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Found 379 results

  1. Hi guys Is there a difference between those two kind of purchases? Do they technically differ? If I purchase from App Store, how to get the "BONUS - RetroSupply Co. Font Collection"? Thanks for help! CU and I am really keen on Publisher (Y), Roland
  2. Hi all! I'm using Affinity products for a long time, but I'm posting for a first time in the forums. Sorry if it is a stupid question, but I don't know how to handle it... There is my problem: I got a project with many components in it. I'm working in Publisher. For the main content I made a polygon shape, but I've decided to decorate the sides of it whit vector shapes which I put like a mask in the big polygon. And there comes the problem: when I try to export it in PDF there is a shadow from the decoration that isn't suppose to be visible and a part of the small polygons. I've try to rasterise it but the quality becomes too bad. The first picture is how it has to be, the 2-nd is with the problem (with the arrows). Any ideas how to fix it and what may be the problem (I guess the vectors but I don't know why)? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have two same construction Designer files which contains the same layers. I would like to merge them into one two-page Publisher file. I had read one Designer file and after that I placed other file onto the first file as the second page, but the layers disappeared.
  4. Publisher has more palette colours than I can handle so I'm trying to minimise the choice. Rather than risk deleting a palette, I want to save a copy first and so I've tried the Export Palette command in the Swatches panel. After selecting a file location, I click Save but nothing gets saved. What's happening (or not)?
  5. Good morning. I downloaded Publisher from the website and payed. When I look in the Mac Appstore it still shows I can buy it... In the future I want to be able to only use the AppStore. How would I do that?
  6. I haven't scanned if this has yet to be stated, but the Bundle Page on the App Store shows the Publisher status non-purchased for those of us who bought the 20% off deal. I assume this gets remedied when and App Store update on Publisher is to be found, right?
  7. Affinity Publisher Is Here To see the launch annoucement event go here affin.co/live19 or watch on Vimeo here On June 19th 2019 Affinity Publisher, our most ambitious app yet, was launched at Affinity Live 2019, streamed live from our HQ. We are over the moon to release the first version of Affinity Publisher, we think it will revolutionise desktop publishing. Much in the same way Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer have shaken up professional photo editing and graphic design. StudioLink Complete integration of Affinity apps With Affinity Publisher, you can directly link to your other Affinity apps through StudioLink. The first technology of its kind, this revolutionary feature takes the pain out of publishing by allowing you to instantly switch to the advanced photo editing features of Affinity Photo and precise vector tools of Affinity Designer without ever leaving the app. It’s the most fluid workflow ever conceived in a creative suite of applications, and the reason we named our apps Affinity.** Fluid publishing powerhouse Bring your vision to life with Affinity Publisher, the next generation of professional publishing software. From magazines, books, brochures, posters, reports and stationery to other creations, this incredibly smooth, intuitive app gives you the power to combine your images, graphics and text to make beautiful layouts ready for publication. Engineered for advanced technology Engineered with the same no-compromise vision as our acclaimed photo editing and graphic design apps, thousands of global professionals have contributed to the development of Affinity Publisher to meet the demands of the 21st century designer. Spectacular layouts With essentials like master pages, facing page spreads, grids, tables, advanced typography, text flow, full professional print output and other amazing features, Affinity Publisher has everything you need to create the perfect layout – whatever your project. Double page spreads Live master pages, including nested master pages Image frames with intelligent scaling options Text wrapping with fine padding control Custom shaped text frames Link multiple text frames together across your document Advanced guides, grids and snapping Tables and custom table formats Text to match the power of your words Free yourself from the constraints of tired, traditional text layouts. Let Affinity Publisher help you visualise your text in creative new ways and flow it seamlessly through your document. Text styles: Link the style of your text across all pages in your document OpenType support: Open up all stylistic features of the latest OpenType fonts Text decorations: Add lines and borders to elements of your typography Drop caps: Add drop capitals to any paragraph Text on a path: Draw any curve and type along it Artistic text: Gain creative control over titling and other stand out text Flow options: Avoid orphaned or widowed lines, among many other features Baseline grid: Ensure the baseline of your text is aligned across all columns and spreads Perfect graphics Whatever the brief calls for, you can rely on Affinity Publisher to handle all the standard file types you’d expect, leaving you free to create the most ambitious, content-rich combination designs, pulling in raster or vector assets from multiple sources. Link or embed images with full resource manager Place PSD, AI, PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG or Affinity files Pin graphics to float or be placed in line with your text Full colour control Affinity Publisher can handle RGB, LAB, greyscale and CMYK colour spaces, with advanced control over professional colour requirements for print. End-to-end CMYK Spot colour support Pantone library included ICC colour profiles More information can be found here and Tech Specs and a full feature lists are here You can buy Affinity Publisher 1.7 now from the: Affinity Store: macOS [10.9 or above] & Windows [10 (Anniversary Edition or above), Windows 8.1 & Windows 7 (Service Pack 1)] Mac App Store : macOS [10.7 or above] Microsoft Store: (Windows 10 Anniversary edition or later) If you have questions about Affinity Publisher please use this forum, as this thread is only for responses to the announcement. ** requires other Affinity (ver 1.7) applications to be installed on the same machine to enable the StudioLink feature
  8. As a quick question, what is missing from studio link? At a glance, there's no way of accessing Photos or Designers "sub personas"? I can't see the liquify options for example
  9. I love the Designer and Photo persona switch on Publisher. I believe there was a missed opportunity though. Designer has the pixel persona. When switching to Designer from Publisher, how about adding a smaller button under the designer button for the pixel interface? Same for Photo button and the liquify, tone map, develop personas. Add small buttons under it when switched as well. Just a couple suggestions.
  10. Hi, Affinity Designer For iPad, at least in my setup, is not saving Publisher created files properly. If I make a file in Publisher Desktop and save to iCloud>customFolder, then "Open from Cloud" open file in Designer iPad, make a few edits, then save, it will not updated the file in iCloud>customFolder, but will instead write the updates to a new file of the same name in iCloud>Affinity Designer (default icloud app folder) I discovered this by accident and reproduced the error. 1. Create new multipage file in AfPublisher Desktop 2. Save in iCloud>WHATNOT folder 3. Close 4. “Open from iCloud” in AfDesigner iPad and make some edits across the pages, like this line. Save, close, save. close. 5. File in iCloud>WHATNOT is NOT updated. Went lookin elsewhere. 6. New updated version of the file in iCloud>Affinity Designer folder. Same name, but now has the afdesign extension where it showed no extension on original desktop save. 7. Opened in AfPublisher Desktop and added this test. Save and close. 8.Publisher Desktop did not move or make a new file. The file opened from iCloud>Affinity Designer was saved back to the same folder/ file. Expected behavior is that step 5 should not happen. Designer iPad was supposed to save in the same location in opened from. So yeah, this is one of the main ways I want to use Publisher and Designer together. Major bug as far as I'm concerned. (FWIW. 1st Gen iPad Pro 12.9, latest iOS and latest versions of Affinity Software across the board. 2018 Macbook Pro OS10.14 reproduced the bug. First found the bug with a Publisher file that started on a 10 year old Mac Pro running 10.13.)
  11. HI, My Affinity Publisher v1.7.1 has a strange behaviour. When a new document is created and a text placed in (without defining its style), I can edit the text any way I want. However after reopening the same document I can't change the text colour. It looks like whatever I do there is overriding white colour on top of my change. Do I miss anything? Sample document attached. MacOS 10.12.6, MacBook Pro 2011. TEXT_colour.afpub
  12. Hello! Can I insert an OLE object in the Publisher? For example, I would like to use the formula editor (Writer or Word) to write formulas. Which is the easiest way to insert and edit formulas? Regards
  13. Hi, i installed the Fontawesome font to my mac. If i copy a text form Illustrator or Word, where i have used Font Awesome it just gets displayed as text and not as a Font. Does anyone else have that problem?
  14. One of the things I need to do regularly is produce a list of abbreviations. I'm setting up a text style using initial words settings (love this - it is so useful for knitting patterns). However, one thing I really want to do is preserve the first character on each line as lower case unless I specifically type it in as a capital, as I want the abbreviations to appear in the same form they are used in the text. Some are all lower case, others all capitals (eg k2tog, pm, skp, WS). It's always a pain to have to go in and replace capitals with lower case, as these can reset when typing or editing, and are very easy to overlook. Any suggestions gratefully received. This is what I want to achieve: k2tog knit 2 sts together WS wrong side Occasionally, the text also continues onto a second or third line. If at all possible I'd like the start of this text to automatically be in line with the text starting after the tab stops in the first line of the entry. However, I can understand if this is not possible with the tabs being between text, as I can deal with this manually if needed. I'ven now worked out how to do this last task using the text frame ruler.
  15. Hello, The new Publisher is really impressive. Due to new coding I've rebuilt my base template of a 6 page circular with great ease, but I noticed one feature I use every month is missing. In my monthly circulars I create with PP9 requires the process of removing the backgrounds of maybe 75 to 100 images per circular (a very easy process with PP9). Then some of these items can be used again in later issues, but any new products need this feature. Due to new coding is the plan for removing Image Background going to be done in Photo or implemented in to Publisher? Image editing isn't a problem, but over the last 4 years my product Image data base is about 2,650 images. Thanks, -Kevin
  16. Hi, I have a question about the layer order when I try to apply the master page to every single page in the doc. let's say that I want to put a stamp or watermark on every page which all cover by full-size image. And when I apply the master page, the stamp always put into the bottom of every single page. is there a way to put it on top? easily? not to have me to change the layer order every single page?
  17. For my company I got myself the entire suit of your products and am already working on a coursebook I am writing using Publisher. So far most of it has been easy to do and/or find, however now I stumbled into something I cant seem to solve so easy and I hope someone can be of help. I have a table of contents that has grown beyond one page. How can I make it flow over to the next page? It should of course keep updating all pages when required. The table of contents frame doesnt have the little arrow on the right that normal frames have to link it. Thank you in advance for any help. Regards, Huub
  18. In the Help Files, I search for "Insert text as table" and after a bit of searching around, I'm told that: "It is also possible to copy and paste cell contents from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into Publisher tables." However, unless I'm missing something, it doesn't say how. The following seems to work: Clip copy the required cells in Excel. Using the Publisher's Table Tool, place a single column table - say 5 rows - on the page. Select all the cells within the table (Ctrl-A twice). Press Ctrl-V.
  19. I've just bought AP with the Studio Links(Great I Think) If there was a IDE PHP coding editor(Dreamweaver used to be good, not any more) I'd have the perfect set of tools, if I could switch between them all, WOW! Great work though Serif 10/10
  20. Where are the Samples saved that are included on the Welcome screen? The samples are helpful in learning. After downloading once, they open quickly from the Welcome screen each time the program starts. But when selecting File > Save or Save As, that menu option is greyed out.
  21. Want some feedback on whats normal behavior when working with linked docs in Affinity Publisher (Windows). I created a doc that contained playing cards (85 pages) in Publisher uses about (2 GB RAM when open). However to be useful i needed to stitch then together into sheets. So i created a second Publisher doc to do this. Created frames for each card and clicked away. The thing is... Publisher started to use about 8 GB of system RAM (only that file open). Is that normal or could it be a bug?
  22. ... looks like this: (layer "gold ..." -> 56 %, background rectangle -> 100 %; background-group: 50 %) For correcting I added a 100 % white background (outside of the group) and adjustet the transparence of the group:
  23. I have to export to a .pdf in order to get the same quality I see in the program. When I print directly from Affinity Publisher the quality is horrible. Why do I have to export in order to print? That is an additional step that I would like for you to eliminate...
  24. In Affinity Publisher, what exact affect does the 'DPI' setting do in document setup? The help text is too vague, and says nothing about how this setting is used by Publisher and how it interacts with the resolution in generated files: "DPI—Sets the resolution of your document. For example, for professional print quality, set your resolution to 300 dpi or above." If I initially set the 'DPI' setting to a low value, will it prevent me generating high-res PDFs? If not, what purpose does it serve? Perhaps DPI I've been using Serif PagePlus for years, and I'm used to only controlling DPI in the files which I generate, like in PDFs, not in the source file.
  25. Hi, We have just installed Publisher on our Mac. But Studio Link is sadly not working. I tried all the "fixes" i found in this forum allready, but it still doesn't work. I tried to close and reopen all 3 programms in many different orders. I reinstalled all of them i updated to the latest 1.7.1 Versions off all of the Apps I Checked the firewall options … Is there like a config file on mac, where you can specify the path of Photo and Designer? Thanks in advance