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Found 472 results

  1. Great job on this program Affinity! I have one question...why doesn't DESIGNER and PHOTO load as fast as PUBLISHER? Keep up the great work on this program. Will be purchasing for sure. Thanks Gary
  2. I have been trying Publisher Beta since it came out - and absolutely loving it - congrats to the Affinity Team for such a great job! Can't wait to buy it. I just wanted to check if there is a preview/presentation mode in Publisher that hides all tools, toolbars and guides and makes a single/facing page visible - and you can quickly go through the pages using some shortcut. In some other popular software such presentation mode is available. In case such feature is not there yet in Publisher, adding it would be really handy not only in Publisher but also in Designer.
  3. Ability to create QR Codes would be a nice feature. PagePlus can do that, so maybe that function could somewhat easily get transferred to Publisher?
  4. Till now, when I received PDF files and needed to modify them in AD or APub, but I don't have all the fonts, there's nothing I could do. In AD, opening the file with the option "text as curves" do nothing, and APub replace missing fonts with other ones. Aside: It seems more interesting to open PDF in APub since visible bleed is possible and elements out of the page area are displayed too. In the futur, AD will be able to convert text to curves when we have missing font. Back to the problem: To get the missing fonts as curves (if you can't use a well know CC app), the trick is to open the PDF pages in InkScape that'll do the conversion if you select the option "Import Poppler/Cairo". You can save this as a PDF with InkScape. Don't use this InkScape PDF as is, since it'll miss the color profile, and all the text is converted to curves, but open it in AD or APub, and select, copy and paste the parts you need from InkScape's PDF to APub/AD's PDF. Next, you can hide or delete the text frames with the missing fonts. Another usefull point with this, is you can add bleed easily when the original PDF miss it.
  5. The new beta adds in linked values for the bleed and margin settings and bleed preview which is very nice but we need to have bleed settings on the new doc screen too. I'm still really not sure what master pages are good for here either. Other than very basic use setting design elements and header/footer stuff they seem really awkward. I'd love to hear what the dev's goals are for these.
  6. Hey guys I've watched the tutorial on the webpage, and have tried to do the same thing on my side, and every time I try to click and drag on the little triangle, it drags the box instead of just the triangle. I've tried it on the project I'm working on (I am aware that APUB is still in its BETA stage), and I've tried it in the example attached below. Publisher_Bug_1.mov
  7. I have three character styles: 1. C Article Heading 2. C Article Heading Local 3. C Article Heading National "C Article Heading" is the 'base' character style which defines the font/size/etc. "C Article Heading Local" and "C Article Heading National" are based on "C Article Heading" with a change of fill colour in each - red for local, blue for national. "C Article Heading" is used for the text of the heading and I want to use "C Article Heading Local" and "C Article Heading National" to colour a bullet differently at the start of the heading (depending on whether it's a local or national story). I have two paragraph styles: 1. Article Heading Local 2. Article Heading National "Article Heading Local" is based on "C Article Heading" but the Numbering option is set to Bullet with the style of "C Article Heading Local". "Article Heading National" is based on "C Article Heading" but the Numbering option is set to Bullet with the style of "C Article Heading National". I can set the styles for the bullets but when I do it ignores the style in the bullet formatting. Going back into either "Article Heading Local" or "Article Heading National" usually shows the style in the bullet as [No change]. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? I have supplied a small document showing the problem. Try changing the bullet style on either "Article Heading Local" or "Article Heading National" to either "C Article Heading Local" and "C Article Heading National". It just ignores the change. bullet style going missing.afpub
  8. i'm on windows 10, dell inspiron 13, 8 gb memory, 256 gb ssd, build 17134.228. I downloaded the exe successfully, responding to your email link, but it will not install, saying I should find another version. My resolution's 1920 x 1080. I'm current on WIndows updates as of July. I read your forum bug notes and changed the exe to msi. No luck. I heard there might be a font issue but I get no error messages mentioning fonts. Any ideas? BTW, I already have the latest Designer on this PC. Just bought it a month ago maybe. I've used it on the Mac for years. Thank you. Fritz DeKatt
  9. See video attached. When altering the tracking on a selection of body, the tracking resets back to 0% as soon as you click back into the text box. AffinityPublisherBeta-1.70.57-MacOSMojave-TrackingReset.m4v
  10. Book cover designers biggest bane in life is changing spines! So the way it’s generally done is the doc is made up as book height, by back width + spine + front width! Then in InDesign CS6 Adobe introduces a major couple of bugs! If a document had its size changed any objects in the slug move randomly so we started licking them then in one update they added super bug InDesign must close because of a fatal error! If we changed a doc width with any item licked on or off the page! This caused no end of traffic jams in production! Then I hit on the idea of making up a cover by stacking the pages next to each other using the variable page size option! But send s PDF to the printers set to spreads to make this work caused their RIPs to crash as it was seeing three separate pages to trim! What publisher could offer is a book cover mode, where a doc can be made up this way but it exports with folds as one page? I can send you some InDesign docs to show the various hoops we jump through?!
  11. I've searched everywhere for resources manager and noticed my menus are quite different to the menu that Ash demos in the tutorials there also seems to be a lot of menus that are from Photo below is a screen grab of my document menu with a grab on the page of Ashes menu taken from one of the tutorials - also I've included some grabs of menu items that I only expected to see in Photo?
  12. Here is the debug info attached as : CrashDump-65094.txt Thanks for that so promising software! Go for it, we are ready to buy! Kind regards Fred CrashDump-65094.txt
  13. Petar Petrenko

    *BUG* -- Filler Text

    Hi, when I iserted filler text, I can't select part of it, only the whole text.
  14. Hi, I am really impressed with this new product of yours. For a newborn it has a lot of interesting features. 1. PDF import is great!!! 2. Copy/Paste from Word -- great again!!! Keeps all formatings and even styles!!! 3. Great speed when working with 1000+ text pages document (comment by Erik Pietrik. I still can't find how he succeed to make text reflow from page to page.) 4. Table feature in the very beggining. Wow!!! Yes, it still has to be polished, but yes. It is great. I just can't understand the difference between "Frame" and "Stroke and Fill" in Table pannel. Now, can you explain to me: 1. How to create a new document with linked text boxes. 2. Also, when I am typing text, it doesn't automatically create a new page with linked text box to continue when text comes to the end of the page. Suggeston: You should add "Number of Pages" and "Bleed" in "File > New". I will play with "Text Styles" tomorrow just to see if you had listened to my suggestions.
  15. Schirmbild

    Shortcut [Place...]

    I really miss a shortcut command to place images or other files. Cheers Andreas
  16. Hi all What does this ruler show? I cannot read these markings as millimeters ...
  17. Hi all Thank you for the beta release of Publisher. Looks nice. Even more nice than Photo. Now comes my question, weither I may import existing Indesign documents or weither that is not possible. I understand if the beta cannot do all of it, but I guess this might be a so called killer argument ... Cheers Andreas
  18. Hi, dynamic guides are active only when I simply drag the object (but not when I ALT + drag it) to align it with the other. Is it possible to add this feature in the future?
  19. Hi, IF FindReplace = TRUE and AnyGlyphFindReplace = TRUE THEN PRINT "I will be very happy to use Publisher" ELSE PRINT "I will be stucked with InDesign" PRINT "Quark is not in consideration because it does not support this feature" END IF
  20. Hi, is it possible to display rectangles in the text for the language that is not supported by the font (like in InDesign) instead displaying the text with some default font (like MS Word)? Or even better. Dim the fonts that don't support the currnet language (detected by the active keyboard) and jump them, just like CorelDRAW does. As it is now, I think that all the fonts support Macedonian language, that is not true. There are just a few.
  21. Hi, QuarkXPress and InDesign have global colors by default. Why Affinity apps use "static" colors beside global? Why don't you remove them?
  22. Hi! Somebody can tell me about possibility to implement multiple footnote/endnote threads in upcoming Affinity Publisher?
  23. Petar Petrenko


    Hi, In Adobe's apps like ID, PS, AI, every value or setings you change becomes default for the new document you open. It would be really great if Affinity products can work like this.
  24. Out of interest, can any one over at serif give any insight into the likely learning curve someone will have when moving from PPx9 to Affinity Pub? Are there similarities - any feedback would be very useful at this stage...
  25. Hi, I have high hopes for Affinity Publisher. There is still a thing that are really hard to do with Indesign that is easily achieved with HTML and CSS, inline styled blocks. I would love to be able to select one or more paragraphs and apply a block style to them. Currently you can’t do that in Indesign without creating a separate block that will not flow with the rest of the text. Last time I had a page to layout with multiple blocks after trying to do it in Indesign I opted to use HTML and CSS and then convert it to PDF using PrinceXML.