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Found 458 results

  1. As a quick question, what is missing from studio link? At a glance, there's no way of accessing Photos or Designers "sub personas"? I can't see the liquify options for example
  2. I love the Designer and Photo persona switch on Publisher. I believe there was a missed opportunity though. Designer has the pixel persona. When switching to Designer from Publisher, how about adding a smaller button under the designer button for the pixel interface? Same for Photo button and the liquify, tone map, develop personas. Add small buttons under it when switched as well. Just a couple suggestions.
  3. HI, My Affinity Publisher v1.7.1 has a strange behaviour. When a new document is created and a text placed in (without defining its style), I can edit the text any way I want. However after reopening the same document I can't change the text colour. It looks like whatever I do there is overriding white colour on top of my change. Do I miss anything? Sample document attached. MacOS 10.12.6, MacBook Pro 2011. TEXT_colour.afpub
  4. Hello! Can I insert an OLE object in the Publisher? For example, I would like to use the formula editor (Writer or Word) to write formulas. Which is the easiest way to insert and edit formulas? Regards
  5. Hi, i installed the Fontawesome font to my mac. If i copy a text form Illustrator or Word, where i have used Font Awesome it just gets displayed as text and not as a Font. Does anyone else have that problem?
  6. For my company I got myself the entire suit of your products and am already working on a coursebook I am writing using Publisher. So far most of it has been easy to do and/or find, however now I stumbled into something I cant seem to solve so easy and I hope someone can be of help. I have a table of contents that has grown beyond one page. How can I make it flow over to the next page? It should of course keep updating all pages when required. The table of contents frame doesnt have the little arrow on the right that normal frames have to link it. Thank you in advance for any help. Regards, Huub
  7. In the Help Files, I search for "Insert text as table" and after a bit of searching around, I'm told that: "It is also possible to copy and paste cell contents from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into Publisher tables." However, unless I'm missing something, it doesn't say how. The following seems to work: Clip copy the required cells in Excel. Using the Publisher's Table Tool, place a single column table - say 5 rows - on the page. Select all the cells within the table (Ctrl-A twice). Press Ctrl-V.
  8. I've just bought AP with the Studio Links(Great I Think) If there was a IDE PHP coding editor(Dreamweaver used to be good, not any more) I'd have the perfect set of tools, if I could switch between them all, WOW! Great work though Serif 10/10
  9. Where are the Samples saved that are included on the Welcome screen? The samples are helpful in learning. After downloading once, they open quickly from the Welcome screen each time the program starts. But when selecting File > Save or Save As, that menu option is greyed out.
  10. Want some feedback on whats normal behavior when working with linked docs in Affinity Publisher (Windows). I created a doc that contained playing cards (85 pages) in Publisher uses about (2 GB RAM when open). However to be useful i needed to stitch then together into sheets. So i created a second Publisher doc to do this. Created frames for each card and clicked away. The thing is... Publisher started to use about 8 GB of system RAM (only that file open). Is that normal or could it be a bug?
  11. ... looks like this: (layer "gold ..." -> 56 %, background rectangle -> 100 %; background-group: 50 %) For correcting I added a 100 % white background (outside of the group) and adjustet the transparence of the group:
  12. In Affinity Publisher, what exact affect does the 'DPI' setting do in document setup? The help text is too vague, and says nothing about how this setting is used by Publisher and how it interacts with the resolution in generated files: "DPI—Sets the resolution of your document. For example, for professional print quality, set your resolution to 300 dpi or above." If I initially set the 'DPI' setting to a low value, will it prevent me generating high-res PDFs? If not, what purpose does it serve? Perhaps DPI I've been using Serif PagePlus for years, and I'm used to only controlling DPI in the files which I generate, like in PDFs, not in the source file.
  13. In PagePlus I can delete multiple assets by selecting them and using Delete Assets. How can this be done in Publisher?
  14. There is currently no way to flip a table horizontally (i.e., to reflect a facing page) and have text in proper format. Currently no workaround other than manually editing the facing master page. See post below.
  15. The Pages Panel takes up a sizeable area of the screen but seems to offer the only means of duplicating a page (useful for retaining the layer structure). Could there be a Duplicate Page command in the Document menu?
  16. Hello, I found a Little bug in Publisher, typing with the Swiss French Keyboard (See joined documents) Have a nice week-end ! Keyboard problem.afpub Keyboard problem.pdf
  17. Where can I find the "Luminance Brush" which was used at the Affinity Keynote to demonstrate Affinity Photo in Publisher? Kind regards & have a sunny weekend!
  18. I can create Master page A and apply it to the first page of my document. I cannot apply it to any other page of the document. Since I would like the first page to be different from the rest, I decided to duplicate it and try applying Master B to the rest of the document, but it did not fully duplicate. I had to reset column guides and add a numbering field. I still cannot get it to apply to the remainder of the document. I also added an extra photo placeholder and text box to the first master but it also applied it to the second master also. Having watched a couple of tutorials on creating master pages I am confused. I have InDesign experience but although this seems similar I am not having similar results. RR Template.afpub
  19. Hey everyone! It would be great if there was an option to "Edit in Publisher" for Designer and Photo. Best wishes, Shu
  20. Got Problems with the field panel: I'm just delving deeper into the world of Publisher (V - absolut exiting! I have just watched the video tutorial "Page layout". Unfortunately, I am not able to insert even a single field into a text frame via the field panel by double-clicking, as explained in the video as well as in the online help. The cursor is placed in the text frame (master document) the style palette "Fields" is open, but e.g. the fields "Name" or "Page number" are not clickable with the mouse. When I use the Text/Insert/PageCount commands it works but no hashtag is displayed in the master document, but " Nr.". Curly braces are not shown either. I work with a German version on Win 7. In the screenshot you can clearly see that also the instruction appears grey in the palette. What can I have overlooked? Thanks for help
  21. Control-z is the universal "undo" keyboard shortcut for PC's. It doesn't work in the new Publisher when you apply a rotate left or right to a selected vector object. Yes, you can effectively undo it by right clicking on the object and select reset rotation, or rotate in the opposite direction, but Control-z should also work. ALSO, PLEASE make the topics SEARCH-ABLE ! It is a waste of time looking through 15+ pages of posts to find your issue.
  22. If I have overlooked this feature I am sorry to bother all y'all (my southern is showing). I Love the way in PagePlus X9 you could visually choose page size and format from the New Publications My templates screen. I have been unable to find a similar facility in Affinity Publisher. If it is available I would appreciate a pointer on how to find it. It it is not available, my I suggest some form of it be added to Publisher. I have kept my PagePlus X9 so I can easily print labels, etc. that are easily formated from Templates screen. I would like to find it in Publisher so that I no longer need PagePlus. Thank You in advance.
  23. Hello, I have a pretty annoying problem with StudioLink... So I have the three Affinity apps on Windows (no Beta version, I bought all of these), but when I go into Publisher then I click on the Designer Persona button in the top left corner, it displays that: I can't switch into the Designer Persona, just as if it wasn't on my PC... Note: My apps are up-to-date and I've already launched them at least once. They're in the default installation folder which is defined during their setup. Do you have any clue? Thank you!
  24. When I add a table to my document it never shows the column headers (A, B, C, D, . . . ) or the row numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, . . . ). I can't seem to find a setting to show or hide them. I am running Publisher v I am running Mac OS Mojave.
  25. When I tried the beta, I was immediately sold. I was up and running from an RTF template in moment, all my styles importing. Now when I import, they styles don't come in. When I tried to do it in different ways, Publisher crashed on me. I'm going to give it one more try on the new 16 page project I'm doing, then going back to Adobe until I figure this out. Did something change in how things import or come in?