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Found 59 results

  1. Hi All, I recently got Affinity Photo to stitch some panoramas I've shot and I'm starting to get frustrated. I shoot 360 tours so I'm always on the lookout for new photo stitching software, but I'm not exactly ecstatic about the results. When I upload a folder of about 82 photos and hit stitch all I get is a light blue rectangle with just a little bit of one photo in the middle. All the photos have sufficient overlap, probably about 80%. The photos were shot in brackets, but I converted them to singular HDR photos. Is there a solution to this problem. I was thinking maybe some way to force all photos to be in one panorama, like Autopano. I was pretty excited to use AP, not going to lie. The features like roll correction and autofill are pretty amazing, I just hope I can connect the photos so I can use those features. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I just updated to 1.6 today (Windows) and noticed the free content is still free on the store, however I am not seeing the link on the welcome screen. Is this content still available for users who have already purchased, or has the opportunity passed?
  3. Hello, i would like to know how to import a LUT picture from my computer on Affinity. Thank you very much Regards Rooney Thibault
  4. Hi there! I googled a bit but i couldn't find a proper answer... Is there a way to make the top of the text to fit on a path? Here i found a tutorial for mine same problem but it's for Illustrator -> https://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/19589/make-top-of-type-sit-on-path-illustrator Thanks for the support!
  5. Hey, This might sound so imature but there are actually digners that redesign textures in minecraft. I regular use photoshop to create these designs but now i found this tool for only 60 bucks permanent and thaught if this is a good replacedment. I need to know which program i should rather use when im only designing with my mouse on rasters in pixels (16x16, 32x32, 64x64 ....). Siaro~
  6. When I make a LUT in affinity photo I will generally compare it to my original edit. But when I make a LUT in Affinity Photo the colors seem to switch. I made an edit to a photo giving it a teal tint and when I applied the LUT to that same image to compare it, it came out as an orange tint. Is there anything I am doing wrong? Thanks
  7. Hello, I've been floating on the forums for a few weeks. This is my virgin post. I am trying to make an ink stain similar to the one pictured below. I have both AP and AD, but I prefer the element to be vector. I am hoping for either a tutorial or your suggestions for how to make something similar in AD. I do not want to just trace this one. I'm so stumped. Any help will be so appreciated!
  8. Hello, A few weeks ago I got myself a new Surface Book and Affinity Photo. I wanted to test how good the touch screen works and I started drawing something. But I could not do that properly because everytime I put down my hand whilest drawing it started painting underneath my handpalm. In Windows I found the option to ignore touch input, whilest the pen is beeing used, but if I lift the pen too high the same problem occures. Now I wanted to ask the Affinity Team if they have a solution to this problem, maybe theres a option to ignore touch input and only accept the pen. Yours faithfully, Lukas.K
  9. Hi everybody, for example, I've seen that by using / ] / or / [ / you can control the brush size... and although I've checked it in Preferences, It doesn't really works in my Windows 10. Any solution? thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, I'm mostly working with flat single color icons and images. I want to be able to convert these images to curves so I have more ability to manipulate them in Affinity Designer. What I'm doing is opening the the image as a new file in AD. Going to Pixel persona, Select > Select Sampled Color > Invert Pixel Selection. At this point the Icon is completely selected. All of the curves and outlines are selected exactly as I need them to be. How can I convert this from Pixel to Curve form? Atm if I want to be able to change the color I either have to open in another document and do the process over then fill with a color or actually trace it out with the pen tool. Both are incredibly time consuming for such a simple task. Any suggestions?
  11. so how do i make the affinity photo pen pressure to work on yiynova, i am having trouble to get it to work on it. i have a yiynova 22u rh i did what i could on the affinity photo like i did with photoshop on how to make the pen pressure but it all wobbly line.
  12. Hi, When I watched the affinity designer promotional video on their website, I saw that they somehow were doing real-time 3d embedding on a shoebox for a fiction company. I know how to do real-time embedded document editing, but it looked like they were designing it on a flat surface, and then it appeared on a 3d looking shoe box. Thanks for any help you can give me! :) Here is the link to the video https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/designer/ It is around 1:12 into the video.
  13. Alright, as I am browsing through Dribbble whic hI have been for a while, I see these animated UI, and most of them uses mac software or Adobe After Effects. But I do not have the amount credits needed to purchase any kind of Adobe products (Want to avoid using any of that), and is looking for a way to save a video format into a GIF. Like I am using Webflow to make animation, and then record it, but don't have any way to save GIF whatsoever. And of course Affinity currently don't have the feature for creating mini-animated UI. So what can you guys recommend for Windows Users?
  14. Hi, I want to snap individual object inside a group, but when I hovering my cursor to the object I wanted, the whole group was selected, and my candidate list is set to 6, so end up everything in my page were purple color indicated selected since all group selected when I point to more things. why this happen but not before? How do i solve this problem? Previously I can just hovering my cursor to whatever i want then a purple color will flash around the object to indicate you can snap to it no matter it is in a group or not. but now after 1.5 update or any reason, I can't do that anymore. even the whole group been selected, I can't snap to any object inside the group, only the boundary of the group. This is a follow up to my previous unsolved question https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/30909-how-to-snap-object-base-on-bottom-object/?p=152215 This is my snapping setting, if anything wrong please correct me The snapping I wanted is like this Please help! I wanted to continue my project as soon as possible!
  15. I do not know where else to ask this since there is no discussion category on the forum, but what if someone mainly use Affinity Designer (don't have access to Photoshop anymore), will there be companies that still accepts those kind of designers, or you really need Adobe Suites in order to even apply the begin with? I ask this, because Affinity Designer is such a powerful tool, and I like it, and I do not have Photoshop even though I used that in the past, but decided to just be done with it. So how would you go about applying for work if you're using a tool that's not "industry standard" per say? Like for example, right now I am looking for work, but when you read the job description per say there is always for designer etc. (Adobe, Illustrator, Coding etc.) so what would you do, if you were applying for a job? PS : In my case I also come from a place where the design community is almost non-existent, and yeah. So right now I am mainly looking at online opportunities (remote working)
  16. Dear Affinity staff, I am an Affinity Photo and Designer user in China. I found most of your tutorials were on the Vimeo and Youtube. However, it is very hard to open the video on Vimeo, because the network speed is very slow. Certainly, everyone knows Youtube is blocked in China. Even I can use VPN to watch the video, but it is still very inconvenient. Could you please create an official account on Youku, or other Chinese video website and upload the tutorials ? I introduced Affinity to a lot of my friends because Affinity is really a fantastic picture editing and design software. I hope we can have resources that we can learn how to use Affinity as much as other countries' people. Thank you for creating Affinity. Sincerely, mrteapot
  17. Hey guys, I was able to drag n hold an vector/image onto another vector/image and an purple color indicator will flash once at the bottom object to indicate you can now snap your current selected image/vector base on the bottom vector/image. But now I can't, in not mastered in AD or any other illustrator app, so I not sure where to chance the setting to able it once again. Please help, it's urgently needed!
  18. Hello, I've just bought the Affinity Photo for Windows after trying the Public Beta and I absolutely love it! I have two small questions. When I import a picture (1280x720) is it possible to have the default image zoom at 100% all the time? (or just on smaller images then it's my monitor resolution) Because when I import 1280x720 picture, it's zoomed in about 10-20% more than it should be (110-120% zoom). And the second question, is it possible to import photo directly by dragging/copying from web browser? I can't do it here in Affinity Photo but in Photoshop it worked.
  19. Which Affinity do I download? I am a photographer and I assume that I should download photo but being a retired sailor assuming was never my strong suit.
  20. Hey folks! I would like to know if there is a way to draw lines in Affinity Photo. With the Paint Brush Tool, there is a "continue last stroke" feature, but it's not really creating a line, since it paints over the last stroke when using lower opacities: Also, it's impossible to draw horizontal or vertical lines that way... Thanks in advance for your help, best regards, Rorando
  21. Hey folks, I am in a situation where I wanted to correct an image. For this, I needed a tool to just paint one pixel in a certain color. When I selected the paint brush tool, changed width to 1px, opacity and hardness to 100%, Affinity Photo still created a "smooth dot". So my chosen color "black" became gray and had a few gradient pixels around it etc. example: How can I just draw a single pixel in a desired color? Thanks in advance and best regards! Rorando
  22. Hey everyone, first post! I just had a couple of questions for the community before I commit to switching to Designer from Illustrator. I've had my eye on AD for some time, but as a Windows user I never had an opportunity to use it. Now I see the BETA is available, I'm super keen to give it a whirl! I'm currently using illustrator and am not a fan of their pricing system, nor how much of a resource hog CC can be (the amount of background processes is mental). What I'd like to know is how AD performs in comparison? I've got a relatively beefy rig (i5 6600, 16GB DDR3, GTX 970), but I want zero overhead behind the scenes. I'm a little OCD with how everything performs on my main setup, so I want no background processes when the application isn't open (this is what bothers me with AI). Creative Cloud is constantly running for update checks and its toolset - I can't stand that. So how's the general snappiness and performance of the app? And what sorta background processes does this thing run? Sorry for the specific and frankly anal questions, haha. I just felt let down with AI and don't want to go through setting everything up to find the same applies (I'm sure it doesn't but wanted to check!). Cheers everyone!
  23. From time to time I need to resize images to fit them to website and social network page covers. I mostly work with photos with a main subject and patterns or landscape panorama I want to extend to the left or to the right to fill horizontal space. I've seen a Gimp plugin on Ubuntu Linux called "Liquid rescale" that does exactly this: http://liquidrescale.wikidot.com/en:examples (first example in that page fits my needs) Is there a way to do something similar in Affinity Photo also? I know I can install Gimp on my Mac, but for convenience and speed I'd like to keep as much as possible my workflow in Affinity Photo. Thanks in advance, gerlos
  24. Hello everyone! I'm new to Affinity Photo! I'm playing around, experimenting with some shots I taken for a time lapse video, and I was wondering if there's a way to add photos to a stack after I created it (i.e. not in the "New stack" window). I've found I can right click on single photos on a stack to remove them, but couldn't find a way to add new photos to stacks, any tip? thanks in advance, gerlos
  25. Could you tell me why I cannot use the pictures I edited in the Affinity Designer in the iMovie?? When I used the pictures, the software shows me pictures which contain rainbow lines.(the right window)