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Found 10 results

  1. Hello friends, I have been using Affinity photo and designer for about a year now and I love them. Tonight I was able to export a PDF from Affinity Photo. When I went to do it a second time, the program quit. I tried several more times, with same result. I tried opening the same file in Designer and had the same occurrence. I am using a new MacBook Pro. Is anyone else experiencing a problem like this? After restarting the computer, the same thing is happening... Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thank you! Terri
  2. AP does not quit gracefully anymore. Every time I try to exit the application I get a dialog that says: Quitting At least one file is currently being opened. Please wait for the files to load before quitting the application. However NO files are being loaded. There must be something messed up and I bet it's easy to fix. Any body know how to fix?
  3. Hi. I bought and installed Affinity Designer from the Mac App Store. Whenever we try to change the resolution of the document (dpi) in the document setup from Affinity Designer (1.6.0), the program immediately crashes with the "Affinity Designer Quit Unexpectedly" message. We are using OS Sierra 10.13.2 (the most recent). I also noticed that I can't change the document from print to web .... in the document setup I really need to change this setting since I principle work with web images regards Johan
  4. Hello everybody, I have the Problem that if I want to open the program Options in Affinity Photo the program quit by itselves. I reinstall and install Affinity photo again, but it didn't fix the problem. Is there anybody who can help me? Hopefully Hallo zusammen, immer wenn ich in Affinity Foto versuche die Einstellungen zu öffnen, schließt sich das Programm von alleine. Hab es bereits deinstalliert und neuinstalliert, jedoch besteht das Problem weiterhin. Ich hoffe irgendwer kann mir helfen. Mit freundliche
  5. Hi, I have a big problem. When I drag a new symbol on the page, the app quit suddenly ! See video to show this problem. If I create a new artboard and drag all the layers in this new artboard, and delete the older, it works fine … for few time (2 minutes or more than 20 !). It's very strange ! But, now I can't work anymore with the file. I try this (but same problem) : - on 2 differents iMac . a recent one (4 GHz Intel Core i7. 16 Go 1867 MHz DDR3. AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4096 Mo). and an older one (6 years old) - use "save as…" - use hardware openGL and/or
  6. Hi. We bought and installed Affinity Designer from the Mac App Store. Whenever we try to Export a file from Affinity Designer (1.5.5), the program immediately crashes with the "Affinity Designer Quit Unexpectedly" message. We are using OS Sierra 10.12.5 (the most recent). We look at this post, but the dropbox file is not available anymore. We really need to be able to export. regards Julie LSA
  7. I opened a PNG file to work up a logo. I added some text, a new background, knocked out some white areas. I was just about done and thought, oh, I should save this. When I tried to save it, it said that it contained non-pixel areas and did I want to save it as a new document, which is what I chose. The file, as near as I can tell, was not saved. Now, I have access to only a few menu items and every item I click on in the interface beeps back at me. Saving is no long an option and even quitting isn't allowed. I'd rather not throw out 30 minutes of work, but I can't figure out what mode I'm
  8. the app quits unexpectedly when i tried to export to PDF, below is the problem details reported to Apple. anyone can help, thanks! Process: Affinity Designer [339] Path: /Applications/Affinity Designer.app/Contents/MacOS/Affinity Designer Identifier: com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner Version: 1.3.5 (1.3.6) App Item ID: 824171161 App External ID: 813046220 Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1] Responsible: Affinity Designer [339] User ID: 501 Date/Time:
  9. i m using mac air, the app quit unexpectedly when i was trying to export to a PDF file, i restarted the app and the mac air several times, i even tried deleting some jpeg in the file but every time i pressed export, it quits! i then verify and repair my mac in disk utility , but the problem is still there.....please help!!! urgent!!
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