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Found 10 results

  1. I first encountered this in Photo Beta here: But now it’s happening in today’s new Publisher Beta. This time just simply launching the Publisher Beta causes it.
  2. I'm trying and testing all available options in Publisher to see if I understand them and how they differ from Indesign. The one I didn't test sofar was <<Edit in Photo>> because it seems to be so logic. But now I test it and I have no idea what it is meant to do. At this stage it has no benefit at all because Publisher closes the document you work in. Let me explain what I did. First I have made corrections on a picture in Photo 1.6 I linked the .afphoto file into a multipage publisher document, but the corrections made in the picture does not fit that page to my taste By using File>Edit in Photo I expect that the picture will be opened in AFPhoto 1.6 to change corrections and after saving the picture it will automatically be replaced in Publisher. But what really happens I don't understand. By using File>Edit Photo the complete spread is opened in AFPhoto 1.7 Beta, (the one you don't want to use). At that moment the document in Publisher is closed and you can't open it because it is in use. If you safe it in Photo 1.7 you probably only save the spread you opened but that is something I can't check because Publisher can't open files from the Beta version. I understand that not all is working well in Beta versions, but can somebody explain what it should do when the bugs have been taken out? Kind regards, LeoC
  3. I have spell check set to correct automatically and use UK spelling rules. I do not see any corrections or markings in the document when a spelling mistake is made. I assume the UK one is built in and should not have anything in the Dictionaries folder, which is currently empty. The version is (Beta)
  4. Is there a way to duplicate pages of one file to another file? I work in an office and often need to complile multiple documents into one large PDF, but it is tedious to move files page by page to another file. I would like a way to duplicate pages or at the very least copy and paste pages into another file.
  5. I'm not sure what's going on here but I just updated my publisher Beta (as the program suggested). Now all the sudden I can't save a particular document. Every time I try to make a change to the file and save I get an error message. (I'll attach it so someone can see what it is.) It seems to maybe be only related to this file? I've opened a few other Affinity publisher files, created a change, and saved without an issue. I've also created a few new files and saved without a problem. I'm not sure if its beta related or somehow my file became corrupt either way could use a little help!
  6. Has anyone else noticed the shortcut-key for rasterizing a layer is "cmd-return" on the Mac. Old habits are hard to break, and this is an old Photoshop habit of mine to exit out of text areas, but in Publisher it will rasterize my text area into multiple layers. I could not find a way to change this. Any tips? Thanks
  7. I just installed A Pub and began work on a large document almost finished. I added new pages, added photographs, and linked text to a new page. The text on the page it was linked from was fine, but the text on the next page was flopped and read backwards. I scrubbed the text of formatting, no luck. I reflowed the text completely, no luck. I finally deleted the offending page, created a new one and the problem was solved. Next, I tried to move a caption nearer its picture only to have the text flop backwards. I went through the same rigamarole and wound up deleting the pic and caption box and redrawing and reinserting both pic and text to solve the prob. I'm not the sharpest knife on the team, more like a dull axe, so forgive me if I made rookie mistakes, but this one has me flummoxed.
  8. Snapping at the spread mid point isn't working for me. (MacOS 10.13.6)
  9. Hi, Had several issues following the Tutorials (Tuts). Zoom in to workspace. Can't get it to work. Cannot drag and drop text using the Artistic Text tool. It drags into place with the a sample character (A) displayed of the appropriate style selected. When I let go of the drag, it's dropped, it's an edit point of whatever size, but cannot type into it. Is it me? After quitting the tutorial and still in AFPub, my keyboard is not typing- cannot type anywhere, in any app (arrow, keys work)! Senses input to system but characters are recognized... Weird! Had to log off and log back in to restore keyboard operation. This one definitely ain't me! Henry
  10. I successfully installed it but it will not open despite warning me that there may be UI and performance issues because I refuse to use Windows Aero. I'm sure my workstation is plenty powerful enough to bypass these problems. Any chance of making the warning a warning, not just a refusal to launch the program? 2x Xeon E5-2630v3 (8 core, 2.4GHz Base), 64GB RAM, Quadro K4200, Windows 7 Enterprise.
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