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Found 6 results

  1. This is something I have never before experienced with the Affinity apps: this morning neither Designer, nor Publisher nor Photo will open, either in latest release or beta versions! Attempting to open them, the correct splash screen appears for about 5 seconds and then the app closes/crashes! I've looked at the Crash Reports for all the versions and all are identical, seeming to point to a problem with graphics drivers and/or OpenCL. Here is one of those reports (in full): [DXCore] Found 3 adapters AMD Radeon (TM) R7 360 Series Version: 27.20.21002.112 IsHardware: Y
  2. Immediately after updating to Aff. Publisher 1.9 it refuses to open the export dialogue and crashes (program shuts down completely) when I choose File -> Export. All very time wasting and such a headache! I need to send PDFs to printer!! iMac 21.5" (late 2015) quad-core intel i5, 16gb ram, Iris pro 6200 graphics. Things I've tried: I have updated to latest Big Sur (11.2) and any other updates. This problem began BEFORE updating to Big Sur, and the system update is part of my attempts to solve the issue with Publisher. If I create a new document from a template it opens
  3. Hello, while working on a document with Publisher, I noticed that a rectangle had lost its previous fill. I can't understand why this happened. What the heck was I doing there? Now I can't fill it, even a colored border is impossible. I copied this rectangle to a new file - same problem. Below a rectangle I created new: I have attached the Publisher file here and am very curious if anyone can tell me what is wrong with this colorless rectangle. Thank you very much and regards, Felix (I think the English translated with DeepL is horrible, sorry!)
  4. I've attempted to create a spreadsheet (numbers converted to CSV) and my stumbling block is file path for images. My Mac Harddrive is called MacintoshHD and the folder is called Documents2 within is a folder called Jewelry and another folder called images I've tried: MacintoshHD/Documents2/Jewelry/images but the images do not get linked. MacintoshHD:Documents2/Jewelry/images Can you help? What is the correct way to write a file path on MacOS? A tutorial file on creating a data merge spreadsheet would be fantastic. I'd write one if I could
  5. I am suddenly unable to export my Publisher document as a PDF. I don't know why this has suddenly started. I have been playing around quite successfully with this project for about 2 weeks now without any problems. Is there an upper page limit or something like that ? After I got this error message a few times I examined the Pre Flight entries. Because there are so many hyperlinks and strange names that the programme flags up as errors, I have just ignored the pre-flight check until now. Contents entries need updating, so click on 'fix' Then I get told that the links on my m
  6. I have a vertical format photo that publisher repeatedly 1.9 places in a -90˚ orientation . . . photo 1.9 opens it just fine. When I rotate the photo it retains the horizontal borders cutting off the picture
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