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Found 466 results

  1. Hello! Can I insert an OLE object in the Publisher? For example, I would like to use the formula editor (Writer or Word) to write formulas. Which is the easiest way to insert and edit formulas? Regards
  2. Hi! I have created a somewhat large file in publisher, 28 pages or so. Now every time I open it in publisher it will be open for about 15 minutes then crash. I updated my computer to see if that was the problem and it keeps crashing. If anyone has any tips to fix this that would be amazing. If not Affinity will you please fix this bug! Thanks
  3. Hello, I found very frustrating problem in publisher ;/ What I did and what happend? I am creating a photo album with pictures. Each photo is placed in picture frame and under that, I placed a black rectangle with white stroke (to give a photo nice, white frame). When exporting to .tiff everythings fine. But I need to export it to pdf (I usually choose pdf x1). The white stroke disappears (even in basic preview in acrobat pro). When I choose pdf preset to "pdf for print", the white stroke appears, but when I open that file on proofing printer software/ print on digital printer/ offset printer (just prepress software or even desktop printer), the white dissapears. As I remember in beta I had a problem when I placed white text over photos in pdf (tiff was fine) (it disappeared in the same way). I'm attaching every steps described above + .afpub file. Are you working on that? white_problem.afpub
  4. Hi, it would be nice to have a feature, as a shotcut, for swaping characters. Something like: place the cursor between "h" and "t" in the word "hte"; press the shortcut key; the word has chnaged to "the".
  5. I just wanted to pass on my praise and thanx for creating Publisher (completing the trio - layout, vector & pixel) that most designers use each day). I can't imagine the amount of work that goes into creating a piece of software from scratch. But i appreciate it. And my 2 cents worth about making it being able to open InDesign files: I don't see the necessity that some people feel it is. InDesign couldn't open Quark files. You needed to buy a third-party plugin. Quark can't open InDesign files (last i checked). The design studio i worked for made the switch from Quark to InDesign some years ago and the transition was awkward at first for large jobs created in Quark that we then needed to edit/update in InDesign. But we simply started creating new files in InDesign from scratch sometimes, despite having the Quark file. So, i think if you're changing software, it's to be expected there's a bit of extra work to be done at first, but in end it's worth it...especially in this case, if it gets up Adobe's nose. My only request for Publisher in a future release is if you could have more than 2 pages facing each other. I create a brochure which is 3 x side-by-side A4 pages, double-sided, as a roll/C fold. I output one PDF as spreads to go to the printer and one PDF as single A4 pages for online use. It's nice to be able to have a single Publisher file that will do both. Once again, thank you for creating Publisher, Designer and Photo.
  6. I cannot select and apply a specific paragraph style from the Text Styles window. Insertion point is set in running text. I click different text styles and the paragraph restyles accordingly, except for ΒΆ Body +.
  7. Hello, I'm trying to gain finer control over the line spacing in a Text Frame. It seems to jump from little space to a lot of space. Examples Here, the Text Frame's Paragraph Leading property is set to 14: Here, the Text Frame's Paragraph Leading property is set to 15: I'd like to get this spacing somewhere in between. Am I using the correct property (Paragraph Leading)? Thanks, Mark
  8. When I think of a magazine the front and back are printed on the same material, then page 1 is same as the last page and so on until it gets to the middle spread. How would you achieve this on Affinity Publisher? I've not used InDesign before either so I don't know how it works over there. Because at the moment in my head it would just print off each page separately and wouldn't work at all how it should.
  9. LyricsGirl

    Digital Leadlighting kit!!!!

    Just released! A Leadlighting kit for Affinity! Styles are all 300 DPI tileable textures Great for Both Digital and Print projects! https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/leadlight-designers-kit-for-affinity/
  10. How can Affinity Publisher recolor a placed 1 bit image? My first image shows how this is done in Adobe InDesign. You place in a BW Bitmap mode tiff, use the Direct Selection tool to grab the placed image inside the frame, and then apply any swatch to it. Bam, this works great for reusable graphics. These are 1200 ppi bitmap files. Old-School method. I tried the same approach in Affinity Publisher and it seems like it wants to work but it can't. I'm not sure if you can see it here but the 1 color graphic that I applied a green color to has a sort of green fringe around the edges where the zoom level is aliasing the view. But if you zoom in, each pixel still looks only black or white. Can this be done in Affinity Publisher yet? This is pretty important for a few workflows. This is how I separate silkscreen graphics before sending to my printer who wants a black bitmap for each screen. This is how many comic files are set up with the line art separated from the lower resolution color art. I use this for placed logos and graphics that need quick recoloring but aren't vectors.
  11. Hi, thanks for the good work on the Affinity products! Having spent some first moments on tuning in with Affinity publisher I'm missing a preflight checker. That's why I have the following feature request: User Stories: As an Affinity Publisher user I would like Affinity Publisher to check whether my document layout and the document content fulfills before-configured criteria in order to not export unwanted documents. I would like Affinity Publisher to provide sane default values/configurations for the below-mentioned checks. I would like Affinity Publisher to enable me to define and administrate (create,read,update,delete) several preflight profiles. Desired checks: The checks that I would like Affinity publisher to perform are: Image resolution: I would like to get notified which image does not match a document's defined resolution to prevent pixelated prints. Image colour space: I would like to get notified if an image potentially contains colours which might get lost when producing a exporting a document, e.g. for CMYK printing. Content-bleed-distance: I would like to get notified which contents are too close to a document's bleed, e.g. a background image that should expand to the "bleeding edge". Outdated links: I would like to get notified which objects displayed in Publisher do not represent the latest version of a referenced file. Missing external resources: I would like to get notified which external resources cannot be located by Affinity Publisher anymore. Text overflows: I would like to get notified which text boxes have an overflow issue. Background: My first project is going to be a simple poster. But I plan to recreate an old InDesign project using Affinity Publisher, a poetry anthology with several pictures etc. I definitely need the software to notify me if I accidentally messed up my layout, e.g. by adjusting a paragraph style etc. I hope you are already on it. Such a preflight check definitely is part of what I would consider a professional desktop publishing program.
  12. Hi, Whilst rearranging my pages in Publisher, two of them suddenly had all elements not black text become red. As I continued moving pages, 1 reverted back to normal. I had another change and then revert. However, I cannot get the original page to change back to how it should be. It reminds me of the red when refining, but only on my curves, images and shapes. Here is a sample. Green doughnut shape, blue pencil, blue curve in the shape of a two. Is this a glitch? Am I missing something? Thanks I have done some further testing. I did save as for the file and went back to the original and repeated the process with a similar result and noticed in the layers panel two new items. When I deselect the recolor adjustment the page reverts back to what it should be. The problem is that I didn't make a colour adjustment I only rearranged the pages. To be more exact I had a 12 page document in single page spread and wanted to change it to facing pages and then rearranged the pages. I am still learning publisher, so perhaps this is not an expected process.
  13. Is it possible in Publisher to 'grey-out' text below a defined point size, so that just a grey row is visible? Many thanks
  14. Hey, because the discussion board is full of requests and I don't really know where to put my thoughts and experiences from the first run of Affinity Publisher I put them here in a quick list for further discussion UI Doubleclick on Color in Color selector opens a different dialog to a doubleclick on a swatch mac OS Proxy Icons for file management monochrome tool icons Color Management / Spot Colors: Device independent color workflow generally mixed colorspaces (like in Indesign and PDF) Overprint preview, separations preview Better Overprint/Spot-Color-Management Make Spot Color from existing color Spot Colors in LAB-Color-Space for PDF Export Document Management Spreads which consist of more than two sides Printing Booklets / Imposition Export select Pages for export by a list of numbers Use .joboptions for the definition of pdf-Properties (really important) Define PDF-X Output Intend Export print separations / separated color channels Interactive PDFs with page transitions and video content Import IDML
  15. In Publisher each persona has it's own shortcuts, now when I'm exporting them what is included? All three sets of shortucts or maybe only those for currently configured persona? Same for import - say I've exported shortcuts from Designer. Now I want use them in Publisher's Designer. So I go to Shortcuts > Designer > Import will it work?
  16. Hello. I searched for delayed typing and couldn't see any other postings in 3 pages. I'm just starting to learn Publisher and I noticed that when I type there is a large delay in the text coming out and I can't record with OBS to show. I have to type and wait for the letters to display for about 3 to 5 seconds after I type them. I only have been doing a few words at a time with the delay and it is severely slowing me down. My document isn't complicated and I only have a single image. I have to wait about five seconds for this to finish typing itself out: "This sentence takes about five seconds to fill in after I stop typing." I noticed that Publisher and Photo use a very large percent of CPU even when they were both minimized and hadn't been used in a few minutes, and Publisher was the same once when I had it open but wasn't interacting with it. I should have plenty of horsepower, and haven't installed any fonts yet. Thank you for your help. System: Dell XPS 15 9570, Windows 10 Pro v10.0.17134 Build 17134, Core i& 8750H, 32GB RAM
  17. This doesn't happen on normal export to PDF. This doesn't happen on export to x-1 or x-4. This only happens on exporting to x-3 PDF to the best of my testing ability When you have an image background and then overlay a transparent image, the overlapping pixels become slightly miscolored. Not enough to jump out, but enough that if sent to a professional printer, it will be visible on the page. I've attached a quick af.pub file and a screenshot taken from my PDF viewer (chrome) of this afpub file exported to X-3 PDF standard. To recreate 1) Create af.pub 2) Find a solid color image (doesn't need to be solid color, but easier to see this way) 3) Place solid color image on master page 4) In page mode, place an image that has transparency (PNG, etc.) over the background image. 5) Export to x-3:PDF standard, open and look at the overlayed image transparent pixels pdf_transparency_miscoloration_x3.zip
  18. Had consistent crashes with Publisher 1.7.1 official release, so I downloaded and installed this beta build release. Crashing still happens. Crashing occurs when creating new paragraph style within Text Style panel. Purposely did not undock the panels, but left them in their locations; still crashes. Dropping in the system crash report, as well as the document (two graphics, two text frames with text, two text frames with page number fields). One note, this is the same document as was used in the official release. Certainly, the program is bugging out, but perhaps the document itself is the culprit? Running MacOS X Mojave, 10.14.5, iMac (late 2013), 3.2 GHz intel core i5, 32 GB memory, Nvidia GEForce. Affinity Publisher Beta_2019-07-06-114526_iMacUp.crash Bios and Farewells.afpub
  19. I am using the whole Affinity suite at the moment and I am very impressed. However, the lack of basic document templates in Publisher seems a little strange. I am not looking at pre-populated designs. I refer to the basic, blank document templates as in the image below. Without templates, we wouldn't consider rolling out Publisher across the school for student use. We still use Seif Page Plus X9 with our students and the base templates here allow us to concentrate on the design and layout without spending valuable time reinventing the wheel every time we start a topic. Perhaps templates for Publisher are something worth considering? If Publisher could directly import Page Plus X9 documents this would solve the problem. Your thoughts...
  20. [Last exception 2100 in PDF_clip]["Function must not be called in 'page' scope"] Error happens on both x1a and x3. X4 (and normal PDF) works fine. I believe I know the problem - transparent images. x4 supports transparent images, but x1a and x3 doesn't. I need to export to either x1 or x3 for my print-on-demand provider. Can we flatten/rasterize any transparent images with page background so we can have a x1 or x3 compliant PDF? I'm using PNG files with transparencies as linked resources. thanks
  21. Hi everyone! I'm just joining the community and so far, I'm loving Publisher. I also own Photo and Designer, but I've spent the majority of my time in Publisher. I didn't see this asked in the forums, although I will admit that I'm just getting to know the different hallways and rooms here. I was curious if you (Serif) plan on adding a preview mode to Publisher. I'm a former CorelDraw/Indesign user and that feature is very helpful on both platforms. I'd love to see that make its way to Publisher in the near future. Thanks for the great work so far, Devs!
  22. I need to create a referral pad with a few hundred options - each of which require a large circle that can be filled in with pen/pencil. Some items will wrap (so, no circle on the second line) and some will be indented (so, the circle needs to move right, too). I'm sure I'm overthinking the solution - but, I've tried working with bullets and numbers to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks. In the screenshot below, the circles were created using the eclipse tool (which I know is not the right way to do it!)
  23. Hey everyone! Please consider including saving and loading the studio layout to and from file (windows, toolbar content, tools position and content) for Designer, Photo and Publisher. This would speed up things when - using the software on multiple Macs - having the layout set back by an update (e.g. 1.7) - going from a beta version to the store version It took me about 45 minutes to setup the UI for Affinity Publisher, including Designer and Photo persona, on two Macs. Also, I think the Designer and Photo personas of Publisher should read the UI layout of Designer and Photo. Best wishes, Shu
  24. Using the scripts that Dan provided for turning on debugging the pdflib, I was able to figure out what is causing my Export to PDF error. The problem was: I traced this to a hyperlink to an anchor on page 17 of my document going to page 69. I removed the hyperlink and tried to export again. Then, I also need to remove a second hyperlink on the same page: When I removed both hyperlinks on page 17, everything exported. However, I need these hyperlinks on page 17 and I don't know why the "left" value is less than 0. Both hyperlink text are just phrases within the text frame on the page. There's nothing different than any of the hyperlinks on prior pages that work. Both of these exception occur on pg 17, going to page 63 and page 69. thanks,
  25. Hi, here is a bug. Story: I make a master page, add artistic text as Heading 1, align to center and top of page. Then I make some new pages based off that master page. I'll go to the first one, detach it so I can edit, change the original h1 text content, go to alignment - align left, then click finish.... The master then changes to the left side too..... When I go to the next page, I'll align center, and all pages based off this master page now go center (including the one I just aligned left).... I go to the next page based off this master, align right, same thing: Everything is now on the right, including the master. Computer spec / hardware: Windows 10 Pro laptop, no external hardware. Affinity Publisher Version: Reproduceable / Happens in new document?? Yes and yes. See attached file. If this is not good enough, I'll make a short video of it. But please let me know if you need it first. detach-bug.afpub