. It seems to be connected to having an arrow head, since the same object without arrow head does not get rasterized: arrowPdfExport.pdf I would expect the arrow-head curve to not get rasterized. Is this a bug? Does a workaround exist? I have also enclosed the afdesign file. Regards arrowPdfExport.afdesign
  4. Export PDFx3 without rasterized gradient background. Export PDFx3 with rasterized gradient background: Both exports should look the same. Testfiles. shadow drop bug by export to x3.afdesign shadow drop bug by export to x3.pdf
  5. I noticed that when exporting a vector-only document to PDF that many of the elements were being rasterised. I was surprised, as I had done a similar thing previously with no problems. After doing a bit of searching around the forums I noticed there seemed to have been problems in the past when vector masks had transparency, so I inspected my masks and discovered they all had strokes. After removing the strokes everything exported fine as vector elements in the PDF. I’m not sure if this is a known issue, intended behaviour (?!), or a bug, so I’m reporting it here just in case it’s helpful.
  6. In Affinity Designer, when exporting the attached file "Rasterized.afdesign" as SVG, the result is rasterized. It does not happen with the other attached file, even though it is completely the same content. It also happens when copying the former file's group layer into another/new file, but not when copying the curve layer within the group. It also doesn't happen when ungrouping and then grouping the curve layer again, so it must be the group that is causing the issue. The only difference I know of, is that the group layer comes from an imported PDF file. Rasterized.afdesign Not Ra
  7. I am creating some vector illustrations for the web. The image is made up of several layers. When I try to export as an SVG, each option states that some parts will be rasterized. I tried it as is and the whole image is rasterized and becomes unscalable. The whole idea of SVGs are for scaling vector images for various web resolutions. Why can't I do this in Affinity Designer?
  8. Hi, I have been browsing the forums for about two hours now attempting to solve the low quality export of vectors (with transparency) I'm experiencing. I adjusted to bicubic and lanczos in the export window, I've tried resizing the vector. Attached below are rasterized transparent png and gifs, plus a pdf of the original vector, exactly how AD exported them. On a side note, I'm not exactly sure why this is so difficult to accomplish: to create a smooth realized export of a vector image for the web. Super easy and intuitive in very old versions of adobe illustrator (back in 2004).
  9. Hello! First off, let me note that I'm not a graphic designer and all that I have learned is self taught. I'm new to using Affinity Designer but I am familiar with programs such as AI and Inkscape. I managed to design the logo I wanted but I am having a lot of trouble exporting the image as an .svg file. When saved as an .svg file the image becomes rasterized and sometimes blurry. When saved as a .png the image is not too bad but I would like to have the .svg saved for larger print projects. Could my problems be caused by the layer effects I am using on my logo?
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