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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, I am starting a project with 60 pages and several hundred images. I would love to be able to get them all into the Assets panel and then drag them onto pages from there but, when I go to Place and grab a load of images, it demands I add them all right away. If I could get them into Assets first and then drag them on from there, that would be a great way to ensure they don't get added twice, if you see what I mean. Is this in any way possible?
  2. Hi all, Hoping there is a very easy fix to this but... Having recently switched over to pulisher 2, certain images in my documents have been showing up with a green tint - they also export like this. see below left Vs how it should look like below right (exported from colleague's computer): All the offending images are .PNG format so I'm hoping there is a neat solution - just that I don't know it. Please help! Angus
  3. I'm trying to place a rather lengthy 3-column table from a Word document, but I can't get it to autoflow across multiple pages. Each time I try Shift-click on the text flow arrow, it jumps the whole table down onto the page directly below, leaving blank pages above, and the text flow arrow then becomes a red circle that I can't do anything with (see pic). I also tried creating a matching table in Publisher and placed into the first cell of that, but the same thing happened and I was unable to flow into subsequent pages. I'm using a double-spread Master page with correctly-linked text frames - am I going wrong somewhere, or is this still something that's not possible in V2, as discussed in this thread?
  4. Hi there. I cant find a solution to this so I'm starting a new topic. I'm on Publisher V2.2.1 I've got a document with several picture frames. If I populate these frames via the place image tool it works fine the first time. BUT THEN... If I want to replace an image with another image it places the images either off centre, or so off centre that it doesn't even show up in the picture frame. Then after placing all my images I have to go back and right click > anchor to centre of each image and THIS IS ANNOYING. And the next time I place images in the same open doc it happens AGAIN. Everything off centre. How do I fix this? Am I doing something wrong? In the pics attached the blank squares are where new images have been inserted but they're so far off centre that you can't even see them. In the final screen grab you see the images placed but every time they end up off centre PS. I've been using affinity for a long time and this problem has only been occurring lately. Thanks so much! Steve
  5. In the previous update we have the ability to use formula is it to add dates in Publisher. I'm thrilled to see this feature but I would like to add a little bit more. If there was a way to do a formula for the year to come and designate certain dates. That would be very helpful. As an example, I design a planner from March 2024 to February 2025. I manually and put all those dates. If there was a way that I can have a formula that does that it would make this project go a lot faster. If you have any questions please let me know I will try to keep up with this form.
  6. I have a commemorative booklet A4 landscape with a picture frame (or frames) on each page. I decided to remove the borders on each page, which required the frames to be enlarged. The first one worked fine, I used the corner handles to expand the frame and then adjusted the picture size and placing. On the second and all subsequent frames, the corner handles expanded the frame and the picture together, which resulted in the picture proportions being altered as well. After many trials, I found that if I went to the picture and enlarged it, then when I went to the frame handles, they could be moved to the new page size without adjusting the picture sizing. I could then adjust the picture magnification and the position in the normal way. I attach a Version 1 file, which I opened in V2, and amended the margins to nil, apart from the inner which I amended to half an inch, which should enable you to repeat the problem I encountered. wedding.afpub
  7. To save myself linking every spread by hand, how do I quickly link all text boxes when generating many new pages? I'm on v2 and can't recall how this is done. Thanks.
  8. I can't modify embedded PDFs in Designer 2.0.4 and Publisher 2.0.4. Has worked before. Running on an iMac M1. 1) Embed a PDF into a new document 2) Double click embedded pdf to modify 3) Change something. For instance, change color of a line, hide a layer, etc. Nothing actually changes. Also, Find in Layers Panel does nothing. Note in the screenshots how the title should be hidden, and one of the "80"s should be purple. Opening the same PDF directly in Designer instead of embedding works.
  9. hello, is there a solution to set in Publisher (v2) that the first line after the header dont indent but the other do? like this: thanks
  10. I still have one wish for the next update. If you have to move pages in a versatile document, it is very tedious to move the pages with the mouse over long distances. It would be nice if I could choose after a right click on the page in the overview,: Move behind page x. But maybe there is already and I just don't know it. All the best! Friederico
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