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Found 55 results

  1. When scaling the SIZE of a paint brush the DENSITY of the brush changes also. Please look at my image. It is the same brush. Below the stroke has been downscaled but it also affects the density which I don't want to happen :huh: But I'd like to keep the same density for a brush in various sizes. Is that possible and how? I hope someone has a great tip :) Thanks a lot!
  2. Possibly I am displaying my complete lack of knowledge about how computers work (seems like magic to me) but I recently switched from PC to MAC and while overall I wish I had done so years ago I really miss Paint Shop Pro, which I have used for almost 20 years -- but I'm now looking for a replacement. Your program actually looks really good but I note your emphasis on vector mode and I do a lot of stuff with raster layers also and I'm wanting to make sure that Affinity also works with raster layers before I check it out.
  3. Hello! I'm not quite sure where to post this, but I couldn't find anything about it, so here goes: I'm making a logo to be printed as a car sticker, and it has a lot of gradients and some line pressure going on. Client requested that I give it to them as an eps, but unchecking "rasterize gradients" meant that anything with transparency became completely solid. - this using the Beta. I then tried saving as a pdf, which did preserve the look, but rasterized all transparent objects, and removed the line pressure simulation. I opened these files both by using "open..." and "place" in Affinity Designer, and the results were the same. Same thing as the pdf happened when copy-pasting into indesign. Is it even possible to have this kind of transparency in an eps or pdf? And line pressure? Or do these effects have to be rasterized? (Screenshots explaining are linked in the text.) I'm new to using vectors, so sorry if this has a very obvious answer. :) EDIT: And now all the affinity designer files I output are corrupted :/ EDIT: None of the png or eps files i output can be opened by photoshop because it cannot "parse the postscript" or "parse the file." Is this an affinity problem?
  4. ronniemcbride


    I could not help myself....I keep noodling around in the pixel personal. I think I am getting antsy about getting my hands on the Affinity Photo ;) Ohnmmmm, patience. Anyway, all done in Affinity no third party tools required. :)
  5. grzessnik

    AD drawings

    Hi all, here is my first AD drawing. It was very interesting experience and after few different approaches drawing is complete. Best, Greg