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Found 12 results

  1. Attempted to place a pdf document into a new publisher document and nothing appeared. Repeated several times with the same document. Tried with a different pdf. Same result.
  2. Hi, I am working on game cards I need to populate using data merge (see "Cartes Observatoire RECTO" attached to this post). Not all cards have the same design so I made a page for each card in the original file (before merging). I am expecting to get the same amount of page after merging but the app repeats pages to have one of each for each field. In my case : 13 pages x 13 fields = 169 pages in the output file. My goal is to have only 13 pages. NB : This is a sample of the file I made to simplified the case. The real file I am working on is a 123 pages involving the creation of a nearly 17k pages after merging data … 😅 Is there a way to prevent AfPublisher to repeats pages? Data merge manager let me select all page or specified a range to repeat but it seems there is no possibility to doesn't repeat. What I do not understand is I have another similar project with same settings which works as expected : 65 pages turning into a 65 pages after merge. (see "Cartes Action version RECTO") What I am missing ? Cartes Action version RECTO.afpub Cartes Observatoire RECTO.afpub DATA Cartes Action VF.csv DATA cartes Observatoire CH.csv
  3. Today I was really exited about Affinity Version 2, so I have bought the new full suite (3 software for Mac and 3 software for iPad Pro). Using affinity publisher version 2, I tried to open the file I created with affinity publisher version 1 and... an horrible surprise: I opened the file, scrolled same pages, and after 10-20 seconds the app freezes completely. I tried to force the app to quit, I tried a few more times to reopen the file, but affinity publisher version 2 always freezes.. I tried to restart my Mac, I tried to go to affinity publisher > preferences and strongly increase the memory the app can use on my Mac (closing every other app in background), but unfortunately publisher V2 keeps freezing after few seconds. So, I tried to reopen the document and, without scrolling any pages (in order to avoid that the app immediately freeze), I immediately tried to run a preflight check of the document.. the app freezes almost immediately without completing the preflight check. Please, can I send my file to affinity staff, in order to help me? In the meanwhile I can use affinity publisher version 1, but this is a temporary solution (since publisher 1 won't receive further updates in the future, and I don't like the idea of working with a software that will be outdated in te future), so it's crucial for me to understand the situation: - if it's a stability bug, there is no problem: I can wait for stability improvements (in the meantime I can keep using publisher v1) - if it's an hardware problem (see below the Mac I'm using) or a MacOS problem (see below the Mac I'm using), there is no problem: if with a newer and more powerful Mac the file works perfectly with affinity publisher version 2 (so that the problem is my Mac), I can wait for MacOS updates and in the following year I'm planning to buy a new Mac; - but.. it's crucial to me to understand if affinity publisher v2 no longer supports files like mine (file created with publisher V1, that works with publisher V1, but not with publisher V2), so that I should look for another type of software (I won't ask for a refund of the purchase, since I'll keep using affinity suite for other lighter purposes, but I really need to know if this is only a bug or I'm asking too much to this software) I hope somebody can help me (if I need to buy some sort of technical support, I don't mind, I just want to understand the situation and I hope to solve the problem, since I really LOVED affinity publisher V1). Thank you very much Andrea Hardware: - mackbook pro 13 inch, 2017 - intel core i7, - Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB - RAM 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 - 1TB OS: - Mac OS Ventura 13.0 Software: - Affinity Publisher 2.0.0 (I've bought the new software today) What happens when affinity publisher v2 freezes: - see the attached screenshot System monitor when affinity publisher v2 freezes: - CPU skyrockets and then system monitor tells me that affinity publisher version 2 is unresponsive: see the second attached screenshot Another attempt with Publisher for iPad I tried to open that file with affinity publisher for iPad, since my iPad is newer and more powerful than my Mac (I have an iPad Pro 12.9", 2021, M1, 2TB, iPadOS16). When I tried to open the file with affinity publisher for iPad I see a really strange massage: a popup tells me that affinity Publisher for iPad cannot open the file since it "includes functions of a newer version of affinity publisher"... but that file was created with affinity publisher version 1!). See the third attached screenshot.
  4. Hi and good morning from Holland, I am new to Publisher. The other day I started working on a fairly simple book, size paperback. Took me a lot of time, steep learning curve, but I like it a lot. I am now stumbling on a problem, though. So far, I am rather satisfied with the looks of the book, but I think the margins are too wide.The sheet mirror is okay, but there's too much white space on all sides of it. In the Master Page, I am changing the size of the book (6" x 9") to somewhat smaller. But then, the text in the frames in the book looks messy. My question: How can I shrink the book size and at the same time, keep the text frames unmodified? Thanks for your help!
  5. hey all! I have a quite urgent question: Today I opened mit afpub file and was surprised that all the linked documents that I have edited many times in publisher are suddenly being overwritten with the original linked documents (all editing gone). This happens a few seconds after opening the file. So in the first seconds you can still see all the edited documents but they are being replaced with the "old" version soon. Is there any way I can stop the replacing with the original documents and keep mit edited ones? 🥺 I still have hope because during the first seconds the edited documents are still visible. but I don't know how to keep them... This has never opened before. I have worked several days on that file and this has never happened before but I have a deadline today... THANK YOU IMG_5840.MOV
  6. I have designed a calendar and all we well until I started to enter the dates for one of the months (just numerals, as in 1, 2, 3, etc.,) Black shapes appear, of varying types, with a kind of white circle where the numeral goes. I can't figure it out. Any ideas? Thanks! Here's an example:
  7. Hello all — new user here, just in from Quarkland. In Publisher, I want every picture frame to have a ‘runaround’ of 5 mm. So I draw a frame, call the Text Wrap dialog, set it to Square and 5 mm. Next, from the Edit menu, I select Defaults>Synchronize from selection, and Defaults>Save. I expected my next picture frame to use these values and the text to wrap, but it doesn’t work like that — I have to call the Text Wrap dialog again for each new picture. What am I missing?
  8. file > new dialogue Inconsistency: While A4 is highlighted on the left, there's custom document size settings on the right. What happened: file > new --> trusted highlight around A4 --> create --> Bam! Square document appeared (WTF moment) file > close --> file > new --> clicked on highlighted A4 > create --> got A4. Conclusion: it's an inconsistency in the interface - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - There's a lot more inconsistencies I've tripped up on. Was going to make a list and then post it all at once. Should I just add all consistencies I've observed here, or post them as a list? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Why these nit-picky details are so important I'm not sure whether Serif have sight of the priority their interface inconsistencies should have. So I'm hoping this will help create absolute clarity. Depends how(if) Serif want to grow their market of course.... Each inconsistency is a WTF moment?? I hate WTF moments.... they inevitably lead to wasted time. The apps are more difficult to learn than they need to be. The above are big reasons why studios won't even think about converting from Adobe. Anyone know of a studio that was Adobe, but is now Affinity? If yes, how big are they? None of the studios I work with have (all more than 4 designers). They know I'm committed to learning Affinity, and seem to put store in my opinion. I tell them they'd "be in a whole world of pain because these apps are still not there yet. Too many inconsistencies in interfaces and I'm not sure Serif are on it". Strategically - Get studios converting and the market will follow. Freelancers are not the force that will achieve it. (Very slowly perhaps, via the few affinity freelancers who become studios.... not a market storming strategy in my view). One thing I'd like to see is more hamonisation between ipad and desktop interfaces.. though that is really challenging. I'd counsel harmonising to the ipad, rather than the other way round (I've been using both).. no doubt I'll be shouted down, though I've sound logical reasoning for suggesting it. I've also a weirdly uncanny *record of predicting the future* where tech is concerned. I predicted the downfall of QuarkXpress long before Adobe acquired Macromedia... and the meterioc rise of a weird little search engine no one but me used, called Google. I recall my thoughts when I first saw it back in 1998: "that's a winner". Understatement?
  9. I have just moved from a windows 10 system to an iMac, so have purchased all three Affinity programs for my new machine. I have been working on a family history book in Publisher on the Windows 10 machine, but when I load the files in Publisher on my iMac to my dismay I discover that the Calibri light font I have been using is not allowed on my Apple system (seems it is owned by Microsoft!). Can anyone tell me if there a suitable alternative font I can use that will not throw all my formatting into disarray?
  10. I have recently ported a magazine I used to publish in ID to Affinity Publisher via IDML. I thought I had successfully done so, but today when I open the afpub file, all the page numbers now appear with a translucent yellowy/orange box over them, including on the master pages. One page of the magazine – page 10 – refuses to recognises its place in the order of things, and now shows itself as page 1, even though I have detached it, deleted the master page items and dropped the master page on to it again. Oddly, despite Page 10 calling itself Page 1, the subsequent pages continue on as expected: page 11, page 12 etc. What I can't fathom is that everything was fine when I closed the afpub file last night. Only today, when I opened it, did these problems occur. Thanks for any advice.
  11. I'm trying to produce a book containing many photos. Reached page 42 of 113 and found in Activity Monitor that the process "Affinity Publisher" is continuously running at over 100%. Placing more linked photos is causing crashes. The attached screen-dump shows Mac model, MacOS, Activity Monitor, as well as Publisher in the background. The .afpub file is 6.88 GB in size. What is going on?
  12. Hi, I have Affinity publisher for both Windows and Mac versions installed on different PC,. while I have opened the Publisher file on Mac (the file was initially created on publisher windows pc) . I can see lots of format issues like text are overflowing and many other format issues. Same files while opened on Publisher Windows versions all looks fine. Please help, why the software is not compatible with Mac and windows. Regards, BES
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